Top 10 Amazon Marketplace Alternatives of 2020 [Complete Review]

upqode | Dec 17th, 2020

Did you know you can use Amazon alternatives and still make big sales? Amazon is the eCommerce giant that most businesses run to- to market and sell products.

But, does this mean that you must register your business or products with Amazon to sell? Well, not really. There are eCommerce alternatives that offer healthy competition to Amazon.

The purpose of this article is to give you a complete review of such Amazon alternatives. We’ll list ten marketplace alternatives and the reasons to consider each one of them.

Why should you use Amazon alternatives?

With a net worth of more than $1.7 trillion, this makes Amazon the top eCommerce platform in the world. It’s the go-to online marketplace for shopping, price comparison, and marketing. 

If you are an entrepreneur or startup, you may want to have your products listed with Amazon. The marketplace has a big audience making it an ideal option for startups.

This is one of the major benefits of using Amazon. Having a vast audience means that your business or listings have higher chances of getting clicks or being visible to potential buyers.

But, there is also a drawback to using Amazon. You have to pay for the benefits. The fee schedule on Amazon may have an impact on your profits. For startups, you may consider checking other alternatives.

Now, let’s have a look at the reasons why Amazon alternatives are a viable option:

1. Business Niche

What is the niche of your business? For instance, if you are selling art or handmade items, Etsy is a better choice compared to Shopify or Amazon.

It’s more niche-based, and you have higher chances of making more sales than Amazon. Such online marketplaces have a ready audience who are familiar with the type of products selling on the platforms. 

2. Charging fees

Like earlier mentioned, Amazon charges for almost all the benefits. There are referral fees, subscription fees (for a professional selling plan is $39.99), high-volume listing fees, among other charges.

As for the Amazon alternatives, most of them have minimal charges. For instance, Walmart marketplace is free to join. Shopify offers first-time users a 14-days trial period before proceeding with the premium versions.

Before proceeding with an online marketplace, make sure you check the applicable charges. Compare with other Amazon alternatives, then continue with the one that works for you.

3. Ease of use

How easy is it for you to use a marketplace? For example, Shopify is a third-party platform that also tops the list of eCommerce platforms.

But do you have the skills to run a Shopify store? Remember, you want to build a brand that stands out from the competition. How easy is it for you to add payment options, shipping, or marketing?

With the above information in mind, you may be wondering which are the alternatives to the Amazon marketplace. This list has different sections. 

Let’s get started.

Alternatives to Amazon for Books

1. Powell’s Books

Powell's Book

This is an independent bookseller in Portland, Oregon, that has been in existence since 1971. Powell’s bookstore has new and used books. 

The bookstore remains open 365 days a year. For a book lover who loves a good read, Powell’s books has a wide variety of books to choose from. 

From the website’s interface, you can tell that the bookstore strives to give customers the best experience as the books they sell. Moreover, there are different categories to help the reader locate a book fast. 

Why should you consider Powell’s bookstore?

  1. It’s an independent bookstore that aims at offering a similar experience and variety as the books they sell.
  2. Powell’s bookstore allows you to create a notification account for the old books.
  3. The bookstore’s website is easy to use and navigate. It is divided into sections and categories making it easy for a reader or customer to locate a book to buy. 
  4. With a wide variety of books and open 365 days a year, it is hard to miss a book from the store.

2. ValoreBooks


Buying college books can be expensive. At ValoreBooks, students can rent or buy textbooks at a lower price than other booksellers. The advantage of renting a book is that it has no shipping fee.

Do you have books in your library that you want to get rid of? ValoreBooks allows you to sell old books and make money from buyers. You ship the books for free with a prepaid shipping label. 

What if you do not want an old book? Valorebooks sells new books at a lower price than the other bookstores. Save up to 90% off when buying new books.

Besides buying, selling, and renting textbooks, you can also create a marketplace account with Valorebooks marketplace. With the merchant account, you can source, get competitive quotes, sell, and buy back textbooks.

Whether you’re an independent bookseller or an enterprise bookstore owner, you can create a merchant account with Valorebooks. 

Why should you consider the Valorebooks online platform?

  1. Save money when buying new books in the Valorebooks marketplace. Save up to 90% as compared to other bookstores like Amazon.
  2. To sell used books, you only need to list the books to sell, you get a price quote, and then you’re connected with the buyers.
  3. For textbook rentals, they come with a free return policy.
  4. It’s hard to miss a book on the Valorebooks marketplace as people are selling or returning old books.
  5. Valorebooks do not have a limitation on the merchant account. Independent or enterprise bookstore owners can create accounts and use the platform.

3.  AbeBooks


With free US shipping, you can get cookbooks, fiction, kid’s books, and popular bestseller books in the category of books under $10. 

AbeBooks is an online marketplace where you can buy books, art, and collectibles. The platform has new, used, and rare books from independent sellers around the world. 

AbeBooks helps the school, college, and university students to find books from the broad category of books. There are also journals, reference books, and classic literature books at affordable prices.

There is more to AbeBooks than books. Since 1996, the marketplace has been helping buyers and sellers by connecting them and helping them get the best out of the platform. 

Why should you consider AbeBooks?

  1. You can find the signed bestseller books on the AbeBooks marketplace.
  2. Books have affordable prices. You can find books that are as low as $10.
  3. Students can buy used books at an affordable price on AbeBooks. 
  4. Similar to Amazon, AbeBooks has booksellers from around the world, and it connects buyers with the bestsellers. 
  5. Not everyone is interested in buying books. However, AbeBooks’ online marketplace is versatile, offering different products like art and other collectibles.

4.  Barnes & Noble


Barnes & Noble is the largest bookstore with over one million titles. Users search for books online using the book title, author, or keyword. 

The ‘See Inside’ program helps readers read excerpts from thousands of titles. Besides having new books, Barnes & Noble marketplace has used books from trusted sellers. 

The rare and collectible collection has signed, the first edition, and ‘out of prints’ books. 

In addition to offering books, the Barnes & Noble marketplace has a music store, movie destination, toys & games, and a music store.

Why should you consider using Barnes & Noble marketplace?

  1. Barnes & Noble marketplace users can read about author events.
  2. The bookstore offers readers reviews and descriptions of the book titles to assist them in locating books.
  3. For non-members in the Barnes & Noble marketplace, they get free shipping for orders of more than $35.
  4. Registered members get free express shipping within three days.
  5. Barnes & Noble kids has children books, videos, and music.

Amazon Alternative for Shopping

Online shopping has become the new norm. Amazon shopping is the best eCommerce marketplace selling almost everything you need for your day-to-day use. 

Reasons why internet users in the United States shop from Amazon. (Image courtesy of Statista).


But, is Amazon the only eCommerce platform to buy from? You can shop for different products from Amazon alternatives and save money. 

For instance, you can find a similar product on Walmart at a lower price than the one listed on Amazon. Besides, you can choose to buy a product from a shop that is niche-based.

For example, if you need tech products, you can get them from Newegg instead of Amazon. 

Let’s have a look at the Amazon alternative for shopping:

5.  Newegg

Newegg marketplace

Newegg is ranked as one of the best online shopping marketplaces for tech products. Founded in 2001, it offers electronics, smart home, entertainment, and gaming products.

Not only can you buy from Newegg but you can also sell. With the Newegg marketplace, you have to choose a selling tier. Depending on what you are selling on the platform, the commissions vary. 

Newegg has different platforms to use for sellers. Therefore, to connect to the right customers, make sure that you are using the right platform. With Newegg global, sellers sell products from around the world.

You can ship the customer’s order directly or through Newegg shipping services. Using Newegg shipping is cost-effective and reliable as it handles returns and customer services for the seller.

Why should you consider using the Newegg marketplace?

  1. SBN (shipped by Newegg) helps sellers maximize their customers’ reach. It’s an efficient and reliable fulfillment service. 
  2. With customized marketing strategies, you can increase your brand visibility, both online and offline. 
  3. There are no monthly subscriptions on Newegg. Sellers can list their products for free and cancel at any time.
  4. If you’re a registered seller who has not made sales, Newegg does not charge you. They have low commission rates as well.
  5. Sellers have a user-friendly portal to manage their online store from Newegg.
  6. The marketplace has a range of payment options, which are BitPay, PayPal, credit card, and debit card.

6. Bonanza


Bonanza is an online marketplace for entrepreneurs. With Bonanza, there are no listing fees or monthly fees. The marketplace allows users to engage with their audience, make sales, and build brands.

To have a strong brand presence, Bonanza allows sellers to customize the design of their store. The designs are mobile-responsive to allow users to access a store using mobile devices.

Why should you consider using Bonanza?

  1. It accepts Paypal, Amazon Pay, or credit card.
  2. The designs and themes are free to use. Customize your store with the available free designs.
  3. Unlike Amazon, Bonanza does not have a transaction charge for every sale but has a standard fee.
  4. Creating a website with Bonanza does not require IT knowledge. It’s fast and easy.

7. Etsy

Etsy platform

Etsy is an online marketplace where people sell, buy, and collect items. Most of the sellers on Etsy are independent sellers.  In addition, the eCommerce platform has vintage, handmade, and craft products.

To create a seller account on Etsy, it only costs you 20 cents. Buyers and sellers interact in a secure, fun, and safe environment. There are no additional monthly fees, and listings are 20 cents.

The listings remain active for four months. If you’ve not made a transaction within the four months, the listings will remain active until you sell.

There is a 15% offsite ads charge, which you pay when you make a sale from the ad. A 5% fee also applies for the Paypal transaction.

Why should you consider Etsy? 

  1. Etsy has simple, powerful tools that help users in customizing the design of their store.
  2. It has a variety of tools to choose from.
  3. You can manage your store from any location with the Etsy app. 
  4. To manage payments, Etsy allows sellers to use the Paypal method of payment.

Summary Table:

ChargesMode of PaymentType of shipping
NeweggMembership fees apply
Commission fee varies
Non-elite membership is free commissions vary
Wire Transfer
Newegg credit card 
fulfillment service SBN (shipped by Newegg)
BonanzaNo start-up fee
No monthly fees
No transaction fee
Money to pay depends on the final value offer
Shipping transactions apply
EtsyEtsy Plus is available at $10 a month
No additional charges
5% PayPal transaction fee
15% offsite Ads fee-free to join
Debit cards
Credit cards 
Canada Post

Alternative to Amazon for eCommerce Platforms

Amazon is the best eCommerce platform when making online purchases. But, this does not mean that you cannot buy products from alternative eCommerce platforms.

For a startup, for instance, the charges may be too much for you. For this reason, you can look into other eCommerce alternatives. Here is a list of the Amazon alternatives.

8. Shopify


Shopify is a popular eCommerce marketplace. As a seller, setting up your website is fast and easy. It has over seventy professional themes and free themes.

With over 100 payment gateways, Shopify allows you to use a payment method that works best for the seller. It gives you a free 14-days trial to test the platform.

Moreover, Shopify has different features to help you make the best of the platform. There are SEO tools to optimize your website. This helps potential customers locate your website on search engines.

Why should you consider using Shopify?

  1. With the Shopify app, you can monitor, control, and manage your eCommerce website from anywhere.
  2. Customize your store by using the ready templates that come with Shopify.
  3. Shopify integrates with other apps to allow dropshipping business.
  4. To convince users to buy from your shop, Shopify allows sellers to add multiple images in one product.
  5. Shopify has 24-hour customer service, and lots of features to utilize.
  6. When it comes to paid advertising, if you spend $25 on Google to get $100 for Google advertising.

9. Walmart Marketplace

Wallmart marketplace

As an approved Walmart seller, you add items to the catalog, fulfill orders, and get paid. There is no setup or monthly fee when you are using the Walmart marketplace.

Walmart partners with other solution providers to provide the best eCommerce services to sellers. To have a solution that is specific to your business needs, you need to reach out to the service providers.

Examples of eCommerce services are inventory, order fulfillment, pricing, features, and capabilities. Walmart marketplace has free two-day shipping for orders that are above $35. 

Why should you consider using Walmart Marketplace?

  1. There is no start-up charge or ongoing monthly fees. Walmart charges a referral fee, while Amazon has a referral charge.
  2. This marketplace only invites brands. 
  3. Walmart fulfillment services offer sellers a fast, low-cost fulfillment service to help grow and reach new customers.
  4.  In addition, boost conversion, a seller can use the two-day or three-day delivery system. Walmart marketplace has different shipping methods to save money and drive customer satisfaction.
  5. Walmart marketplace has professional sellers who offer high-quality products.

10. eBay

eBay marketplace

With eBay, it is free to create a listing, although you pay a 10%-12% fee on items sold. Shipping options are provided through partnerships with major carriers. 

Using the eBay seller hub is free. However, if you want to make use of the additional features, there is a service charge. These features are Selling Manager Pro or Stores.

eBay offers the seller a price suggestion for the listings based on similar items or previously sold items. You can also choose to set a product for auction or in the ‘Sell it now’ category.

To create better listings, write a relevant title, take quality photos, choose a buying format, set the price, and save on shipping. For buyers, the eBay money-back guarantee protects them in case an item was not delivered. 

Why should you consider eBay?

  1. For eBay stores subscribers, you can market your business with easy-to-use tools. 
  2. eBay has a reporting feature that gives insights into how your business is performing. Also, find out daily selling costs and how often your listings are visible to the buyer.
  3. eBay has a tool to help users clean images and add a white background before posting.
  4. eBay has 24/7 customer service to help sellers resolve any rising issues within their space.
  5. It is free to create a listing, and you only pay a final value fee once your items sell.
  6. When setting the price of the products, you can let the buyers know that you are open to negotiation by adding ‘Best Offer’ to your listing.

Summary Table:

Shopify14-days free trial, after which charges apply
monthly price $79/ month.
Shopify lite at $9
10% annual plans
Apple pay
Shopify payments
American Express
WalmartReferral fee is applicable
fulfillment fees apply
Referral fees
Walmart credit card
Walmart debit card
Walmart fulfillment service
Credit card
eBayFinal value fee
listing fees(the fees vary)
insertion fee
Credit card
Debit card
Google pay
Apple pay
eBay delivery services

How Can you Use Amazon Alternatives to Grow your business?

From the list above, you have come across features that can help you sell more. Not only do you need a marketplace, but you should also have smart objectives. 

How can you use the Amazon alternatives to grow your business?

1. Have unique products

How can you make sure you have unique products? If you are selling art or handmade products, try as much as possible to be unique. You do not want to be selling the same items as your competitors.

You may end up making no sales or less profit. Be unique and make sure what you’re selling is different from other sellers.

2. Use the right marketplace.

How do you know you are using the right platform? To determine Amazon alternatives to use, you need to identify your business needs, goals, and what you are selling.

For instance, eBay allows sellers to auction products. You can also sell anything on this platform. With the right marketplace, you have higher chance of increasing sales when using the right marketplace because it has the target audience.

3. Marketing

Shopify and eBay marketplaces give users additional tools to market the products they sell. Google Paid Advertising allows you to maximize your marketing efforts to reach a wider audience.

Another example is Google shopping. With Google shopping, it works well if you have an existing eCommerce website. It works in a similar way to Google ads.

You need to store the items in a spreadsheet. You pay every time a user clicks on your ad. With Etsy, users can also market products using Google ads.

4. SEO

eCommerce SEO increases the visibility of your website when a customer searches for a product using a keyword that you are already ranking for.

SEO helps you improve customer experience by creating an eCommerce that is easy to navigate and use.

With Shopify, you can create an eCommerce website that is specific to your brand, easy to use, and has a simple architecture.

5. Flexibility

Let’s look at flexibility in terms of listings, payments, and shipping. Before you proceed with a platform, check to understand how each of these features works.

Etsy, for instance, allows users to use Paypal while Shopify users use different payment options. Also, how many listings can you make for a specific sale? 

If you have different products to sell, how many listings can you make?

6. Shipping options

Most of the Amazon alternatives offer shipping options. Also, they have fulfillment services just like Amazon. But it’s not free, service charges apply.

For a seller, if you decide to do the shipping yourself, it may be a little harder. Using a marketplace fulfillment service makes it easy and manageable.

Having low shipping costs can have a high conversion rate in our business. It also attracts buyers to a marketplace as the shipping fee is not too high. Check out Amazon’s shipping fee.

7. Build a brand

With Amazon, it’s hard to establish a strong brand presence. 

With the Amazon alternatives, it is easy to customize a website using the available templates and themes.

An example is Shopify. It allows users to customize the templates to meet business needs and themes. Customization gives a website a professional look, making it easy for customers to gain trust.

8. Offer discounts

An example is ValoreBooks, which sells college textbooks at a lower price than other marketplaces like Amazon. At discounted prices, students are able to buy books for their daily learning.

Discounts help in attracting and converting customers. Using the ValoreBooks example, they offer a free return policy. Amazon also offers discounts making it a preferred option for most buyers.

Benefits of Using Amazon Alternatives

In the same way, using the Amazon marketplace has benefits, and so are the alternatives. With Amazon, the large audience almost guarantees you sales, even for a small business or startup.

Also, the Amazon shipping fee is low. Amazon offers discounts for the products they sell, attracting high conversion rates. Amazon being the eCommerce leader has a lot more to offer.

The alternative online marketplaces have brought healthy competition. Let’s have a look at the benefits of using Amazon alternatives in 2020.

1. Reduced fees

With Amazon, there are so many charges that apply. These are referral fees, subscription fees, selling fees, etc. 

Most of the Amazon alternatives have fewer charges. For instance, some of the marketplaces do not have subscription fees, offer free listing, and have a free return policy.

Walmart, Shopify, and eBay are cheaper to use. Unlike Amazon, where you have to pay for most of the benefits, alternative marketplaces are less expensive to use.

2. Customization

With Amazon alternatives, you can design and customize a website to stand out from the competition. An example is Shopify. It has pre-built themes and templates. 

To have a more professional look, use the Amazon alternatives. They do not require technical skills to use. Moreover, if you are a startup, having a unique online store can help build trust, attract customers, and increase conversion.

3. Payment options

With alternative marketplaces, users can pay for products using the most convenient payment options. For instance, the alternatives accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, among others.

Other Amazon alternatives like Newegg have a payment method. That is the Newegg store credit card.

4. Less competition compared to Amazon.

Amazon has high competition compared to alternative marketplaces. Let’s look at an example. In your business, you sell coffee machines. You realize, there is a higher chance of selling on Amazon.

You decide to create a professional plan with Amazon. After some time, you realize that your competition is selling more than you. Besides, there are so many other brands on the platform offering the same products.

Amazon alternatives have less competition. You can maximize the chances of selling on other marketplaces as you would with Amazon.

5. Mobile responsive apps

To monitor or manage your store, you do not need to have a desktop computer every time. You can use a mobile app to check the performance of your store.

Also, platforms are accessible from a mobile device. You have access to your business using a mobile device without having to miss a detail. 

So, if you are worried about leaving Amazon due to the mobile-responsive features, it’s also available on alternative marketplaces.

6. Reporting tools

Another advantage of using Amazon alternatives is the fact you are able to monitor your performance. The reporting tool helps you make the necessary adjustments based on the results.

Some of the information you can get is- how many people viewed your products, daily selling cost, and link clicks. 

Examples of marketplace tools that give you the reporting information are Etsy and Shopify.

Why Should You Use The Amazon Alternatives?

There are many reasons why you may want to use Amazon alternatives. You could be an entrepreneur or enterprise. Moreover, most of the alternatives above have fewer charges compared to Amazon.

Depending on what you are selling, you can go for a niche marketplace like Newegg, Etsy, or go for a general platform. A platform, like eBay, allows users to create free listings and have customization features. 

In conclusion, with the above information in mind, check your business goals and use what works best for you.

Have you been thinking of using Amazon alternatives, but you are not sure which one to use? There you have it. 

So, which of the above  Amazon alternatives will you be using first?

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