As we have a big experience in creating projects for different businesses, we feel that we need to share it with you.

Have you already created a small business? Or you just have a great idea and wishes, power, resources for that? But had you really checked your idea for its willing to exist? Before you start some research, there are a few simple tips. Answers to them will help you to understand if your idea can really transform into money and business. It is just a little amount of sand in a big desert, but we hope you’ll enjoy it.

So, check these statements:

  • Uniqueness is not everything
  • Business needs to give some solutions
  • Not only you, but clients decide what you do

And now we will explain to you everything in more details.

Does your idea mean anything to the world?

Our life arranged in the way when any day at a single moment you can stop and understand that you have an idea, that is original, unpredictable, and really going to change the world. Or, you were studying, thinking, inventing and finally found something that looks brilliant.

But think rationally – does the fact of uniqueness determine success? The truth is that there are so many ideas in the world, but a big amount of them are not practical or not needed in our life.
You have to think, if the idea is adequate to our time and technical progress. And there is one additional criterion that brings us to the next point – solving a problem.

Is your idea useful?

This is a perfect option to understand if your product will be demanded by the people. If it is going to make their lives easier, better or give some new options, it is good. Without it, your product is just useless.

One exception: absolutely new thing or service, something, that world never has seen before.
Everything is harder with inventions – you cannot be absolutely sure if it works for others. It is about intuition, prediction and hope, marketing searches, and other tools which you choose by yourself.

You know that many people would say they don’t need electro cars because they are all satisfied with the existing one. But efforts were made by ecologists, a huge figure of Ilon Mask, who packed Tesla so it looks like a dream car, great work of government’s politics in some countries, other people made it happen – more and more drivers choose exactly electro or hybrid cars.
So, if you are ready with it and sure, that your idea can transform into ideal product, service or something like that, just start and believe that everything will be great.

Next stage: Listening to potential customers

Every creator is sure, that he knows how his invention should look like, how to improve it and make a better version. We play with the product, create different modifications, make new services, etc. But there is one thing, why marketing exists and means so much – necessity to be heard from customers.

You have to take time and study reviews and marks from customers. Even if some of them look strange or unjustified, listen to them, because you see the process of interacting with your product only in one way, and they can feel reverse emotions being customers.
Moreover, your clients and their responses are the best things in the development your product, especially when it seems to you perfect, and you do not know how to make it better.

On the other side, you should always remember that it’s impossible to satisfy all your customers because some clients will be disappointed in any way – it is a natural process. Moreover, in most cases it is not even your fault – the product maybe not relevant to the client’s expectations, customer can just be in a bad mood or over-demanding. So, keep the balance between listening, following but staying true to yourself.

That’s all for today – all these statements are only a part of building a digital marketing strategy, but they will help you in some way – we are absolutely sure about it.

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What They Say

UPQODE delivered an intuitive website with complex functions that satisfied the project’s requirements. The team provided a valuable perspective that ensured the final product supported its audience’s needs. Their timeliness and communicativeness resulted in an effective partnership. They’re very good at what they do. UPQODE gave us what we needed, which was a user-friendly platform in line with our organization’s position.

Jason Blackwell

Dir. Brand Experience & Public Affairs, Spondylitis Association of America