Digital marketing strategies and tips: how to make your website succeed

upqode | Apr 30th, 2019

The Digital Marketing Strategy is an integral part of the business’ e-commerce strategy. The digital platforms and channels of communication and promotion of products and services. Therefore, they have to be linked to a strategy, with clear objectives and a well-detailed plan of actions.

Setting Digital strategy goals

At our digital marketing & SEO agency, we help our clients in defining their objectives on digital platforms. Their goals depend on many factors, such as the company’s size and age, as well as current positions on the market. We provide clients with digital marketing tips and tools. Our main goals are the following:

  • Development of website visibility
  • Development of brand recognition
  • Clients’ traffic acquisition
  • Lead generation
  • Optimization of ROI

Different key performance indicators are used to regularly measure the results of digital marketing campaigns. The regular analysis helps us to modify and improve digital marketing strategies.

Brand positioning in marketing strategy

In the modern highly competitive digital market every business must clearly define its positioning on the market. Company has to present what products, offers, services or qualities make it special and distinguish it in a multitude of competitors. How the brand should be positioned in the digital marketing strategy, in which niche.

The business should define the target customers, the buyer personas, their purchasing capabilities and behavior on digital platforms. Always look for the brand’s strength and values et focus on them in your digital communication.

Digital marketing strategy’s plan of actions

Once the positioning has been set up we frame the digital marketing strategy. We define the objectives, a budget and digital marketing tools and techniques to be implemented. Any online strategy will need you to produce quality content. Your task is to find the type of content your audience is looking for. Then define an appropriate website structure and an editorial policy.

Setting digital marketing strategy goals

We would never do hard work just for fun. Clear goals have to be set up. The best practice is to set SMART goals. This abbreviation means they should be:

  • Specific;
  • Measurable;
  • Attainable;
  • Relevant;
  • Timely.

In a company’s life, setting up a SMART goal is a very efficient way to achieve your objectives. Once you discuss and outline your digital strategy with your teammates, you need to do a SMART checklist with specific tasks. It will help you to clarify how you’re going to achieve these objectives. This plan will guarantee transparency and a common approach across your company.

Specific. The more thoroughly you specify your strategy, the bigger chance is to achieve your ultimate goals.

Measurable. You must-have tools and methods to identify when you achieve your goals. What can prove that you succeeded and how you can reveal that? By which means?

Attainable. Try to evaluate the time, efforts, and resources that you need to achieve your goals. Are they realistic? Do you have all the ingredients to succeed?

Relevant. Try to figure out if the goals set are relevant for you? Do they suit your digital marketing strategy? Are your team fit to accomplish all the tasks?

Timely. For any business, as always, time is money. Set deadlines, because they will motivate you to action. However, you should keep deadlines realistic and flexible. In that way, you don’t get discouraged.

Specify, measure, evaluate your marketing goals and set a deadline

Let’s look at an example. Your company wants to increase its website traffic. It’s a great goal for digital marketing strategies. However, you specifically define which audience and potential prospects you target. Then you should measure it, what increase do you target? 30% more visitors per month? Which tools (Google Analytics) will you use to measure it?

Means by which you plan to reach these goals? SEO improvement, blog posting, Facebook Ads, Social media campaigns? What budget you can allocate to digital marketing? Your budget will directly impact the choice of a strategy to deploy. Is it relevant for you, are the website visits lead up to conversions?

In what period of time are you able to get 30% more visitors? A week, a month, or even less? Well defined and timed, and relevant goals bring you success in achieving them.


Digital marketing has to suit your strategic vision

As a digital marketing agency, we believe that companies have low chances to achieve set goals if they don’t match a global strategic vision. Single goals are like bricks which help you to set a wall, your digital marketing strategy, and finally to build a house, to develop a highly profitable business. You must have an image of a house of your dreams to be able to put together all those bricks.

SEO, Facebook page, Blog & Newsletter have to be part of the same strategy

Quite often companies launch separate digital marketing actions without putting them together. With no global strategy set. Some Facebook posts published not regularly. Than a Newsletter to their subscribers. Some blog posts from time to time. And even SEO optimization, if and when you have some time and free resources left.

But if these actions don’t have a common basis and are not linked between them, you will waste your money and energy with little results. It’s always better to get advice from a small business marketing agency and built a strong digital strategy before you start developing your project throughout all social media platforms.

Spy on competitor companies’ digital marketing strategy

If you struggle to find inspiration for your digital marketing, try to look at what strategies are being used by your main competitors. That’s the easiest way to identify digital marketing opportunities for your business and measure the efforts you need to make. An audit of your competitors’ strategies will help you to do a list of actions you could implement in your company. What you should check:

  • Are competitors active on social networks? How do they animate their pages?
  • Do competitors have a content publishing strategy?
  • Do competitors use a newsletter subscription?
  • What is competitors’ positioning on search engines?
  • What strategic keywords they are targeting?
  • Where do they get backlinks?
  • How do they animate their pages?
  • Do competitors have a content publishing strategy?
  • Do competitors use a newsletter subscription?
  • What is competitors’ positioning on search engines?
  • What strategic keywords they are targeting?
  • Where do they get backlinks?

After conducting an audit and evaluation of resources and skills inside your company you will be able to define digital marketing tools you should use. Let’s see most used of them.

Digital Marketing companies - UPQODE Nashville

Content marketing: needs big efforts, but is a very good tool for traffic acquisition and lead generation.

SEO optimization: is an art of getting highly ranked on Google, but often needs a long time, different skills and big efforts.

Community management: it helps in increasing the visibility of your brand and strengthening the relationship with your audience on social networks. Perfect for generating traffic and brand engagement.

Emailing: enables you sending company’s news, sharing content and latest showcases. A newsletter helps to build customer loyalty and encourage purchases.

Follow digital marketing trends, subscribe to agencies’ blogs

If you’re up to date and want to go ahead of your competitors in your geographical region and your business area, then follow the latest digital marketing trends.

Most companies use social media, SEO optimization, and email marketing and other channels. Although the trends in 2019 may be different according to your country and your business specialization, there are some tactics that most digital marketing agencies implement.

Multichannel marketing strategy

Businesses find advantage in using different marketing channels at once: content marketing, linked to SEO, to generate leads, social media to engage with customers, chatbots and virtual assistants to attract visitors and convert them into customers.


In a digital age, consumers don’t have much time. They want to get answers quickly. And chatbots are a perfect solution for this need. Thanks to chatbots companies can: provide an immediate answer; help a user accomplish a simple task; resolve a complaint, offer additional content. New generation chatbots will be provide shopping assistance, website browsing guidance, self-service and more.

Marketing automation

This tool enables companies to become more productive and make digital marketing more efficient. Marketing automation helps to attract visitors to your website, get new leads and prospects, and convert them. Companies should not miss this opportunity.

Artificial Intelligence

While the AI a couple of years ago was considered a technology of the future, now it’s becoming a reality. Nowadays, it is deployed for customer services, advertising and even for content marketing. More and more business content is produced by machines.

Marketing  personalization

In our digital age, there is a tremendous amount of information on the web. As a result, consumers start looking for super-targeted and personalized information. And its usage goes beyond marketing automation and simple email personalization. According to Forbes, 44% of consumers are likely to buy from e-commerce again after a personalized shopping experience.

Marketing personalization offers businesses many benefits: better customer experiences, brand loyalty, tool for conversion, bigger revenues. The latest trends are website content personalization, personalized social media messages, personalized digital advertising, and personalized product recommendations.

Video marketing - UPQODE digital agency

Video Marketing

73% of Americans engage with YouTube, according to the Forbes’ survey. A majority of these videos is created for digital marketing purposes. In terms of global daily traffic, YouTube comes second after Google. A Cisco forecast tells us that by 2020 video will make up more than 85% of all consumer internet traffic in the USA. 

Video marketing for all types of digital companies

On Facebook, for example, video posts help companies and bloggers get several times more organic reach and better engagement. Video is designed to capture attention, trigger emotions and provide visual storytelling.

What is extremely important, video producing is no longer a tool only for famous brands and big companies with huge budgets. Even local businesses can implement a successful video marketing strategy with low investments.

Video marketing can be used for product demos, company’s storytelling, case studies, branding strategy and much more. New trends in that niche are:

Marketers can use video for several strategies, even for advertising. Here are some types of marketing videos any business can make in 2019: how-to videos, product testing, influencer interviews, customer testimonials, behind the scenes, and webinars.

SEO optimization- UPQODE Nashville

New Generation SEO

With the latest update, Google now prioritizes fast-loading and mobile-first. If you match those criteria you have a bigger chance to rank higher in search results. Small businesses are very vulnerable to the new algorithm. As a result, they need digital marketing and development agencies in order to make their website more performant. Internally, they can’t afford to have considerable web development resources.

In addition, Google makes local search a priority. 30% of all mobile searches are related to location. Almost half of all Google searches are local. So, the local SEO factor becomes very important for digital marketing agencies in implementing strategies for their clients.

And you, does your company have a digital marketing strategy? How do you define your goals? Which trend will use introduced to your strategy in 2019? Reach our web design company by comments and share your experience.

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