The success of your small business depends on your social media marketing. Basically, marketing covers everything that involves getting and retaining customers. This is probably the main problem among small business owners. According to Capital One, 41% of small business owners face the challenge of identifying and achieving prospects. Once you have succeeded with brand building, you have overcome the main obstacle to working and maintaining a lucrative business.

Large companies and corporations can, without hesitation, make investments from hundreds, even thousands of dollars in SMM and SEO services to promote their brand to new consumers, but this does not mean that you, the owner of a small company, have to do the same to not go out of business.

In fact, there are so many free and low-cost ways to advertise your company that you probably cannot use them all at once. But there is nothing wrong with that.

Check out this detailed guide to digital marketing ideas for small companies, tick the ones that you already use and highlight the ones that you are most interested in. Then narrow your list to 3-5 ideas that you can apply today.

Video tutorials that are fun to watch

One of the most popular categories of video on the Internet today is video tutorials. People love to learn how to do things with their own hands because they are proud of their own achievements and are engaged in creativity.

Newbies in the business often try not to shoot such videos for fear that if people see how they do their work, no one wants to pay them for services. But this is not true. Some people are serious about doing their own hands. In this case, the majority will turn to you for services, as soon as they try to do something themselves and understand how much it takes effort and talent to achieve the same result as yours. Therefore, postpone the fears, arm ourselves with the biggest smile, and start recording!

Heat up the interest and involvement of the audience

Not every e-mail list should offer your subscribers to buy something. In fact, it is better if most messages will not sell anything. Send your subscribers useful content. It will help fuel their interest in your work and make your brand attractive. Try to have these newsletters distinguish the elements of the brand-building so that you remember people reading your awesome tips.

Find your audience on Facebook

Facebook has become one of the strongest targeted advertising machines that ever existed. And the best thing is that you do not have to spend large sums to reach your audience.

Unlike TV ads and huge billboards, social media posting on Facebook can cost you only $ 1 per day! Create campaigns to advertise the most popular content (for example, articles on a blog, videos, infographics) among your ideal audience (you can limit it by age, geography, interests and lots of other filters). You can improve your results for a small amount of money and appeal to a narrow target audience.

Advertise your content to know about you

Most social media platforms today allow you to expand the scope of how many people see your content. When a post resonates strongly with your audience – they share it more, leave likes, comment – it makes sense to spend a small amount on digital marketing for small businesses so that the post can be seen by more people who will surely like it.

Advertising of popular posts can return your investment, since you will attract a wider audience to your company, and this will entail more sales. Several key content elements can significantly affect your marketing results.

Don’t trash your content with keywords

No matter how important keywords are in order for search engines to find and place your articles in the right categories, you need to make sure that you do not overload your content with keywords.

Search engines are becoming more advanced in the way they “read” the web, and they have learned to push into the background content that does not contain really useful information. If you start to clutter up your texts with specific keywords in an attempt to be on the first positions in search engines, in reality, you will be punished and “pushed” your social media plan onto the last page.

Write simple, understandable and for people

The best way is to write for people, not for search engines. When you know exactly which questions are bothering your audience, and when you use the right keywords that will allow you to be in higher positions in search engines, write the rest of the blog material simply, clearly, create social media graphics design in a unique style that will resonate with your audience.

If you want to learn more about SEO optimization of a WordPress website, check our SEO guide. If you are not sure how to write articles for a blog, newsletter or any other content in a tone that is unique to you, we can support you with that as a professional digital marketing company. Check our services to find out more!

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