Our creative web design team has received another great recognition. UPQODE Nashville web design agency is one of the two best firms in the prestigious ranking by one of the most popular platforms linking businesses with web design companies – Tech Reviewer.

Ranking criteria for top-40 web design companies

In this research, TechReviewer analyzed the showcases of more than 1000 design companies and selected the best design firms. The ranking criteria were the following:

  • Portfolio availability and quality of completed projects
  • Terms and timely study of work;
  • Communication during collaboration;
  • Guarantees and further support;
  • Transparent pricing policy
  • Price/quality ratio

TechReviewer research team paid particular attention to UX design and customer journey on the website. They believe that the quality of web design should meet the constantly growing user expectations. A team of design experts analyzed a general look of the websites, layouts, backgrounds, color schemes, fonts, infographics, and other elements.

UPQODE projects highlighted in the list of Top-40 web design firms

We’re proud that Tech Reviewer highlighted 13 of the websites created by UPQODE team in 2019. Samsung, Travod, Sovereign’s Capital, Lafarge, CTC, Hyperial Studio Ltd, Autotrip, CompareTransfer, Hundredfold Studios, Crowdfunding Netzwerk UG, and last but not the least Sew Sketchy.

Sew Sketchy website: fashion icon’s colorful vision

Sew Sketchy is an illustrated New York fashion icon who loves anything to do with fashion, travel, and luxury. We developed a freshly branded website that brings to life Sew Sketchy’s inspirational and colorful vision of the fashion industry. Our web designers enjoyed working on this innovative project linked to fashion and creativity.

Autotrip: a stylish design for an ambitious and innovative project

UK’s Autotrip helps people to track their trips in a simple way automating accurate mileage claims. Their awesome GPS mileage tracker allows businesses and private drivers to save time and money. Our designers developed an elegant website to display Autotrip’s style in the best manner. A clean and user-friendly site layout with a video background underlines the app’s advantages and helps to show how customers can benefit from it.

Highly-skilled web designers and developers at your service

On a daily basis, our team of highly-skilled web designers and developers creates stunning websites. At UPQODE, we bring to life your creative ideas and courageous online projects. Our design and marketing experts help you to get more visibility online and achieve your business goals.

We always care about the high level of deliverables quality. UPQODE project managers are passionate about transparency, reliability, trust and excellent customer service.

We believe that these qualities helped us to climb to the second position in the top-40 web design companies list. And we’re proud of our team.


What They Say

UPQODE exceeded expectations, delivering a visually appealing website that complemented the product line and boosted business growth. The team’s efficiency, resourcefulness, honesty, and clarity contributed to a productive partnership. We were impressed with how well they translated technical language so that we could understand our own website as well as they did. They were also super trustworthy and honest. UPQODE drastically changed our business by developing the best website we could have asked for.

Romy Schreiber

Owner, Sew Sketchy LLC