Fashionable web design has become increasingly interested in professionals working on the creation of unusual projects for leading companies, famous brands, and brands. Outdated visualization techniques recede into the past, giving way to new topical ideas. It is following web design trends that make websites popular. Our Nashville digital marketing agency will show you today what trends in web design have become the top in 2019.

Duplex Technology 

The design within the framework of two colors and their halftones looks stylish and, in general, very worthy. Modern technology has already gained popularity among leading web designers. Such an innovative technology is often introduced when website redesign is needed in a short time, leaving the whole concept and structure of the site unchanged. Such a minor addition will help to update the site literally beyond recognition.

Minimalistic Entry

The concept of simplicity allows you to not distract the user from the main thing – the study of basic information. Laconic design solutions are used for background and additional elements. White background continues to look appropriate in most projects. Monochrome (when the background and the main object are identical in color, differing with the help of a shadow) is also quite an effective technique.

The absence of unnecessary elements allows the user to quickly perform actions, immediately proceed to an immediate action, not to be distracted by the excess decor. A simple design may look more advantageous than a lot of heavyweight layouts.

The refusal of fanciful elements is dictated by the behavior of web users, who may regard the jumble of decorative techniques, as a hoax or a way to hide the pitfalls.


Presence of Movement

In modern website design, three-dimensional typography, Gift-pictures, animation are widely used. Updating of reality, familiar things with the help of 3D-elements is a modern trend, which is popular in advanced WordPress development companies:

  • 3D typography makes the webspace come alive, attracts visitors, makes the design stand out from the rest. Similar parts are used in logos;
  • cinematography (when not everything comes to life in the picture, but only a separate element). An example of a flourishing reception can be a photograph of a dish posted on the site of a cafe, a restaurant, from which steam rises up. It creates the effect of freshly prepared food, which stimulates the appetite and the desire to try it immediately. Cinemagraphic reception allows you to create the effect of viewing the video while maintaining high platform performance because this trend will not significantly affect the download speed.

Animated scripts are present in the webspace everywhere, they force the users of the platform to perform an action – click (like, go to the page, purchase a service or product). Therefore, 3D components increase conversion and help personalize the look and feel of the website.

Light Animation Over the Background

Moving bubbles, atoms, waves can make the resource interesting without much time. It is important not to overdo it so that they do not distract attention, but complement the general idea of ​​presenting the idea “simply and with taste”.

Creative Thought

Hand-drawn illustrations give the site a special charm, style, and atmosphere. There is no place for proportions and clarity. The design can meet rough lines, inaccurate touches, sloppy inscriptions, brush strokes. Such an approach is usually used by a digital marketing agency for small businesses.

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Strict Brothalism

A special way of demonstrating a product in brutal style, where square, rectangular shapes are mainly used to express rigidity, is worthy of attention. The lack of smooth lines is another feature of the style. The absence of an abundance of small elements also serves as a hallmark of brutalism. All blocks in this style are usually created in large sizes, using a restrained color palette (white, black, brown, grey), classic bold fonts, and catchy large headings.

Creative Loading Screen

The transition between pages is an integral part of the behavior of the interested user. Web designers strive to make those seconds comfortable for the user. In order to interest the visitor, they actively get rid of boring and outdated loading screens, introducing unusual options. Such inventions make the platform highly popular. We highly recommend considering this option during your website development.

Practicality of Three-Dimensional Objects

Useful interactive elements can make a web resource in demand. 3D fitting rooms in online stores of clothing, shoes, and accessories – a way to look at things in detail from all sides. This new multifunctional solves many problems:

  • attracts the attention of buyers;
  • increases profits (users are more likely to acquire the thing that they were able to carefully consider);
  • makes the site exclusive, improving its appearance.

3D experiments are time-consuming, but they are worth it.


Miniature Video Unit

Video on the online resource – a fashionable way to present information. Statistics proved that users believe: it is better to see once than to hear many times. The video block should be short, information-capacious, shot in such a way that when it is repeated, the border of the end and the beginning of the video is maximally hidden.

Parallax – Decoration with Meaning

Parallax is an undoubted trend in Nashville website design. A smooth transition from one part of the image to another looks fascinating due to an unexpected change of the picture. It may be an acceptable solution for web resources in different directions. This option is most useful when choosing a good thematic photograph.

The presented trends are implemented in various ways, they rarely overlap, since each of them is a self-contained idea for developing a standing project. In some cases, mixing and creative processing of two or three of the described trends help to create a truly memorable design.

The choice of combinations depends on the idea and direction of the web resource, as well as the talent and vision of the web designer. The expected style of the final product should also be taken into account for obtaining an impressive result (if you intend to create a specific design to promote certain products or Nashville SEO services for example).

Our web design agency in Nashville can implement any of the presented web design trends in your project.


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