Best Zendesk Themes: Elevating Customer Support and User Experience

upqode | Jan 9th, 2024

Incorporating a self-service help center, like Zendesk Help Center, is a crucial aspect of customer retention strategies. Most customers today expect an easily accessible repository of product/service information and FAQs. By adding Zendesk Help Center, you’ve made a significant move towards enhancing customer success. Customizing your Zendesk themes is vital for several reasons:

  • Maintaining consistent branding ensures a seamless transition from your main website to the help center.
  • Reducing user friction is key to retaining customers.
  • A user-friendly help center boosts customer engagement.
  • Effectively deflecting customer support requests can lighten the load on your support team while providing quick answers to common queries.

Tailoring your Zendesk themes doesn’t always require coding skills, and even small changes can significantly enhance the user experience and functionality of your help center.

What Is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a customer service platform that offers tools for support, sales, and customer engagement. It helps businesses manage customer interactions across various channels like email, chat, and social media. Zendesk’s solutions are designed to improve customer relationships by providing efficient and effective support.

Benefits Of Using Zendesk Themes

Consistent BrandingZendesk themes can ensure a seamless brand experience from your main website to the help center.
Improved User ExperienceZendesk themes enhances navigation and accessibility, making information easy to find.
Increased Customer EngagementA well-designed help center Zendesk themes encourage more interaction from users.
Customization FlexibilityZendesk themes allow for adjustments to match specific brand aesthetics and functionality needs.

Top Zendesk Templates Worth Trying


Dexo 128 - zendesk theme
Source: Zendesk

The Dexo 128 theme by 128ZEN makes personalizing your help center easy and professional, greatly improving the user experience. Designed with the end-user in mind, Dexo 128 stands out by providing a rich array of built-in settings, enabling the creation of a fully personalized help center interface without the necessity for intricate coding.

The theme also has an intuitive navigation system that makes finding information a breeze. With a focus on user-friendly design, customers can quickly locate the answers they need, reducing support tickets and improving overall satisfaction.


Luxo 128
Source: Zendesk

The Luxo 128, created by 128ZEN, offers a fresh and user-friendly way to design your help center. This theme is perfect for any business looking to make their support center visually appealing and easy to navigate. The theme combines a sleek design with practical features, ensuring your customers find the help they need quickly and efficiently.

With this theme, customization is straightforward, allowing you to match the look of your help center with your brand’s style without any complicated steps. It is designed to be flexible, looking great on any device, and is packed with features that make your help center more accessible to your customers, enhancing their overall experience.


Foxo 128 Zendesk theme
Source: Zendesk

Foxo 128 is a sleek, modern Zendesk theme designed to provide a seamless and engaging customer support experience. With its minimalistic design principles and powerful functionality, Foxo 128 creates an intuitive and visually appealing help center that ensures a consistent user experience across all devices. The theme offers customizable features, allowing businesses to tailor the layout to match their brand’s identity.

It also supports multiple languages, making it ideal for global businesses. With its focus on performance optimization and user engagement, Exxo 128 provides a superior platform for delivering exceptional customer support.



The Rexo 128 Zendesk theme is created for businesses seeking a robust yet easily customizable customer support interface. It features an aesthetically pleasing design with a variety of customizable blocks and call-to-action elements that require no coding skills to modify, making it an ideal choice for brands wanting to maintain consistency in their online presence.

The theme is particularly user-friendly, offering an intuitive setup process that allows for personalization of features such as colors, fonts, and layout, ensuring that the help center aligns seamlessly with the brand’s visual identity.


Exxo 128
Source: Zendesk

Exxo 128 offers a premium Zendesk theme designed to elevate the user experience with its elegant design and robust features. This theme is perfect for organizations that prioritize both aesthetics and functionality in their customer support platform. Exxo 128 features a clean, elegant design that makes navigating the help center a pleasure for users, encouraging engagement with the content.

The theme provides extensive customization options, allowing businesses to align the help center with their brand’s look and feel. With advanced search capabilities and a user-friendly interface, Exxo 128 ensures that customers can find the support they need with minimal effort. Exxo 128 is ideal for businesses that want to combine style and substance in their Zendesk help center, offering a premium user experience that stands out from the competition.


Nexo Zendesk theme

The Nexo 128 Zendesk theme is designed for seamless customization, offering a sophisticated and adaptable interface for any business’s support center. With a focus on ease of use, Nexo allows companies to apply their branding without any coding necessary, thanks to its array of adjustable settings and elements.

This theme is perfect for creating a professionally designed, responsive help center that can improve customer interaction and satisfaction by aligning with the company’s unique brand identity.


Flatrock - Zendesk themes
Source: Zendesk

The Flatrock theme for Zendesk offers an accessible and easily customizable user experience. It’s designed with a variety of built-in settings that allow for full branding without any coding. 

Additional features include side navigation, a table of contents, alerts, and a contact widget, enhancing the self-service experience. 


Mink - Zendesk themes
Source: Zendesk

The Mink theme for Zendesk is a modern, minimalist design characterized by a wave pattern and an unconventional layout. It features custom blocks overlapping the hero unit on the homepage. 

Used by Zendesk’s Customer Marketing team, Mink enhances the self-service experience with functionalities like side navigation, a table of contents, alerts, and a contact widget. This theme is tailored for a streamlined, user-friendly experience. 


Hudson theme
Source: Zendesk

The Hudson theme for Zendesk is ideal for a FAQ-style Help Center, featuring a playful and fresh design with accordion elements in sections. This theme is appreciated for its ease of use and engaging user experience

The Hudson theme includes functionalities like side navigation, a table of contents, alerts, and a contact widget. 


Braxton theme
Source: Zendesk

The Braxton theme for Zendesk offers a sleek, professional design ideal for corporate environments. It features a prominent hero area on the homepage and a structured layout that emphasizes clarity and ease of navigation. 

Like other Lotus Themes products, Braxton includes user-friendly features such as side navigation, a table of contents, alerts, and a contact widget. These elements enhance the self-service experience. 


Indigo theme
Source: Zendesk

The Indigo theme for Zendesk Guide is a versatile and customizable option for creating an engaging knowledge base. It features stylish category tiles on the home page and collapsible sections on category pages. 

This theme is designed to be easily branded without code, including various types of custom blocks and call-to-actions. Indigo is part of a collection that offers premium functionality for free, aiming to enhance your Zendesk help center significantly. 


Stockholm theme
Source: Zendesk

The Stockholm theme for Zendesk Guide is designed with a focus on simplicity and clarity. It offers a clean and modern layout, enhancing the user experience with easy navigation and a minimalist design. This theme is suitable for businesses seeking an elegant and straightforward help center interface. 


Rosetta theme
Source: Zendesk

The Rosetta theme for Zendesk Guide is a beautifully designed and highly customizable theme, ideal for building a comprehensive knowledge base. It features collapsible category blocks on the homepage, a vertical navigation menu on internal pages, and various types of configurable custom blocks and call-to-actions. 

Rosetta can be branded and customized without code, offering premium functionality for free, thus maximizing the potential of your Zendesk help center.


Ivy theme
Source: Zendesk

The Ivy theme for Zendesk Guide is a professionally designed, feature-rich theme with a focus on flexibility and ease of customization. It offers stylish tab-based navigation, bold cards for promoted articles, and a range of configurable custom blocks and call-to-actions. 

Designed for non-developers, Ivy allows for extensive branding and customization without code. It includes premium functionalities at no additional cost, providing an advanced help center experience. 


Dribble theme
Source: Zendesk

The Dribble theme for Zendesk Guide offers a basketball-inspired design with extensive customization options. It allows syncing with brand identity using a wide range of no-code customization tools. 

Features include various header and footer styles, layout options for the homepage, and multiple styles for inner pages. Designed to improve UX on all screen sizes, Dribble ensures your help center is not only visually appealing but also highly functional. 


Crawl theme
Source: Zendesk

The Crawl theme for Zendesk Guide is part of the Sports Collection and offers a water sports-inspired design. It provides extensive customization options, allowing for branding sync without coding. 

Features include a wide editor for no-code customization and functionalities like promoted articles and recent searches. Crawl offers a clean, contemporary design, optimized for all screen sizes, ensuring great user experience. It’s designed for easy and impactful customization of your help center. 


Solo theme
Source: Zendesk

The Solo theme for Zendesk Guide is distinguished by its clean, responsive design and user-friendly customization. Its main features include a stunning graphic vector image on the homepage, smooth text and image animations, customizable branding options, and a choice between wide and boxed layouts. 

The theme also offers cross-browser support and free lifetime updates.

Code Monkey

Code Monkey theme
Source: Zendesk

The Code Monkey theme for Zendesk Guide is tailored for technical documentation, such as code documentation, technical guides, or API information. It features a colorful, fun design with a lot of expansion possibilities, ideal for apps, SaaS platforms, and online tools. 

Key features include dark mode, code previews, GitHub integration, syntax highlighting for code blocks, and a sidebar with article outline. This theme offers extensive no-code customization options, ensuring great UX across all devices with a clean, distinct design. 


Hexas theme
Source: Hexas

The Hexas theme for Zendesk Guide is designed for simplicity and professionalism. Its standout features include hexagon category blocks and accordions in promoted articles, making it ideal for a basic help center. 

The theme is 100% fluid responsive, ensuring compatibility with any device. It offers customizable hero areas, a variety of icons, Google Fonts, and additional formatting components for articles. The theme supports right-to-left (RTL) languages and is easy to customize without coding. 


Astro theme
Source: Zendesk

The Astro theme for Zendesk Guide is designed to deliver an exceptional self-service experience with its user-friendly and no-code configuration. It’s responsive, easy to deploy, and allows for easy business branding modification. Features include express navigation, a dynamic sidebar, home page quick answers, and self-service excellence. 


Tilly theme
Source: Zendesk

The Tilly theme for Zendesk Guide offers a clean and modern layout, focusing on ease of customization. It features customizable page layouts, image boxes, and header and footer links, making it suitable for various help center designs. 

The theme is user-friendly, even for those with little website management experience, allowing easy updates to links, colors, and images. Tilly supports multi-language capabilities and comes with built-in analytics features, including Google Analytics integration. It’s available in both standard and developer licenses. 

Fashion Retail

Fashion Retail theme
Source: Zendesk

The Fashion Retail theme for Zendesk Guide is designed to promote self-service with an elegant and eye-catching design, delivering an optimal customer experience. It features a beautiful homepage design, optimized customer experience across devices, and excellent ROI. 

The theme is simple to install and customize to your brand, including colors, styles, fonts, and images. Additional features include a home page FAQ section and customizable request page information. 


Mandrake theme
Source: Zendesk

The Mandrake theme for Zendesk Guide is a highly customizable design with an optional dark mode, offering a unique and engaging customer experience. It includes accordion menus or content blocks for navigation, along with customizable headers and footers. 

The theme supports both dark and light modes, aligning with user preferences and providing a personalized reading environment. Mandrake also offers free installation support and a one-time cost for either a standard or developer license. 


Evolution theme
Source: Zendesk

The Evolution theme for Zendesk Guide, offered by Evothink, is a stylish and functional theme suitable for businesses. It comes in trial, standard, and developer licenses, catering to different customization needs. 

The theme supports extensive branding and typography customization, allowing you to match it with your business’s branding guidelines. Additionally, it is compatible with multiple languages, enhancing its versatility. 


Conway theme
Source: Zendesk

The Conway theme for Zendesk Guide is an accessible option with a highly customizable page layout, suitable for users without extensive web development experience. Conway offers multiple built-in features and is known for its ease of use. 


Ada Zendesk theme
Source: Zendesk

The Ada theme for Zendesk Guide is a beautifully designed, highly customizable theme that serves as a solid foundation for building an engaging knowledge base. It features engaging icons in category blocks, a pill-style category list, and vertical navigation on internal pages. 

This theme can be branded and customized without code, and it includes premium functionalities for free, offering great flexibility and an enhanced self-service experience. 


In conclusion, incorporating a self-service help center like Zendesk Guide is a significant step in enhancing customer success and retention. Through its wide array of customizable Zendesk themes, it offers businesses the flexibility to maintain consistent branding, reduce user friction, and create a more engaging, user-friendly self-service experience. 

In an era where customers prioritize easy access to information and support, a well-designed and maintained help center is not just an added value; it’s a necessity. The diverse range of Zendesk themes, with their focus on accessibility, customization, and user engagement, makes Zendesk Guide an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to thrive in customer service excellence.

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