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upqode | Jun 2nd, 2022

An e-commerce entrepreneur looking for Yotpo alternatives? 

You’ve landed on the right page.

In this era of infinite tech advancement, every business is an e-commerce business. When it comes to buying online, every buyer looks for reviews, peer suggestions, and videos from other people who have purchased and used the product before.

We Highly Recommend Wiremo

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For e-commerce merchants, this becomes the core of driving the audience and prospective buyers to their online stores. If you’re not using digital marketing for small businesses, you might get lost in the crowd.

93% of customers go through online reviews before buying a product.

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Yotpo is a popular solution for user-generated content (UGC) marketing. Yotpo reviews, customer outreach, rewards, and referrals help businesses win over new audiences by using their customer base. It has native app integrations for many e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Magento, Volusion, and WooCommerce.

A useful solution, indeed. But is Yotpo worth it?

Is Yotpo Worth It? – Reasons You Need Yotpo Alternatives

Suppose you have finalized your product and just managed to set up your brand’s web design, maybe a store on Shopify exchange or other platforms. Yet, after a few successful sales in the beginning, your audience seems disengaged.

This is usually where digital marketing comes into play. However, there are a few reasons Yotpo might not be the best choice for you.

Most Yotpo reviews from their clients suggest that they can’t afford the cost because it escalates quickly. A start-up or a small-scale business with average monthly sales won’t be able to handle it.

Other reviews point out that Yotpo’s UI isn’t very user-friendly. They face difficulty navigating the app, integrating it with other platforms, and using features, and the process itself seems less intuitive.

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If you’re wondering whether there are any cheap alternatives to Yotpo with similar benefits and functionality, or even better, we got you covered.

There’s a list of the 12 best Yotpo alternatives waiting for you right ahead.

So let’s begin the UGC showdown!

The Best Alternatives for Yotpo Shopify and Other Platforms

yotpo alternatives
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Wiremo review plugin integrates with many platforms to give you and your users a good experience. First, You can ask for reviews from your customers using email or from your website.

The plugin also allows you to customize the review carousel to display anywhere and as you want. It’s also possible to import previous reviews with Wiremo.

Source: Wiremo


Feefo is a great example of what we would call a Yotpo cheaper alternative. Their pricing plans are customized to match every store owner’s needs. That means you’d be able to fit the services you need into your budget and still see results.

Another feature is that it lets you analyze feedback collected from your genuine customers. This helps you determine customer buying patterns and make relevant offers for customer retainment.

Compared to Yotpo, Feefo is:

  • User-friendly with more personalized features
  • Cost-effective
  • Better for web-based integration 
  • Suited for all business types


Birdeye is yet another reputation management solution for e-commerce development. It also offers a free trial, works similarly to Yotpo in many ways, and outshines Yotpo’s ratings.

A key advantage Birdeye has over Yotpo is its range of features. Everything is available for store owners on this platform, from review marketing, monitoring, management, and generation to competitor analysis, social ticketing, and online presence.

Compared to Yotpo, Birdeye is:

  • Easy to use with better UI
  • Great at customer support
  • More personalized
  • More versatile in features
  • More beneficial to small businesses is another one of the cheap alternatives to Yotpo. The pricing plans are great for small businesses and start-ups. And again, it has better ratings than Yotpo with similar features. is a great UGC platform for start-ups in our books because it makes things a lot easier for them while saving initial investments. Although, for all its benefits, the drawback is the slower generation of ROI.

Compared to Yotpo, is:

  • More suited for small businesses 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Better at meeting customer requirements 
  • User-friendly with better UI
  • Easier to set-up, integrate and administer
  • Better with customer service


Trustpilot and are two sides of the same coin. While their features and advantages over Yotpo are similar, Trustpilot is more pricey for those features. However, it does have a free version you can use with fewer features. 

Trustpilot is based purely on increasing domain authority and is a Google Review Partner like most other platforms. Still, it does not have many integrations and support for other e-commerce or social media platforms.

Compared to Yotpo, Trustpilot is:

  • Better at User Interface
  • More useful for mid-scale businesses
  • Available as a free version and for free trials


Known for its extensive channels and accessibility, Podium is another runner-up for a great UGC platform. It is supported on all types of devices, suited to all types of businesses and is also popular for its user experience. 

As a Yotpo alternative, Podium is preferred by reviewers for their business overall. The reason is Podium’s amazing consumer intelligence and insights as a reputation management software.

Compared to Yotpo, Podium is:

  • Better at meeting requirements 
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Better for quality support
  • Faster at generating ROI
  • Great for insights and reporting


Pixlee TurnTo has recently started gaining popularity as a customer review generation and management platform. The one feature that every user praises are their customer success team, which is known to be helpful and sincere.

Their reporting and insight management isn’t all that great, but it comes with a good pricing plan to favor your budget. However, it does not offer a free trial.

Compared to Yotpo, TurnTo is:

  • Better at satisfying clients and meeting requirements 
  • Easier to use
  • Preferred for quality of service


Appcues has a range of integrations, but Shopify isn’t one of them. In terms of functionality and features, it’s on par with Yotpo and is also less pricey. 

General ratings for Appcues are very similar to Yotpo, but it’s more recommended for customer support and adequate prices.

Compared to Yotpo, Appcues is:

  • Less expensive
  • Easy to use
  • Better for customer service
  • Simple and accessible features


Sprinklr has one of the most diverse integrations across all platforms for user-generated content marketing. It is well-suited for WordPress development and many e-commerce and social media platforms.

For functionality and pricing, it is similar to Yotpo but has a wider collection of product review tools and software.

Compared to Yotpo, Sprinklr is:

  • Better for social media outreach
  • Diverse in features
  • Better at customer service 


Loox is a fairly new UGC platform, but it’s worth trying for all its benefits over Yotpo. Out of all the other names listed here, Loox is by far the most highly optimized platform for small businesses. It surpasses Yotpo in a category they have been leading for a long time. 

From ratings to offers and features, Loox has made a name for itself as the best cheaper alternative to Yotpo. Its Shopify integration is even better.

Compared to Yotpo, Sprinklr is:

  • User-friendly with better UI
  • Cost-effective
  • Higher ratings across all channels
  • The best for small businesses 
  • Better for customized and personalized solutions


One of the biggest competitors of Yotpo is Bazaarvoice. It is known for its ease of doing business and netting the requirements for online merchants. Bazaarvoice is a slightly more high-end version of other Yotpo alternatives with better integrations, APIs, and marketing features.

It won’t make a Yotpo cheaper alternative because its pricing is similar to Yotpo. But if you’re looking for an alternative in terms of better performance, Bazaarvoice is an option.

Compared to Yotpo, Bazaarvoice is:

  • Supported for all ranges of devices and operating systems
  • Imbedded with exclusive features like syndication reporting
  • Better for multi-lingual moderators 
  • Better at meeting business requirements

Another leading competitor of Yotpo is It is better known for its Shopify integration, the variety of widgets and features boost your Shopify SEO and increase conversion rates.

It is not as cost-effective as other solutions listed here, but has the highest ratings from e-commerce merchants for Shopify reviews. 

Compared to Yotpo, is:

  • More beneficial for Shopify integration 
  • Better at generating ROI
  • Diverse in features is the only UGC app with a 5-star rating on Shopify. Not only does it have a range of features and better user interface, it also has greater value for money because it is affordable with all the benefits.

Compared to Yotpo, is:

  • Highly rated across all aspects
  • The best for Shopify integration
  • Versatile in its features 
  • User-friendly 

Final Takeaway 

To find out which user-generated content marketing platform works the best for you, you need to understand your business goals and requirements first. Many of the software listed here are great alternatives to Yotpo, but all have their own drawbacks.

Deciding to invest in digital marketing is a decision every business has to make, but choosing where to invest should be contemplated wisely. 
A week of losing leads and a disengaged audience could turn into a month. User-generated solutions are helpful but make sure you invest in the right places for your web maintenance to stay ahead of the competition and keep your e-commerce business thriving.

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