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The end of 2017 is quickly approaching, so it’s time to set New Year resolutions and plan for the year to come. In order for you to create a realistic and achievable plan, we’ve prepared a list of digital marketing tactics for WordPress users, that will propel your website and business to success. The list includes tried and tested strategies, as well as new marketing techniques, brought to life by technology.

Regardless of which digital marketing tactics you choose to focus on, you should always keep in mind the overarching marketing principles, that define how effective your marketing efforts are. Here are some of those principles:

  • Concentration – choose your niche target audience and stop trying to appeal to everyone
  • Differentiation – have a unique selling proposition that sets you apart from competitors
  • Education – pull the customers with engaging and educational stories instead of pushing your messages out there and waiting for a response
  • Lead Generation – lead generation is crucial for keeping the business afloat. Every marketing tactic should produce regardless of whether you’re using long-term or short-term marketing tactics.

1. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is still going strong. If you want to get ahead of competitors, you must produce high-quality engaging content, that responds to customer needs. Great content tends to be educational, informative and easy to read. It should also adhere to your brand’s voice. The more consistent your efforts are in producing amazing content, the more trust and loyalty your brand will earn.

It’s not enough to simply produce great content these days. There are many companies whose content is extremely knowledgeable, yet they can’t get past the content overload trap. You need a strong content distribution strategy, that will get your content, seen, read and consumed.

As a WordPress site owner, you have the best platform to create and organize content on. WordPress coupled with content and SEO plugins allows you to stay on top of how your content performs and arrange your content in a clear and understandable manner. Additionally, WordPress makes creating content easier with its editing features, templates and image resources.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is getting tough. It’s harder than ever to plow through the barrage of emails in customer inboxes and create truly impactful newsletters. Yet, email marketing remains a major lead generation channel. After all, having access to customers’ inboxes is as personal as it can get for the business. It would have been unwise to forgo such a personalized channel in the world where a human touch is the most valuable asset.

In 2018, email marketing is expected to become less templated. Gone are the days when you could craft a campaign following a simple sales funnel. The sales funnel in its old state makes the customer feel being used.

Consider different ways you can integrate email subscription forms in WordPress. You need to find the perfect spot that catches attention but doesn’t disrupt the user experience. Avoid pop-ups and instead lure subscribers in with mind-blowing content updates.

3. SEO

Another tried and tested marketing technique, SEO includes website optimization and link building. In 2018 the industry is expected to get shaken by voice recognition and the demands on user experience posed by search engines. The success of SEO efforts largely depends on your content marketing success and vice versa. SEO provides insights into questions customers are interested in and content is intended to give answers.

Focus on making your site SEO friendly through keyword research and text optimization. Streamline website hierarchy and text links. Create content that is readable and answers pressing public questions. Optimize website loading speed. Finally, utilize helpful WordPress Optimization and Social Sharing Plugins.

4. Landing Pages & Conversion Optimization

Landing pages have long been used by marketers to capture the leads or move the customers closer to purchase. To date, landing pages are one of the most effective ways for companies to generate sales. In 2018 the number of landing pages is expected to increase due to the extreme personalization trend. Marketers customize landing pages based on a target audience. But big data and the expectation of highly customizable experiences will require marketers to produce more landing pages, each targeted at a certain audience segment.

Conversion optimization is the best way to maximize your landing page performance. Landing pages must help shoppers get the answers quickly. Conversion optimization isn’t only about tweaking the headlines and testing the colors though. It ensures the customers know where to look for the information.

As far as conversion optimization, WordPress offers several design plugins that allow you to choose different design styles for buttons as well as simple split testing plugins.

5. Lead Scoring & Tracking

Knowing how to track leads is invaluable to your business. Lead tracking is the science that lets you understand where the customers are coming from so you can assess the quality of the incoming leads. Why is lead tracking so important? Lead tracking provides background information about the customers, that can then be used in sales. The data can also be utilized in subsequent marketing campaigns. Lead tracking is based on data collection. The more data you collect the more knowledge and power you have.

In WordPress, you can choose plugins such as WordPress Leads to capture data on lead conversion and geographical information.

6. Chatbots Powered by AI

Chatbots powered by AI is set to disrupt the industry next year. Already, larger companies are integrating chatbots into their websites so that they can provide human-like experiences at no cost. Chatbots have always been preferred by customers since they provide a quick and easy way to ask a question. But usually, chatbots require a well-managed customer service department. Chatbots powered by AI will allow businesses to significantly reduce costs and still delight their customers.

For example, Free Live Chat + 24/7 Automated Bot plugin offers a chatbot that can act on its own when dealing with customer inquiries. The bot uses previous information to provide answers, but it also builds on the feedback and improves over time.

7. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing, site development, and apps have become an integral part of the marketing strategy. Customers not only search using mobile devices but also shop and even do work-related tasks using a smartphone. It’s imperative for every company to have a mobile marketing strategy in place, whether it implies optimizing mobile experience or targeting mobile users with Paid Ads.

First, make sure you have a mobile-optimized WordPress site. Secondly, look into location-based SEO as a tactic to promote your business. Lastly, capture customers’ attention and analyze their behavior across all channels and devices.

Final Word

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field. When one technique becomes obsolete, another one captures the audience’s hearts and minds. If you want to stay ahead of the game in 2018, use these digital marketing tactics and make sure to utilize all the marketing opportunities offered by WordPress.


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