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It seems that the very phrase “creative web design” is something abstract and subjective. After all, people are different, and their perception of website branding is different. Someone likes to use animation and bright colors, and others prefer strict lines. But people tend to confuse web design and art. 

Brand identity design: principles and rules

Brand identity design is subject to certain principles and rules, and where there are some rules – there is objectivity. Subjective factors will always be present – personal preferences, culture, experience – but still, graphic design is objective, and high-quality design can be distinguished from the bad.

The finished design is the result of great and painstaking work on visualization, displaying the structure and main systems of the website functioning. Therefore, the analysis of the designing brand identities considers its main goal to evaluate its appearance and functional potential and it is a part of the digital marketing strategy.

Today our digital marketing for small businesses will highlight you 6 main question that you have to ask yourself in a case to evaluate your website for branding.

Does the design solve the problem?

Design is needed to solve the problem. If the website is inconvenient, if the product is not functional – then why creative and attractive design? This is the most important point by which you can judge whether the design is good or not.

On this point, there are often disagreements between the designer and the client. The designer wants to do something really spectacular, but at the same time forgets about the needs of people.

Therefore, the first question to ask yourself is “Why?”. And realize the purpose for which you need a design. It so happens that the customer addresses the designer with one goal, and later it turns out that the design should have a different goal, solving not the secondary, but the key problems.

Is the brand reflected correctly and is the quality design consistent with the target audience?

A brand is not a product itself, not a company or a corporate identity. It is all in aggregate, it is what you remember, how consumers think of your product. The design should reflect the goals of the brand, tell a story, cause emotions.

As for the audience, it is important here whether you are selling a mass product or it is intended for a narrow circle of people that are looking for a professional digital marketing company. The larger the audience, the simpler the design should be. Many companies, entering a large market, reject design techniques that operated in small circles, but will not act on a wide audience. For the sake of coverage, you have to sacrifice.

Test of time: will the design stand?

Everyone wants a design to exist outside of time. But this is not always the case, so the design often needs to be reworked under current trends.

For example, if you have a website, the design of which, as you know, will be updated in two years, then in this case you can implement the latest trends. Then the web site design will be “in trend.” Here it is important not to overdo it and not to use trends that are not at the very peak, otherwise, you will find yourself in a catching position.

If we talk about the design of the logo, which should serve for decades, it is better to avoid design moves that may become obsolete. For example, the Starbucks logo eventually acquired a new form, and the logo became easier and simpler.

Is there interference?

Interference is what prevents the consumer from finding important information for themselves. It can be a fine print, an abundance of text, images or colors, inconvenient navigation, active animation … What could they not think of for the sake of creativity and an attractive appearance!

In general, the truth is that the design should not be visible, it is easy for a person to find important information, then the design is good. If the design is visible, then it is bad.

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Is the design beautiful and attractive?

This item is more subjective than the rest. But still, there are principles according to which the design is considered attractive. For example, well-built composition, good typography, color balance, and more.

Not everyone has a good taste from birth; it can also be developed by following quality design projects.

More than just a combination?

Good graphic design is not just a combination of fonts, images, colors, etc. The design should carry a meaning, idea, concept. Sometimes in the process of creating a design come to some very amazing things. For example, the FedEx logo is not just a logo. Between the letters E and X hidden arrow – a symbol of speed and accuracy of the organization.

So, what does quality design mean – it’s not just style, beauty and attractive appearance. The design must meet the goals, take care of people, the design does not need to be heaped up with unnecessary elements. The quality design follows the trend, if necessary, and adheres to the same format if you want to serve for a long time. At the head of a truly worthwhile design are a certain idea and an individual concept.

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