SEO: 5 things to check regularly in Google Search Console

upqode | Jul 30th, 2019

Every SEO specialist wants to know where mistakes are. Errors that spontaneously or regularly occur in his project. First of all, an SEO specialist opens the Google Search Console to monitor errors. About how to use Google webmaster tool, our Nashville SEO agency will discuss in this article.

Why use the Search console & Google analytics?

  • allows you to eliminate technical errors and omissions;
  • work on optimizing your resource, as well as customers;
  • get accurate data from where and by what requests come visitors;
  • find out where you need to customize meta tags;
  • sort out what content gets more traffic.

Also here there is an opportunity to see for what and when the site is “penalized”, is there any malware on it and whatnot. Want to effectively promote your website? Do not forget to use convenient and free services, such as Google Search Console setup.

Optimize Bypass Search Bottom Pages

This is the number of pages of a site that search engines view during a certain period of time. You can get information about the number of pages scanned per day in the Google Search Console.

Unfortunately, the Google Search Console will not give you complete information about scanning individual pages. For more information, you need to view the server logs.

After you know your page crawl rate, you may want to increase it. Optimizers do not know exactly how the Google algorithm determines how many pages it needs to bypass, but there are two main theories:

  1. It affects the number of internal links to the page;
  2. Affects the number of backlinks from other sites.

You can try to increase the number of pages scanned using the following methods:

  • Get rid of duplicate pages. Every duplicate page that you can block – you need to block. From the point of view of crawling pages, canonical URLs do not really help: search engines will still bypass duplicate pages.
  • Prevent indexing of pages that do not matter in SEO improvements. Privacy policy, promo conditions that have ended, are good candidates for the Disallow rule in robots.txt. In addition, you can set certain URL parameters in the Google Search Console so that Google does not crawl the same pages with different parameters separately.
  • Fix broken links. Whenever search robots view a link to a page with a 5XX or 4XX server response, the number of pages to crawl decreases.
  • Keep your sitemap up to date and make sure that your current Sitemap.xml is uploaded to the Google Search Console.


Convenience of Viewing on Mobile Devices

In our century of craze for mobile gadgets, it is important to monitor the convenience of the resource when viewing it via a smartphone, tablet. Mobile search optimization is a must, which Google representatives regularly focus on.

Frequent problems that arise both on our site and on others:

  • Content is wider than the screen – users have to use horizontal scrolling on the screen, not everyone likes it;
  • Interactive elements are too close – the user one touch on the screen of the gadget touches another button on the site.

Google Webmaster offers to check the pages for optimization for mobile devices, and there are also links to recommendations on how to remedy the situation. You cannot do without the help of a programmer here, but as a result, you will be able to expand the number of visitors not only from PCs and laptops but also from phones and tablets.


Scan Errors

Technical errors collected in Search Console that the search engine robot found when scanning a web resource. Separately reflect the errors of the entire site and URL.

But if problems were identified on your portal, we recommend:

  1. Find and eliminate first of all the cause of errors, for example, remove unnecessary pages from the index.
  2. Immediately solve the problems associated with the main pages that you promote.
  3. Often there are errors associated with incorrectly compiled resource map, so check your Sitemap for the latest information.

Navigate here regularly to avoid having to immediately eliminate a large number of technical errors that will affect SEO optimization.

Safety Problems

This section reports issues related to hacking the site. Sample notification:

In this case, the algorithm is simple:

  1. Analyzing examples.
  2. Eliminate hacking.
  3. We make a request for verification, where we carefully describe the algorithm for eliminating malicious code.
  4. The verification may take some time, you need to monitor daily whether new hacked pages have appeared.


Url Parameters

Using this tool, you can prompt the Google bot for what purpose a particular URL parameter is used on the site. The tool may already have URL parameters unknown to the robot that you want to process, you can also download the necessary parameter and configure it.

To process a parameter, you first need to select its characteristic:

  1. The parameter does not change the content of the page that the user sees. If there are multiple URLs that differ only in the value of this parameter, Googlebot will scan only one of them.
  2. The parameter changes the content of the page that the user sees. This indicator is set by default.

You can choose exactly how the parameter changes the content:

  • sorts (for example, sort = type);
  • limits (for example, size = M);
  • indicates (for example, store = women);
  • translates (for example, lang = uk);
  • paginates (for example, page = 3).

Then you can choose one of the ways to handle URLs with this parameter:

  • at the discretion of Googlebot;
  • every URL;
  • Only URLs with a value: in this case, Google will only scan URLs for which the selected parameter has the value you specified;
  • no URLs.

Search Console Google – a useful tool for both webmasters and site owners

It’s a simple and free tool for finding and fixing errors. The main thing – do not be afraid of a large number of sections and learn where to look in the first place.

However, if you are still not sure what to start from, you can always order Digital marketing service for small businesses from our professional team and we will be happy to help!

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