5 Best Outbound Marketing Tactics To Increase Your Website’s Traffic

upqode | Apr 23rd, 2021

Many businesses are majorly focusing on inbound marketing to increase their web traffic. However, some end up forgetting that outbound marketing tactics can generate massive leads and drive huge traffic to their sites.

As such if you’re not sure which marketing strategy will best suit your business, you can choose to contract a digital marketing agency. In doing so, you’re sure to be working with one of the best teams in the business.

A marketing agency can use strategies like PPC, social media marketing, and SEO and apply their vast knowledge to make sure your site ranks higher.

The thing is outbound marketing is not audience-specific. Therefore, you go beyond the limits of focusing on a specific audience. And this allows you to boost web traffic and get your content to more people fast.

For that reason, this post will walk you through the five best outbound marketing tactics that will boost your site’s lead generation rate and drive more traffic to your company’s website.

But first, let’s have an in-depth look at the meaning of outbound & inbound marketing.

What is Inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a technique of leading more prospects to your website without approaching them directly. It involves creating valuable content that attracts a specific audience to your website.

A good example of inbound tactics is onsite SEO, where you optimize your site’s content for more visibility on the search engine result pages. This way, the prospects will find you without going to them.

What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing definition is approaching the prospects rather than waiting for them to come to you. That means you target a general audience irrespective of whether they are interested in your content or not. Put differently, you force your content on prospects to seduce them to visit your site.

Outbound marketing examples include pay-per-click ads, social media ads like YouTube pop-ups, and email marketing

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

With the comprehensive knowledge of their meanings, let’s weigh the two and find out what makes each right to implement in your website.

When comparing inbound and outbound marketing, the fact remains that they are two sides of the same coin. Inbound marketing is essential in driving traffic from a specific audience that is already interested in your site’s content.

On the other end, outbound marketing mainly focuses on generating new leads and pointing them to your site. It works under the idea that some prospects are unaware of the solutions offered on your business website that will help solve their problems.

Therefore, approaching and informing them that you have the answer to their pain points can gain you access to a new audience and help you increase your traffic from inbound marketing.

That brings us to the final verdict that inbound and outbound marketing can co-exist in your efforts to increase web traffic. This translates to using them simultaneously to get more visitors to your site.

Next, let’s find out the best outbound marketing strategies that can guarantee you tremendous success in increasing traffic to your website. Without much ado, let’s dive right in!

#1. Social Media Ads

There’s no denying that social media offers you various channels where you can promote your website and generate more traffic. When used right, here’s what social media can offer you.

In 2020, social media registered 3.6 billion users, and the number was expected to increase over the years. This shows that advertising your website on social media channels will open the doors to accessing a larger audience.

Facebook for business

Facebook Ads

Better yet, many marketers use social media in their advertising efforts. Research revealed that 72% of B2B marketers use paid social ads to promote their content, which is solid proof that promoting your website using social ads poses a higher chance of success.

However, it’s worth noting that even paid ads are not effective unless you employ best practices in your promotions. But don’t worry. Here are the ultimate techniques to introduce to your social ad campaigns for increased success.

Choose The Right Platforms

Even though outbound marketing is not audience-specific, you have to identify the social media platforms with higher chances of producing desirable results. Advertising on the wrong social platforms is a costly mistake that might not give you the results you desire for your web traffic.

Youtube ads

Youtube Ads

To ensure you only opt for social channels that deliver the best results, you must inspect the platforms thoroughly. You can do this by keeping a close eye on the trending topics related to your niche. Consequently, you’ll identify the appropriate social channels to launch your ad campaigns.

That way, the possibilities of reaping positive results will be even higher, thus driving more traffic to your website and increasing your content’s visibility in the online world.

Use high-quality Visuals

To avoid situations where you have low-quality photos and videos in your social media ads, make sure you use top-quality visuals whose clarity is beyond doubt. This way, you will appeal more to the prospects, and they will click on your social media ads.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Ads

Also, you’ll be sure that your audience will have a positive response to your advertisements. Plus you’ll avoid instances where your prospects strain as they try to figure out the information you are trying to put across. And this can mean many visitors will turn away from your ads.

So, how do you avoid such situations? Well, realize that high-quality images and videos are very effective in grabbing your audience’s attention. Research has shown that colored visuals increase the audience’s attention span and recall by 82%.

The secret behind this is that visuals usually tap into the prospects’ emotions and immediately connect with them. Consequently, it becomes easier to convince your audience to visit your website.

Ensure Your Ad Message is Short and Concise

The thing is a considerable percentage of your prospects might use social media to relax their minds. That then means that your ad message has very few seconds to attract and engage the audience. With that in mind, always ensure that your social ads are brief and persuasive to appeal to the audience in an instant.

Realize that your prospects may be too busy to decode long and complex ad messages. Thus, your first requirement in social media advertising should be to ensure the message is straightforward and easy to understand.

To help you achieve this be sure to use simple language and avoid including jargon. With short and concise social ad messages, you’ll soon notice a difference in the traffic visiting your site.

Use a Powerful Call To Action(CTA) in your social ads

After capturing your prospects’ attention with the appealing social ad, the next step would be to get them to take action. That’s where a CTA comes in. A Call to Action helps lead your audience to the next step and shows them exactly what you want them to do. In this case, you want them to visit your site. So, be sure to tell them that in your CTA.

However, creating a powerful CTA requires special techniques for optimum effectiveness in your outbound marketing. It’s the final and the most challenging part in all forms of marketing. But don’t worry. Here’s a way you can use to craft a results-oriented Call to Action.

First off, ensure your message is precise and on point. This helps avoid creating distractions that may make the prospect have second thoughts. Most importantly, don’t forget to point out the reason why the audience should visit your site. It’s worth mentioning that prospects will not follow your CTA if they don’t know what’s in for them. So make sure you have that in your message.

#2. Email Traffic Generation

Email traffic generation is an efficient outbound marketing technique that many marketers use to generate web traffic. They opt for this approach because emails enable you to personalize your marketing strategy. This then results in you engaging your prospects.

According to HubSpot, 80% of marketers reported an increase in email engagement in the year 2020. That also means that it’s easier for you to influence an engaged audience into doing your bidding. Thus choosing email marketing can be an effective option for promoting your website.

outbound marketing via emailing

Collect Visitors email address

But there’s one thing you should note. You must employ specific tactics in email marketing to generate massive web traffic. Here’s is a comprehensive breakdown of the best email marketing practices to ensure increased traffic generation:

Continuously come up with new email lists

Research has shown that the rate of email databases decay is about 22.5% per year. It may be resulting from people unsubscribing from your emails or abandoning the older addresses and replacing them with new ones.

That means you have to constantly replenish your email lists to ensure your outbound marketing efforts remain productive throughout. Moreover, getting a new email list from time to time is crucial as it allows you to access a new audience continually. This way, you get the opportunity to drive new traffic to your site and increase the number of your visitors.

So, what can you do to ensure you continuously are updating your email lists?

Firstly, you can use the opt-in email options resulting from inbound marketing strategies. In this case, you can offer your prospects freebies, and in return, they share with you their emails.

The freebie can be in the form of something valuable to the audience. Keep in mind that people visiting your site will not give out their emails for free. You must give them something in return to bring about a win-win situation on both sides.

Alternatively, some recommend that you buy an email list from other organizations or individuals. Afterward, you can go ahead and approach the prospects and try out your luck. But you should know that this form of building an email list is less effective and with higher chances of disappointing results.

Personalize Your Messages

Think of personalizing your emails as using the prospect’s data to create a message. Look at these two examples: ‘dear sir/madam’ and ‘dear Patrick.’ The first example is more general, while the second one is personalized.

The second one is personalized because it is focused on the individual prospect. Hence, very effective in engaging an audience. Such emails give your audience an additional reason to want to read your message from the very beginning to the end.


Mailchimp branded emails

This is possible as the audience feels that you’re specifically talking to them. Thus, it helps you establish a bond. In return, it becomes easier for you to persuade them to visit your site, and even better, share your emails with others. That way, you get a higher likelihood of growing your audience and increase the number of visitors to your site.

Even then, the process of tailoring audience-focused emails doesn’t have to be hard. All you’ve got to do is use their details like names when approaching them. Also, use the term ‘you’ throughout the email’s body to bring out the sense of a conversation.

Have Specific days and time for sending your emails

Like it or not, it is pointless to flood your prospects’ inbox with emails daily. Sending out daily messages to your audience is spamming their inbox. That can lead to having more prospects unsubscribing from your emails.

Instead of sending out emails daily, why not try out twice or thrice per week?

That means that you’ll need to be strategic on the days or time you approach your audience via emails. Have a constant pattern of approaching them. Consequently, they’ll know the specific days they can expect to hear from you.

Therefore, they won’t treat your emails as spam, and you’ll get the opportunity to connect with them. Eventually, your outbound marketing efforts will yield tremendous success by increasing the number of visitors to your site and enhancing your online visibility.

#3. Link Building (Backlinks)

Backlinks are those links from other sites that point back to your site. These are super effective in driving organic traffic to your company website.

The secret behind this is that not only do they directly lead prospects to your site, but also, they greatly influence higher rankings on search engines. This mirrors a rapid exposure of your site to a larger audience.

However, note that the backlinks’ quality is what gets the job done. That means one link from a relevant site with higher domain authority is more impactful than 100 low-quality links. Here, what matters is quality and not quantity. In light of this, you should only target top-quality backlinks from authentic and popular sites.

But even before you use backlinks, you should ensure that your site’s content is highly informative, and the credibility of the details beyond doubt. Realize that no website will want to link back to yours if your content has data gaps and inaccurate information.

Now that you’ve made your site’s content tight and worthy of backlinks, what strategies should you use to be linked back by plenty of high-authority websites? Here are some tips to get you started.

Establish a Broken Link Strategy

The broken link technique is one of the most famous and the quickest ways to get backlinks from high-authority websites. It gets you instant results which makes your outbound marketing efforts to be fruitful as early as possible. So, how exactly does it work?

As the name ‘broken link’ suggests, you first identify dead links (links that are no longer functional) in popular websites in your niche. Then, you craft and publish solid content on your site similar to the one that was in the broken link.

Next, you approach the site owner and request them to replace the broken link with a link to the same content on your website

This approach will go a long way provided that the new content you’ve recreated is top-quality, you’ll surely get a backlink. That’s because the site owners will give you credit for pointing out a dead link in their content. Plus your effort in going through the trouble of recreating the information will be appreciated.

Strategic Guest Blogging

Recent research reveals that 60% of website owners write 1-5 guest posts per month. Are they guest posting for fun? Absolutely not. They are on a mission to get more backlinks and redirect the huge web traffic in the host blogs to theirs. To achieve that, you must be strategic.

That means you need to clearly know what you want to achieve. Also, you should carefully choose the right guest blog platform. In doing so, you’ll get many backlinks from high authority sites for massive web traffic.

The challenge you might face here is when you’re choosing the best platforms to share your content with a larger audience. Before we get into choosing the right platform, what are the features of the best guest posting platforms?

google search

Search for blogs in your chosen niche 

To start with, the best platform should not only offer you high-quality backlinks but also get you more social shares. That means you’ll get traffic from the backlinks on the host site and also from social media.

With that mentioned, how do you ensure you only guest post on highly rated blogs? To ensure you get the right platform, always opt for Google-friendly blogs. Hence, go to Google, type the topic you want to write about, and then pitch the top-ranking blogs on the related keywords.

That way, you’ll be guest posting on the top-performing blogs. That way you’re sure to get backlinks that are of high quality thus ensuring you drive a significant amount of traffic to your website.

And the best part of it all, your guest post will have more social shares, which will awaken curiosity in prospects and make them seek more information from your website.

Key takeaway: When looking for substantial backlinks through guest posting, you must first have top-quality content on the topic you’ve chosen.

Next, select the top-performing platform to publish your guest post. Only then will you add impact to your outbound marketing and increase your web traffic tremendously.

Resource Links Technique

A resource is a comprehensive guide you create for your audience. It effectively gets you backlinks since it digs deeper on the topic and reveals all the relevant details. It’s one of the simplest techniques you can use to get more backlinks.

That brings us to the question, how can you implement it to get more backlinks and drive more traffic to your site?

To begin with, identify high-authority sites in your niche that have resource pages. Check their content on specific topics paying attention to the quality and comprehensiveness. After doing this, create your resource page that is more in-depth on the same topic and with the quality beyond doubt.

Here’s an example for more clarity. Let’s say the high authority site you’ve identified has covered a topic like ’12 Techniques to take your writing to the next level’.

You can go ahead and have an even bigger resource article on your site, like ’30 Tactics to Upgrade Your Writing Skills’. This way, you’ll cover the same topic as the high authority site, but your resource will have more profound content.

After this, you can approach the site owner and tell them that you’ve covered a topic similar to theirs but more comprehensively. And if they find it convenient, they can choose to link their resource pages back to your website. Realize that this technique can do wonders in driving huge traffic to your site.

Key takeaway: Only opt for a high authority resource page that deals with content similar to yours. This way, you’ll get relevant, high-quality backlinks to boost web traffic.

#4. Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaign (PPC)

Do you remember the last time you were skimming through the result pages and bumped into a headline designated with the term ‘Ad’? That web page was promoted through PPC ad campaigns. Pay-per-click is one of the quickest ways to convert prospects into active visitors to your site.

A recent study showed that traffic brought by  PPC advertising generates 50% more conversion rates than organic advertising. This then means that visitors to your site resulting from PPC ads can easily follow your instructions and do your bidding. With this in mind, let’s jump right to how you can use PPC services to fuel traffic on your site.

semrush dashboard

SEMRush keyword overview for PPC

Using PPC services involves targeting the prospects using keywords (search terms). Here, you need to choose specific search terms that your website appears as an ad on the search engine result pages. And as the name pay-per-click suggests, you’re only charged whenever someone clicks on your ad.

As simple as it may seem, pay-per-click requires close attention before launching it in your outbound marketing strategy. Of course, you don’t expect incredible results in your web traffic without infusing some special techniques in your PPC ad campaign. So, let’s explore the secrets behind successful PPC ad campaigns.

Choose the Right Keywords

The importance of choosing the perfect keywords in PPC ads cannot be stressed out enough. That’s because it’s the junction where you give away your money, and you’re left pending, not knowing if you’ll get the web traffic you are looking for.

But rest assured, if you choose the right keywords, you’ll drive more traffic to your site than you can ever imagine.

When choosing keywords for PPC, you have two approaches you can make use of. First, you can opt for the short keywords, which usually face fierce competition or, the long-tail keywords, which are more specific and detailed. Many people opt for short keywords, thus making them costlier than long-tail keywords.

Note that there is no one solution when it comes to using keywords. The thing is when choosing the right keyword type to use, start by thinking about what the prospects are looking for. Which keywords are they using to search for content like yours on the web?

If you can answer this question, you’ll only use the terms that target the right audience and guarantee great results in your PPC campaigns.

Key takeaway; When selecting keywords to use in your PPC campaigns, it’s not about which terms you want. Instead, it’s about the search terms your prospects use when looking for a website like yours.

Keep Your Ad Message Short, Precise and Persuasive

The fact is, your ad message has a few seconds to work out the magic and make the prospects click on your website. That means that your message must be brief, on point, and at the same time persuasive.

You don’t want to lose money and yet get disappointing results, do you? Therefore, craft an accurate and compelling message that will only attract prospects that are ready to bidding. This way, your website will overflow with visitors, and your promotion efforts will be effective.

Have an Accurate Landing Page

Imagine a situation where your PPC ad message has caught your audiences’ attention and they’ve clicked through, only to be redirected to a landing page that’s entirely different from the ad message. What they are likely to do next is instantly click away, and you won’t get the web traffic you want.

outbound marketing via landing page

Landing page with CTA

To avoid such instances here are things you can do. You can transform your ad message into a reflection of the content on your landing page. That way, searchers will get what they are expecting the minute they click through your PPC ad. Therefore, ensure that the content on your landing page blends with the ad message.

#5. Podcast Traffic Generation

You’ve probably generated huge traffics from other outbound marketing tactics like social media ads, PPC ads, backlinks from high authority sites, and email marketing. But you still want more and more visitors to your site, right?

Then it’s time you try out podcasts to generate the extra web traffic you are looking for. A podcast is an audio file used in marketing, where prospects can subscribe and listen to it at their convenience.


Podcasts search 

That said, it’s crucial you know that podcasts can generate a significant volume of traffic to your website. And if you think this is too good to be true, here’s something to surprise you. The CEO of Backlinko, Brian Dean, says that he got tens of thousands of visitors to his site when he appeared as a guest in over 100 podcasts episodes.

He also confirms that he once got over 900 visitors in 60 days from a single guest podcast episode. In those two months, let’s assume he appears in 10 podcast episodes. The approximate number of visitors will then rise to 9000 in two months. Isn’t that significant web traffic? And the best part is that the more episodes he attends, the more web traffic he continues to get.

google podcasts

Therefore, from the above numbers, you can see that podcasts can get more visitors to your website. Better yet, you don’t have to have come up with your podcasts, you can simply be a guest, and your site’s online visibility will go viral.

You Could Create Your own Podcast 

But then again, there’s no harm in creating your podcasts. If you are comfortable with it, you can do so.

The only difference will be that you’ll lack a pre-existing audience when creating your podcasts. In contrast, being a guest on other podcasts gives you access to the already established audience.

If you decide to appear on a live podcast, you’ll be forced to conduct thorough research to identify the best podcasts in your niche and request to be their guest.

Additionally, you should only be a guest in podcasts with a strong influence and a huge fanbase. Only then will you get wider exposure and drive massive traffic to your website.

But if you’re into producing your podcasts, here’s what you should do to ensure optimum lead generation for more traffic in your website;

Create appealing podcasts

Note that prospects will not listen to your podcasts if the content offered is not compelling. With that in mind, what should you do to ensure you offer the right content?

Firstly, ensure that the sound in the podcast is of high quality. This ensures that the audience can get the message clearly without an extra listening effort.

Also, your content should be fluent and easy to follow. This way, you’ll quickly engage the audience and take less effort in convincing the prospects to visit your site.

Post your content on major podcast platforms

Some of the top podcast directories include iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher. Therefore, make sure that your podcast episodes do not miss on these giant platforms.


You may be wondering why? Well, that’s because these platforms have tons of users. Meaning that you’ll get the opportunity to expose your content to a larger audience. And this gives you a greater chance of leading more prospects to your site.

Have a strategic posting frequency

Strategic posting frequency, in this case, means a definite pattern of posting your podcasts. Realize that when it comes to making podcasts, you can’t just post a single episode and expect tremendous success in driving more traffic to your site.

Instead, post your podcast strategically to ensure you fully engage your prospects. With the right strategies in place, it’ll also be easier for you to persuade listeners to visit your site.

Can Outbound Marketing Help Make Your Company Competitive

Inbound marketing techniques are not the only effective methods to drive more traffic to your site. With strategic use of your digital outbound marketing strategies, you can help make your business competitive.

Growing your website traffic isn’t unattainable. Rather, it’ll require hard work, the use of a few marketing tactics, and some knowledge. If this doesn’t get you the results you desire, you can subcontract your marketing to an agency that will help take your company website to a new level.

Even then, outbound marketing can yield great results provided it’s applied effectively, is shared with the right people, and is implemented on a large scale.

Note that sharing the right information and perfect timing when reaching out to the target audience plays a huge part in the success of your campaigns.

As such, outbound marketing remains an effective and important approach in digital marketing. With Outbound marketing tactics like social media ads, link building, pay-per-click ads, email marketing, and the use of podcasts you’re sure to get tons of visitors to your site.

Outbound Marketing TacticsWays to Use Each for Best Results
Social Media AdsChoose the right platform,
Use high-quality visuals,
Use short and concise messages,
Use a powerful Call to Action in your social Ads
Email Traffic GenerationPersonalize your messages,
Continuously come up with new email lists,
Have specific days and time for sending your emails
Link Building servicesUse strategic guest blogging,
Have a broken link strategy,
Use a resource links approach
Pay Per Click Ad CampaignsChoose the right keyword,
Use short, precise, and persuasive messages,
Include an accurate landing page
Podcast Traffic GenerationCreate appealing podcasts,
Share your content on major podcast platforms,
Have a strategic posting frequency
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