Twitter Marketing 2021: Best Tools & Practices To Get More Traffic

upqode | Apr 12th, 2021

Twitter is one of the most prominent and actively used social networks, which has greatly helped almost every business succeed. Twitter for marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your website, increase awareness regarding your brand and get a new audience.

There are countless Twitter users present on the platform that use Twitter to express their opinions and concerns regarding different topics through tweets.

Twitter Marketing is now an essential part of digital marketing. Every company uses this platform to get new audiences and maintain a good relationship with their current audience through different services, including customer service.

What is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter marketing means a plan which contains all the relevant content to achieve the goals that are set for the company.

Twitter Marketing

It revolves around many things like including your bio, promoted tweets, and content that will be disturbed and marketed through Twitter. This is very simple and aims to use Twitter to increase engagement rate, sales, conversions, and Twitter followers.

There are many benefits for those who use Twitter as an effective digital marketing tool and see that their content is centered around the platform.

Are you still a little skeptical about Twitter and the benefits it offers? Read below to know more about it and improve and specify the content that you write and create for this particular platform.

Benefits of Using Twitter Marketing

Like other social media platforms, Twitter is another social media site that people effectively use to express their opinions on any topic and stay connected. Although Twitter provides you with a particular limit to the tweets that one posts, it still can help you do a lot for your business.

Now Twitter is being used for personal matters, and it is being used to grow businesses. It is now considered an effective tool. It has helped owners reach their business goals and increase their followers, increasing their sales and conversions.

Market to your particular audience

Twitter helps you find a particular group of people interested in your brand. It can easily narrow down your target audience. It does not matter the business you are running, and you can find people with similar interests and “follow” them, which helps to enlist them for receiving the tweets sent by others.


Networking on Twitter is quite strong, so use it to build your connections and improve your sales by spreading the word about your business. This entire idea of “retweeting” can help you and your followers make a prospect base and help you grow more. 

Twitter Marketing is cost-effective

This is a piece of good news not only for small businesses but for large companies as well. Because of the increased use of Twitter, it qualifies as an effective marketing tool. It is also a cost-effective way to make sure that you reach your target audience and look for future opportunities worldwide.

Twitter does not charge you even a dime when you open an account for your business but provides you the convenience that you can send and receive tweets through your devices, whether a mobile phone or a computer. The tweets that you send or receive are also without any additional cost.

Moreover, the other marketing tools that it provides a business with are either free or available at a meager and affordable cost. 

Immediate response

Twitter Marketing

Twitter helps you get the immediate response that you want to run your business. You can send and receive any tweet or message without any delay at all. If you are in a hurry to share something with your audience that can help you get a competitive advantage, a tweet helps you in this regard. Communicate as quickly as you can and gain the benefit of making a sale. 

Twitter helps by providing expertise

Everything apart, Twitter can also be used for establishing expertise in the field, for the business owners, which can allow them to build up their credibility, and it can help get more customers for your brand. When sending tweets, add information that can help the audience and also add your website’s link so people can go there and check it out themselves. 

Twitter messaging helps create connections

For any two accounts to interact, they must follow each other’s profiles. This is an added-on messaging feature apart from the tweet option. The company can use the inbox as an effective tool.

Marketers can now connect with different influencers and other important personalities personally through direct messages and make sure that their conversations through this platform are authentic, engaging, and personalized. They should create documents that contain content regarding the customized messages that should be sent to start up a conversation. Moreover, they can also get their email address and connect with them outside the platform for more collaborations.

Marketers should create Twitter lists to identify which company or individual can be preferred to interact with. The audience might use Twitter to send you a message, so checking your inbox and connecting with them also helps them can also help the company create a great image.

Tags help increase engagements through encouragement

increase engagements

If you want to tag someone in a tweet, you can easily use the “@” symbol. This symbol goes a long way because it helps send a notification to other users and the recipient, who would then view it. Twitter has been updating its algorithm from time to time and is making efforts to improve your engagement to increase your reach through content and tweets. 

Once you start to engage in trending topics, you can increase your engagement rate. People then visit your profile and go through the content on Twitter that you have posted, leading to traffic towards the website.

Posting multiple times a day helps

If you are talking about any other social media platform, posting continuously or multiple times in a day on any other social media platform is not acceptable for the audience. In twitter’s case, however, the situation is very different. On Twitter, it is recommended to post multiple times a day; also, Twitter has a chronological way of showing all the tweets, so none of the data gets lost.


You can use this to keep your followers engaged and make sure that you can reach some of your goals. The tweets allow pictures, videos, polls, and any other interesting interactive way. 

However, you should have times to post because posting abruptly can be dangerous and problematic. Schedule tweets, so even if you forget, your tweet is there on your Twitter profile.

It helps increase brand awareness

When you have a proper strategy and plan to get started on Twitter, it can help you create brand awareness among your users and get recognized by people. Almost every type of business can benefit from Twitter as a marketing tool. 

Many companies have benefited from this particular tool by including a specific tone in their tweets and have been able to grab the attention of their users successfully. You can also learn a lot about your brand and the different ways that you can use to make it better. Do proper research on your users and learn how you can better interact with them. 

The Advertising cost is very low

Another benefit of Twitter marketing is that the advertising cost is comparatively very low, and it also provides great SEO optimization. There are different types of Twitter ads and can help you create a campaign to increase the impact. It also allows you to spend your limits efficiently. You can use promoted tweets option to get your audience’s attention and the new audiences that you aim to reach.

As you move forward, you can try different experimentations like A/B testing and applying different settings, customizing your campaigns according to your target audience. According to research, Twitter marketing provides around a 40% higher return on investment than other social media accounts. 

It helps drive traffic to your website

In today’s modern times, social media pages help drive massive traffic to websites. Therefore you should make sure that your website is updated and running at optimal conditions and speed to ensure that the visitors that get to your website do not return abruptly. According to your brand, you can develop your Twitter profile that attracts many visitors to your website. 

twitter analytics

Also, ensure that your Twitter profile is consistent across all the channels, so your website does not seem to be very different from your social media presence voice. There are chances that they get confused and then leave your website. Around 47% of people visiting a Twitter profile will visit the website connected to it. 

Use branded hashtags for community management

Before you start with your brand’s marketing, you must do a thorough research of your relevant hashtags. Use hashtags in your posts to better create a pattern and connection with your audience. They are still considered a vital tool in marketing by various marketers.

A brand can use these branded hashtags to get a review of its products on social media. Branded hashtags are essential since they comprise 70% of the entire hashtag landscape. You can also use these hashtags to participate in various conversations or a trend. 

Not just this, but you can also use websites and tools like Twitter analytics to help you out in choosing hashtags. Involve them in your future posts but remember to avoid spamming at all costs. Too many and a repetitive pattern of hashtags can lead to spamming and a decrease in audience engagement, which you would not like for your company. 

You can monitor different social media metrics as well

Well, talking about digital marketing and SEO, we all know how important social media metrics are for every company. These metrics help them make sure that they are going on the right track and identify where they can be better in their future campaigns.

Through twitter marketing, you can analyze different social media metrics that can help you make better decisions regarding your brand’s future twitter marketing strategies. 


Different tools can be used to do that for you as well. Integrate them with Twitter and use them to get the best insights for your brands. These tools can help you search for valuable keywords and hashtags and find effective ways to keep increasing your conversion rates. They also use cookies to know the choices that your customers more prefer.

These tools also allow you to keep an eye on your competitors. Keeping updating with the keywords help you stay in touch with the relevant industries. 

You can quickly go viral through Twitter

Everyone wants to make sure that their brand goes famous instantly, but it takes time. With Twitter, it is different, and your tweet can spread like wildfire all over the internet. The tweets that go viral are either because they are funny, relatable, or controversial. Brands can use this technique smartly and create tweets that tend to go famous and increase your followers, increasing your reach, traffic, and conversions. 

Using Insights can help you develop your persona

There are four categories of audiences which include demographics, lifestyle, consumer behavior, and mobile imprint. You can use the data you get in the form of insights about your followers and their various interests. These insights can also help you know their interaction with the different brands, and all this information can later be used before you launch a campaign. 

Use all of the data and develop the follower’s persona, later using it for your current and new Twitter users. Twitter uses some native analytics tools, and they are one of the best. 

Use influencers to run your campaigns successfully

Influencers are a vital part of digital marketing now, helping to bring organic traffic to the website. Marketers have found it a very effective marketing strategy and are using them on all the platforms. Since Instagram is open and filled with influencers, it makes influencer marketing even more effective. 

People’s chances to buy your product are more when they see tweets from the brands and influencers. Consumers take the influencer’s recommendations very seriously and follow them effectively and work as an unmatched opportunity for marketers. 

Twitter Marketing Tips for Growing Businesses

twitter account

Learn more about how you can use Twitter to grow your business by applying these useful tips. These tips can help you to drive more traffic towards the website of your brand. Twitter began in 2016 and was used as an online messaging platform that was updated from text messages.

It was about time that there were new and better upgrades made to the social networking site, and it was able to get more than 300 million users producing around 500 million tweets daily.  Twitter can help a brand grow through its content and Twitter ads.

Now Twitter is one of the most effective marketing tools. Learn how to drive traffic with social media towards your business, increasing your sales and conversions as a result. You can entertain your audience by publishing brief tweets and keep on boosting your sales and expand your customers.

Read below on the following ways to learn more about growing your business through Twitter.

Follow other accounts

An excellent way to grow your business through Twitter is to start following other accounts that do the same business as you or anything related to you. Do not become a passive follower but be an active follower who involves conversations that interest you, and you also tend to share material like that.

Not just that but retweeting links and comments can make you a little more prominent in your followers’ eyes and help you get the same action in return. Use Twitter to create Twitter lists so you can follow those accounts through the platform.

Link all your accounts

If you have accounts on almost all social media platforms, try to link all of those accounts. It helps you to get new followers. Connect your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to sync all the information and make sure that you add the links everywhere. Also, include the websites and blog post links to your feeds. 

Offer promotions

A great tip to increase your sales and following is to offer sales, discounts, and different promotions for your target audience, which will interest them in buying your products and services. You can also use your Twitter feed for this purpose by keeping your customers and followers updated with all the latest sales and upcoming products and services.

twitter marketing

It is good to engage with your followers and show them that you offer great customer service, which eventually helps to get more customers through the Twitter account.

Customize your feed

Randomly starting a business can be very annoying. It will not give your profile and tweets a good look and feel, and your followers might not know what your brand is doing. A helpful tip is that you start by customizing your feed and bio. Create a proper plan to design and work on it and see that you are actively following it.

Choose a customized background and logo for your business so that you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Your Twitter profile picture will reflect the brand image you are trying to reflect. With the lack of a proper look, you will not be able to get followers and lose potential followers. 

So, remember to add a profile photo, a header image, along with a good bio on all your social media profiles to attract new audiences and increase your engagement rate.

Create a proper Twitter marketing strategy

This is a tip and an essential requirement that needs to be followed by everyone for Twitter. Creating a proper Twitter marketing strategy can help the brand, but it can be helpful for you. The marketing strategy will keep you aligned with all the work that you will be doing.

Twitter marketing strategy

It will also help you stay on track and avoid any issues and problems that may arise. Follow a proper calendar to stay updated and ahead in your work. You will get the best results only if you work with the plan.

Think before you tweet

Since there is a character limit when you are writing your tweets, be careful what you write. Use hashtags in your content, talk about trending topics, and anything that would interest your audience. Using hashtags can help you track your tweets as well.

Try starting small conversations, appreciating small efforts to engage more with your audience, and showing them that you are an active account, not a dummy on Twitter who cannot be involved in conversations. 

It will only work if you use Twitter smartly and ensure that twitter’s content interests your audience, making them go through your profile and then eventually towards your website.

Make Recommendations on Twitter

A great tip that can help you greatly is to make several recommendations to your followers on Twitter. When you make recommendations and praise others, you help to improve your position in the views of your followers. They will also notice your business on Twitter and prefer to come to your profile for more valuable and helpful suggestions. This can also help you increase your professional contacts and collaborations. 


If you keep following these tips, you will see the results where your brand will become well known among the people. Not just this, but your Twitter account will prove to be a marketing success and will become a practical example for others to follow your Twitter handle.

Use Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments are another helpful tip that can help you reach your business goals. Twitter moments are a complete collection of various tweets about a particular topic or even an event. The collection is not just any collection; it is the collection of “best” tweets regarding your topic of interest. 

Get verified on Twitter

Getting verified on Twitter depends on your company’s size, but the actual benefit is that it helps a company place a good impact on its followers. The followers then truly believe the authenticity of the profile. You can apply for the verification. After that a small badge with a blue checkmark appears in front of your handle, eventually symbolizing a genuine, authentic account.

Use Keyword targeting

You should put up Twitter ads as mentioned above, but you should also remember to include keywords to your Twitter ads’ content. Keywords targeting is an essential part of Twitter Ads, and through keywords, you can use different words and phrases related to your company. These targeted ads help to reach the audience at the most appropriate time. 

There are two types of keyword targeting that you can include in your content: search keyword targeting and timeline keyword targeting. 

working team

Search keywords targeting helps you show your tweets, particularly to the people related to your business and might be searching for something relevant for it. Ensure to do detailed keyword research before deciding on the keywords you will include in your content and use them. 

The second type is timeline keyword targeting. This second type of keyword targeting allows you to act on your audience’s feelings, actions, and emotions present in their tweets. You can use these whenever you need them, not always. The most important task is to make a proper content plan regarding this strategy to help you conduct a complete plan to market your business better. 

Use different types of content

Using only text in the content of your tweets is not enough. It is essential to include different content types in your tweets to ensure that your audience remains entertained. Remember to add pictures and videos apart from the words that you use. Content other than words also work as a very engaging element that helps increase engagement on your tweets and allows you to introduce your product and services. 

Key Takeaway

Twitter is an excellent part of a social network that can help you reach out to various people to increase your followers. If used with a proper Twitter marketing strategy, it can help expand the business and get new customers. There are best practices like Twitter ads, which you can use to achieve some set marketing goals.

So, if you still do not have a Twitter profile, go and create a Twitter profile for your brand. Add a compelling bio, business name, and then market your business through the different Twitter marketing tips. Use Twitter as much as you can to get new customers. Also, center your content according to the company you are running, so it is easier for you to plan all its strategies accordingly and make the most out of it. 

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