Google Guarantee Ads: How To Create The Right Ads

upqode | Feb 25th, 2021

Although the world of SEO and PPC can be quite intimidating, we always have Google to help us. The amount of work Google does for us is awe-inspiring. So, we already know that Google is somewhat of a pioneer in the field of pay-per-click advertising. In 2018, Google dispatched the ‘Google Guarantee‘ program for local businesses to acquire leads and appear on search results, making pay-per-click even more advanced and feasible. The Guaranteed advertising program ensures people online find certain business services they are looking for to eliminate fake or fraudulent businesses online.

The authentic green and white checkmark give your customers an additional feeling of certainty and security when choosing your business’s services from search results. Read on further below to learn how to create the right Google Guarantee Ads for your business.

What Is The Google Guarantee Program? 

Google Guarantee program was created to help local businesses target their customer audience more effectively. Also, it lessens fraudulent businesses lurking online to improve a customer’s online experience. This Google Guarantee advertising program allows a business to promote their services by providing them with Local Service Ads

the google guarantee badge

Google Guarantee Program Benefits for Business

Businesses that use Google Guarantee advertising position themselves in higher listings than Google Search Ads. Before getting started, your business must go through Google’s screening test. It includes personal investigations, checking for verification, or permitting the degree allowed by appropriate laws, and certifying your business’s services. Remember that Google carries out extensive verification so that this screening process will be thorough. I would advise you to prepare for the background checks fully!

As a business, you probably have many things to worry about – including website maintenance and digital marketing. Google Guarantee will ensure that you can focus on those aspects and construct your audience experience properly. Google allows your customers to trust you from the get-go, making it easier for you to establish your local services. In times of Covid 19 uncertainty, it’s even more useful as customers are more vigilant than usual.

google condition to receive badge

Google Guarantee Program Requirements

Moreover, your business must have general obligation protection alongside business and proprietor permits on an arrangement/country level to qualify for Google. However, keep in mind that your business will only receive the Google Guarantee badge if you pass the complete screening process. So how will it help you?

Whether it Canada based home services or US real estate, the Google local program will help you! Well, when your business earns this badge, it becomes easier for your potential customers to find you online to check out your services on Google. You increase your position in terms of Google Ads quality, and the search engine becomes your best friend.

google local ads

Numerous online small businesses are now utilizing Google’s Guaranteed Ads to produce leads for them. The Google Guarantee badge is best for local businesses who require assistance to draw more natural traffic instead. For instance, if you own an online Google verified shop, your business will show up under google guarantee shopping whenever a customer looks it up.  In short, your Google Guarantee badge can take you to many places!

The program adds a green checkmark “identification” under the names of verified businesses. Whenever a potential customer looks up your business using Google Assistant, they will be aware that Google itself verifies your business on Google Search. In the United States, Canada, New Zealand, or Italy, where consumer protection service is important, this badge will help you a lot. It’s even more significant for small businesses to build a rapport with customers – and the badge will work to make this a reality.

How To Get Started With Google Guarantee Program and Google My Business?

Getting started with the Google Guarantee program would be very easy for you if you have used the Google Ads services before for your business. If not, follow the step-by-step guide below.

Verify Your Business’s Eligibility 

Google’s Local Service Ads are accessible to specific businesses. First, verify your work type and area to see whether you can show up to your customers with them.  This verification process is significant, so take your time with it.

Make Your Business Profile 

Your profile will figure out which occupations will best suit your Local Service Ads. Be clear about your work type and services, what sort of services you can provide your customers, which area zones you need leads in, how much you are willing to pay for any match leads from your Local Service Ads. 

Then edit the following settings: 

  • Service types
  • Business hours
  • Financial plan 
  • Service areas

Provide Your License and Insurance Details 

To start the Google Guarantee program and run Ads, you’ll need to submit certain permits and licenses that you’re an authorized and authentic business.

Go Through A Complete Background Check 

Before Google begins sending businesses into their potential customer’s workplaces and vehicles, it needs to be certain customers are protected and can generally believe the Local Service Advertisers covered under the Google Guarantee. 

Create And Dispatch Ads

After completing the background check, your business is now verified to create and dispatch your Local Services Ads. However, there isn’t much you have to do about “creating an ad” since Google Guarantee does it all for you.

When you create your business profile, make sure you create it as though creating an ad by offering all the necessary information and details about your business since that will be your ad. After that, you can click away to dispatch it for Google.

How Do I Get Google Leads?

Dealing with your leads is important for your business’s development and is something even Google itself watches you over. Utilize this element to plan your forthcoming opportunities, send alerts to your customers, and record all your completed leads. 

Set A Budget 

Given that you’re charged per lead with Google Local Service Ads, expanding your budget will affect the number of leads you acquire. In case you’re simply going with Local Service Ads, we will suggest that you plan for in any event 20 leads each week to take advantage of your new Local Advertisements. 

Get Customer Reviews 

Gaining Google Guarantee Reviews is one of the leading developing factors in the Google Guarantee Program. 

You can gain these reviews by clicking the “Surveys” tab of your Local Service Ads program and searching for customers you have provided your services to, and straightforwardly requesting that they leave a Google review for your business.

Advantages Of The Local Service Ads To Local Businesses

Gains Trust with the Potential Customers

Your potential customers will see that your business’s Local Service Ads show up with the green checkmark close by the Google Guarantee. This alone is enough to catch their eye and make an impression upon them.

Exposure Of  Your Business On Voice Search

Your potential customers are less inclined to manually open a tab and look you up on it while they can achieve that by simply using the voice search option on their smart devices. 

With the help of  Local Service Ads, your business can show up on voice search, which increases the chance of acquiring new leads up to 20% more. 

Manages Your Leads In A More Efficient Way

With the Google Guarantee Ads program, managing your leads is easier than manually doing so in any other ad marketing campaign. You can reply to your customers by sending your message as an email or message to them. 

If you are backed up for a week, you can cancel the program, and the customers you have canceled on will be informed automatically. Managing your leads and satisfied customers makes it easier for you to calculate your ROI (Rate Of Investment) earned back and your business’s productivity rate.  

Displays Your Customers Reviews 

The whole objective of the Google Guarantee Ad program is to make it easy for local businesses to gain customers. After you complete a customer’s service, you will receive an automatic option of getting a review from that specific customer. This ties up with previous Google’s objective since displaying your customer’s reviews makes it more likely to gain new customers. 

Open the “Reviews” section of your Local Service Ad program and look up the jobs you have finished for your customers.

Is Google Guarantee Worth It For Your Business? 

The answer to this question lies in the type of your business. You’ll have to choose if it merits your business’s expense by calculating the program’s expense and the time it will take to get your ads running and leads coming in. Calculate your ROI, and you will find out. Also, understand the Local Service Ad program’s costing process before you proceed.

Google Guarantee: Key Takeaway

Promoting your services if you are a small business can be very difficult. Appearing on Google home in the top searches can be the add-on your business needs. Since you have a very tight budget, you can’t do much for your advertising strategies. Luckily for you, you can get all the marketing, promotion, and advertising services a business needs with Google’s Guaranteed Ad Program. 

With Google local services’ help, small and local businesses and organizations pull more natural traffic and develop their business for their potential customers. So why not take up this generous offer?

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