Website Monthly Maintenance Proposal from UPQODE [2023]

upqode | Jan 3rd, 2023

Cover Letter

This New Year, UPQODE is reaching out to discuss what is your website’s purpose and how it performs. The purpose might be to sell a product, share information, email marketing or provide a service. No matter what the purpose of the website is, it needs to be maintained in order to achieve its goals.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with UPQODE for your web maintenance needs. Our in-house team of web project managers, web designers, copywriters, graphic designers, and developers uphold the highest standards for project planning and execution. Enterprise level licenses we own for various technologies (plugins, apps) also enable our clients to use them free of charge.

Our unique design collaboration approach and top-notch in-house designers have brought us to being featured in interactions on some of the most well-known design showcase websites (Behance, Awwwards) as well as becoming a WordPress VIP member; Webflow Professional Expert. We believe the key to project success is transparency. We grant all of our clients access to our task management and collaboration tool ActiveCollab, where our internal communication regarding all development, QA and testing tasks take place and where clients have the possibility to interact with Web PM and design/development support directly (to learn more, see our work flow documentation at

While web maintenance costs can add up over time, they are generally a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your website is always up-to-date and running smoothly.

Website maintenance is important for a number of reasons, the most obvious being that it keeps your website functioning properly. However, there are other reasons to maintain your website on a regular basis, such as keeping your site looking fresh and updated, ensuring that visitors have a good experience when they visit and improving your SEO ranking.

We maintain websites for several brands around the world with great success, and are quite excited to get to improve your website as well.

Thanks again for the opportunity to earn your business!​ Valentin Pasecinic

Meet the Team

Our team consists of talented UI/UX Web Designers, professional Web Developers or SEO specialists, dedicated project managers, top QAs.

With development centers based in the US and Europe, there will always be someone here at UPQODE to help with anything you may need for your online presence.

UPQODE team - website maintenance company

Executive Summary

Client.Company (the “Client”) is offered 4 hours of technical web maintenance services for Client.Website on a month-to-month basis.

This Maintenance Agreement (“Agreement”) is being made between UPQODE (“Consultant”) and Client.Company(Company). UPQODE and Client.Company may also be referred to as “Party” or together as the “Parties”.

UPQODE provides their expertise and services, and Client.Company receives and provides compensation for the expertise and services. The Parties agree to the following:

1. Services

UPQODE agrees to perform the following services for Client.Company: ​

  • Website CMS/Theme/Technologies Updates – Monthly Recurring Based
  • Web Project Management – Monthly Recurring Based
  • Ahrefs/Sitechecker SEO Website Audit – Once in 3 Months
  • Google Search Console Audit – Monthly Recurring Base
  • Website Organic Traffic Report – Monthly Recurring Base
  • Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager Configuration
  • Google Analytics 4 Custom Reports – Monthly Recurring Base
  • Security Measures Updates – Monthly Recurring Based
  • Security scanning – Monthly Recurring Based
  • User Management – Once in 3 Months
  • Accessibility Testing – Once in 3 Months
  • Website Page Experience Audit – Monthly Recurring Based
  • Performance Monitoring – Monthly Recurring Based
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Top SLA as per Priority 1, Priority 2, Priority 3, Priority 4, Priority 5
  • Web Development work – Ad-Hoc Request Based
  • UI/UX Web Design work – Ad-Hoc Request Based
  • Content Updates – Ad-Hoc Request Based
  • Keywords/Topic Research – Ad-Hoc Request Based
  • Internal Linking Strategy – Ad-Hoc Request Based
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Miscellaneous Technical Support. In case of any additional technical requirements.

Client.Company is assigned a dedicated support Team.

Additional Free Benefits for Client.Company

  • Free Managed Shared WordPress Hosting Provider from Cloudways/Digital Ocean, its Plan Price $96/month
    • RAM 8GB
    • Processor 4 Cores
    • Storage – 1-10GB
    • Cloudflare Add-on
    • Free Object Cache Pro
    • Free SSL
    • Free Migration
    • Team Management
    • Dedicated Firewalls
    • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
    • Automated Backups
    • Staging Environment
    • Optimized With Advanced Caches
    • Auto Healing
    • Regular Security Patching
    • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
    • SSH and SFTP Access

2. Retainer

UPQODE will invoice the Client.Company $399 for the Maintenance of Client.Website on the first day of every month in advance.

Additionally a separate invoice may be issued at the end of each month should Client.Company request for extra working hours or if pre-approved expenses are incurred during the current month at an hourly rate of $75. The maintenance agreement duration is 6 months: Start Month – End month

Client.Company is responsible to provide to UPQODE tasks/project work for any remaining time (4 hours minus the time spent on monthly recurring tasks per month. If in the case Client. Company fails to do so, any remaining working hours per month are transferable to the following month within 6 month period. All time worked by UPQODE will be tracked via Active Collab Tracking System.

3. Payment

The Payment of $399 per month has to be made to UPQODE Bank account via ACH. In case the payment is processed via third party payments providers such as Stripe, PayPal (transfer fees will be added to the invoice).

4. Completion

UPQODE and Client. Company must work together to complete the work in a timely manner.

5. Expenses

UPQODE is entitled to reimbursement for all reasonable and necessary expenses confirmed by the Client. Company incurred in providing the Services. UPQODE must include proof and receipts for all reimbursable expenses.

6. Revision During Execution

Client.Company may be charged additional fees if it decides to make changes to the agreed upon project scope and objectives.

7. Term and Termination

a. Term. This Agreement will begin on xx.xx.2023.

b. The Consultant may terminate this Agreement immediately at any time if the Company fails to pay for the Services or breaches any other material term of this Agreement.

c. The Company may terminate this Agreement immediately at any time if the Consultant fails to provide the Services or breaches any other material term of this Agreement.

d. The maintenance Agreement period is 6 months and month to month after that. The Consultant and the Company may prolong the Agreement on a month to month base.

8. Relationship of the Parties

a. No Exclusivity. The Parties understand this Agreement is not an exclusive arrangement. The Parties agree they are free to enter into other similar agreements with other parties.

b. Ownership. All work product created by the Consultant in connection with performing the Services is the exclusive property of the Company.

9. Confidentiality

The Consultant understands they may have access to the Company’s confidential information. The Consultant agrees to use the Company’s confidential information solely for the purpose of performing the Services. Also, the Consultant agrees not to share the Company’s confidential information with anyone else unless they are required to by law. The Consultant’s obligation to maintain confidentiality will survive termination of this Agreement and will remain in effect indefinitely.

10. Legal & License

UPQODE warrants that the functionality contained in this project will meet Client.Company requirements and that the operation will be reasonably error-free.

The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the project is with Client.Company . In no event will UPQODE be liable to Client.Company or any third party for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the operation of or inability to operate the website, even if UPQODE has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

If any provision of this agreement shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

11. Copyrights & Trademarks

Client.Company represents to UPQODE and unconditionally guarantees that any elements furnished to UPQODE for inclusion in the project are owned by Client.Company, or that Client.Company has permission from the rightful owner to use each of these elements, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend UPQODE and its subcontractors from any claim or suit arising from the use of such elements furnished by Client.Company.

12. Copyright to Project

UPQODE guarantees that all aspects of design and construction of the project will be disclosed to Client.Company upon completion, and full code, copyrights and ownership will be the sole property of Client.Company.

13. Sole Agreement

The agreement contained in this Contract constitutes the sole agreement between UPQODE and Client.Company regarding this project. Any additional work not specified in this contract must be authorized by a written change order.

Contact Us

We would be happy to schedule a [30 minute / 1 hour] session and discuss any web maintenance, design & development projects you might have! As well we will gladly share with you our PM, Design, and Development workflow details. Please schedule a call with one of our website maintenance managers:

Valentin Pasecinic (Senior Web Project Manager)- Nice, France, Europe
Brandon Lomax (Senior Digital Business Development Manager) – Austin, Texas 
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What They Say

This is a team that pays great attention to detail and does great work. I had a design done for my website by a separate designer, and Nick implemented the design perfectly for both mobile and desktop. His team uses project management software to track tasks and break up the work for his team into sprints. You aren’t just getting a developer when you hire Nick, you’re also getting great project management and organization. I 100% recommended it.

Erik DiMarco

Manager, NimbleDesk

UPQODE delivers high-quality web work quickly, thanks to their expertise in PHP and WordPress. Regular communication and reasonable prices further smooth the workflow. We've been very pleased with the results. UPQODE responds far more quickly to development changes than our core team would be able to. They are highly knowledgeable about best practices in WordPress, and their ability to rapidly scale up whenever we need a project completed makes them a valuable asset for us in our development needs.

Jim Kreyenhagen

VP Marketing and Consumer Services, doxo

The engagement resulted in an aesthetically pleasing website that satisfied internal stakeholders. They dedicated capable resources that ensured effective collaboration. UPQODE’s attentiveness and flexibility support a successful partnership. They created a beautiful website that we love. The site functions to advertise a certain medical procedure, so I can’t speak to any traffic metrics. UPQODE's responsiveness was their most impressive quality.

Jessica Echevarria

Administrator, University Division

UPQODE delivered a functioning and accessible website. Their adaptable approach to customer service allowed for a smooth development process and set the foundation for possible future collaborations. The delivered website met all of my requirements and explains everything I need it to. UPQODE was very understanding and accommodating of my changing needs throughout the project. The communication was excellent. I plan to work with them again for future needs.

Darren Devost

Owner, Devost's Dynamic Marketing

The vendor succeeded in creating innovative WordPress solutions. Their availability enabled the client to deliver products more quickly. UPQODE's project management was good—their staff met weekly with the client and was always very punctual. UPQODE brought troubleshooting, recommendations, and ideas that our previous partner was unable to provide. They deliver work on-time and within budget. The design they’ve inserted into the product has enabled us to deliver products more quickly. They have always been very helpful in recommending better solutions.

David Bill

President & Founder, Liquid Knowledge Group
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