Top 11 Shopify Plugins to Boost Your Sales [Complete Review]

upqode | Sep 29th, 2020

Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs use Shopify to run their eCommerce businesses. Also, Shopify makes it easy for you to set up and sell online right away. And, with its hundreds of Shopify plugins, this platform ensures you have all the help necessary to grow your online business.

However, since there are hundreds of Shopify plugins, it can be challenging to find the right ones that will help you boost sales. So, how can you tell which apps will increase your Shopify store conversion rate?

Well, the thing is sales cannot grow without using the right tools. With that in mind, I’ll be discussing the best Shopify apps 2020 that you can use to increase your sales.

These apps can help you sell your products, promote your store, reward your customers, manage your inventory, and shipping thus you can boost your sales.

Shopify: What is it and How Does it Works?

This cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) offers sellers shopping cart solutions. Shopify also offers you huge amounts of paid and free page design templates. Plus it lets you customize these themes to suit your branding. Also, Shopify’s editing tools come in handy when you consider this.

When you opt for its monthly payment method, you’ll receive 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone, or email.

What’s more, Shopify will provide you with everything you need to help you begin selling quickly on your website.

Important Things You Need To Know About Shopify


To use Shopify, you don’t need to have a technical background for you to use it. As such, Shopify has been known for its modern web design and ease to use.

It allows you to create discounts, process orders, and add products easily and you can do this using its drag-and-drop editing tool. That’s why Shopify has user-friendly web design.

Provide Support Options

Shopify offers you technical support 24/7 either via email, phone, or live chats. You can also take advantage of Shopify’s self-help options. Plus their support is available outside of normal business hours.


It offers low monthly fees making it affordable and cheap. Shopify’s basic plan goes for $29 a month while the mid-level plan costs $79 a month. Also, the services you get make Shopify plans worth it!

  • Offer Mobile-Friendly and pretty Themes:
    You have a choice between free, mobile-responsive themes to suit your brand. To access more options, you can decide on the Premium (paid) themes.
  • Perfect for Dropshippers:
    with integrations like Ordoro and Oberlo, Shopify benefits many drop shippers.

Next, let’s explore Shopify add ons that can help you boost your sales and increase your revenue. Here are 11 awesomely best Shopify Plugins 2020 that allow you to boost your sales.

11 Best Shopify Plugins That Help Increase Your Conversion Rate 

Most Apps for boosting your sales can be categorized into a few groups.

  • Page Features – these Shopify plugins add a button or widget to your product pages..
  • Pop-ups – these are apps that create cross-selling links, sales notifications, or email pop-ups.
  • Social Proof Apps – these apps increase buyer engagement by displaying recent sales or views.
  • Landing Page builders – these drag-and-drop builders help you build high-converting pages.
  • Customer Loyalty Apps – these are point-based gamification apps that help advance customer engagement.
  • Email Marketing – automating emails to reduce abandonment and boost customer retention.

However, if you are looking to significantly boost your conversions and are prepared to put in some of the marketing budgets in this process, it’s important that you also consider using external plugins. These can be CRO tools such as Mixpanel, Qualaroo, Hotjar that can offer you valuable data into how people truly use your website.

#1. Upsell & Cross-Sell Bundle HA

All in one sales App – Upsell & Cross Sell – Free

Smart Upsell & Cross-sell app combines everything you need in one place: Cross-sell, Upsell, Bundle offers, Post Purchase Upsell, AI offers, A/B tests, Free Design Templates, Smart Dashboard, Performance Tracking, Upsell Popup, and beautiful interface.

Upsell & Cross-Sell Bundle HA

The app works with any theme. It can be easily customized to match the store design and language. You can choose from built-in offer design templates, or create your own template from scratch.

Analytics allows you to track Conversion, Revenue, Total Views in one place. Activate filters to see customized data reports. Track the performance of your offers: total views, added to cart, conversion, revenue, top-performing upsell/cross-sell, etc.

Key capabilities & features:

  • Upsell & Cross-sell
  • Upsell Pop Up
  • Bundle Offers
  • AI Offers
  • Post Purchase upsell funnels
  • Sales pop up
  • Unlimited offers
  • A/B testing
  • Cross-Sell
  • Upselling & Cross-Selling
  • Post-Purchase Upselling
  • Thank you page upsell
  • Post Purchase Popup
  • Popup Discount
  • In Cart Upsell
  • On-Page Upsell
  • Unlimited full design customization
  • Pre-made design templates
  • Unlimited funnel views
  • Cart page upsell funnels
  • Product page upsell funnels
  • Blog page upsell funnels

  • Track Upsell Results
  • Effective Upsell
  • Discount options
  • Upsell Popup
  • Smart Dashboard
  • Data Statistics and Analysis
  • Language customization
  • Email support
  • Post-Purchase Pop-up
  • Pop-up Discounts
  • Increase Your AOV
  • Cross-Selling
  • Upsell System
  • Schedule Countdown timer
  • Blog page upsell funnels
  • Funnel split tests / AB tests
  • Merge post purchase orders
  • Shopify’s checkout
  • One-Click Cart
  • Post Purchase Upsell Offers
  • Bundles promotion

#2. Fast Checkout Shopify Plugin

Feature Plugin – $4.49 per month

Fast Checkout Shopify plugin is a page feature that allows you to remove one step from your conversion funnel. This app is outstanding and of good value plus it gives shoppers another way to make purchases. You can change the design, edit the text, and also add animation to the CTA button.

Fast Checkout Shopify Plugin

You can also easily add a different CTA for your store’s product pages, however, the options for customizing the feature are limited. Unfortunately, it lacks page settings that let you decide where to place the new button.

How Fast Checkout can Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate

Fast Checkout comes with an added “Go To Checkout” button for your product pages, thus eliminating the need for shoppers to add an item to their shopping basket before they can purchase. Most of the abandoned carts occur before a shopper gets the checkout, but with its shorter sales funnel makes it more efficient.

Again, using the express checkout option works perfectly for ranges of low-price products. This can, however, create a problem since eliminating the “Add to Cart” step will reduce the likelihood of customers buying more than a single item. Due to this, you’re likely to increase conversions but at the same time decrease your overall revenue.

#3. Bizzy Social Proof

Pop-ups/Social Proof App – $6.99 per month

Bizzy Social Proof, by Pixel Union (commonly known for offering Shopify themes), will display a notification whenever you make a sale which gives it a lively feel. Also, you can automatically improve your conversion rate by highlighting the activity in your store and the popularity of your products.

Bizzy Social Proof

Bizzy is a simple app that you can install and use within minutes. Although it has limited customer support you, however, won’t need it since Bizzy is a straightforward platform.

How Bizzy Plugin can Increase Shopify Conversion Rate

This plugin offers data about recent sales to prospective customers and it’s the quickest and easiest way that you can take advantage of as Social Proof. 

Increase Shopify Conversion Rate

Unfortunately, it offers a limited choice of notifications. Even if it works perfectly for some Shopify stores, Bizzy will not work for all of them. 

#4. Firepush Shopify Plugin

SMS, email marketing and web push – $0-19/month

Firepush app helps store owners automate their re-marketing. This lets users create automatic responses for any abandoned sessions or purchases via push notifications, SMS, and email.

Firepush Shopify Plugin

It offers a variety of different messages depending on the platform, which can include flash sale notifications, countdown timers, or back-in-stock alerts.

How Firepush Increases Your Shopify Conversion Rate

When you work on increasing the number of customers who return to your store, you’ll then have a significant increase in sales which translates to higher revenue. Firepush helps you in re-engaging qualified leads on different platforms. 

#5. Growave Shopify Plugin

Social Proof/Customer Loyalty Appcosts $0-299 a Month

Growave combines several features from similar apps into one place making it the perfect customer engagement solution. By incorporating it in your existing social media channels, you’ll be able to leverage all the user-generated content to help you keep your content compelling and fresh.

Growave Shopify Plugin

Growave’s customer support is constantly excellent, and it’s one of the reasons why the app receives many 5-star reviews.

You’ll receive chat support and documentation at every step of the process. Also, you can ask the app developers for help in setting up certain features. However, it’s worth mentioning that you will need additional Shopify plugins, and each plan gives you access to different features.

How Growave Increases Shopify Conversion Rate

Growave has a reviews feature that lets you import and show product reviews, that way customers can trust your products and business. The “wishlist” feature helps you create an alternative CTA which helps keep clients in your conversion funnel (which includes when they aren’t ready to buy).

Automated Emails and Rewards let you connect with your customers after they’ve made their purchase which boosts customer loyalty and, in turn, offers lifetime value.

#6. Yotpo Shopify App

Social Proof App  – $0-Premium a Month

Yotpo Reviews help you gather, moderate, and show responses from previous customers. These reviews can be integrated with different other platforms. 

Yotpo Shopify App

You can also incorporate the reviews into the display of your search engine. That means the Yotpo app can grow your traffic along with your Shopify store conversion rate.

How Yotpo Increases Your Store’s Conversion Rate

This customer review app gives you an attractive way of displaying customer reviews on your Shopify page. These same displays may be included in emails and pop-ups. With these integrations, it is easy to collect and share reviews among your different platforms.

At the same time, heavily moderated formats can decrease the impact of Social Proof and genuine reviews. In the end, the most effective reviews are more specific however they are fewer.

#7. Shogun

Landing Page Builder – costing $39-149 a Month

One of Shopify’s well-liked landing page builders is Shogun. Since it uses a simple design interface, you can easily build high-converting landing pages for their stores. Due to the variety and number of templates offered, Shogun is among the well-liked page-builders for any website

Landing Page Builder

How Shogun Increases Shopify Conversion Rate

In addition to Shogun offering templates created by experts in the eCommerce industry, it also offers users several bolt-on features that boost conversions. Different types of pages come with their set of elements such as contact forms, personalized recommendations, free shipping bars, and even the “frequently bought together” features.

#8. Smile Rewards

Customer Loyalty App – $0-50 per month

Smile app helps you create loyalty schemes and rewards that are adapted to your business model, industry, and business size. It also lets you customize emails and pop-ups where you share the rewards with customers.

Smile Rewards

How Smile Increases Shopify Conversion Rate

This is another of Shopify plugins designed to start a ‘Brand Community ‘through gamifying your Shopify store. Smile gives customers points whenever they complete certain actions, for instance, referring it to another person, and it, in return, offers them discounts.

This app offers some impressive statistics you can use to improve customer loyalty. Nonetheless, there’s a risk that customers won’t be open to this form of gamification marketing. 

#9. Wishlist Plus Shopify App

Multi-Platform App – $0-99.99 a month

Wishlist Plus is another Shopify add on that gives you a new way of engagement for customers. Instead of directly adding items to their shopping cart, the app lets them add it to their existing “wishlist.”

How Wishlist Increases Your Shopify Conversion Rate

Similar to Fast Checkout, this plugin adds an added CTA to each product page on your online store. This is significant in that it allows customers to save a favorite product and later return to it.

multiplatform shopify plugin

Plus, having a soft option to the “Buy” button can be an amazing way for keeping shoppers within your sales funnel. What’s more, the wishlist can be carried across several platforms without customers needing to log in. Also, it lets customers even share these lists with family and friends.

#10. Trust

Security Shopify App – $0-79.98 per month

Trust works through providing trust signs for your checkout and product pages. The signs are typically displayed on the product as well as the basket pages. That way, your customers will feel more comfortable when making a purchase.

How This Plugin Increases Your Shopify Conversion Rate

With third-party endorsements, it is easy for customers to overcome their anxiety as they buy from a Shopify store they aren’t familiar with.

Trust and security app

This Shopify add on is an alternative for several of the more pricey security apps such as McAfee and Norton. However, since Trust doesn’t in itself offer any additional security, it might seem like a superficial security solution.

#11. OptinMonster

Pop-ups – $49 a month

OptinMonster plugin is an all-inclusive customer messaging builder. This app has a wide range of targeting, behavior, and analytics settings which can be used in optimizing your messages.

OptinMonster app

By using this feature alongside a flexible builder, has made OptinMonster one of the well-liked apps available in Shopify’s App Store.

How OptinMonster can Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate

Similar to Optimonk, this app provides pop-ups that target particular triggers and can then respond to customer behavior. This feature can help you be more precise and subtle with your email capturing strategy. 

Nonetheless, the messages are often less visually appealing compared to other apps (such as Optimonk). Also, statistical reports depend on Google Analytics. For monthly pricing starting from $49, this app is a great option for specific types of Shopify stores. 

Wondering How to Start Selling on Shopify?

Well, before you start selling your products, the first thing I recommend doing is you sign up for Shopify’s 14-day free trial. This process can be completed without you having to enter your credit card information.

When signing up, you’ll only have to submit your contact information and also answer some questions regarding your online business.

Once you’ve signed up, be sure to test each characteristic of Shopify’s software to get a feel of how it will effectively work on your products, storefront design, marketing campaigns, and other added applications. Even then, you might need to have some advanced features like the abandoned cart notifications, pop-up promos, and filtered search.

To keep using your Shopify account, consider choosing the right pricing plan depending on your type of business. Also, you should start by incorporating your Shopify store’s basic information. This is important as it helps Shopify accurately compute shipping rates during the shipping process.

Another thing to do is customizing your website theme to match your branding. Also, depending on the number of products you’ve listed, you can opt for the right theme including lists and subcategories.

It’s important to note that you can access over 1500 Shopify plugins and extensions. Also, it is beneficial to fill in gaps in these features. When you need technical support, you can contact Shopify’s support team. But, you can first start by looking into the available Shopify’s knowledge base before making a call.

Which Shopify Plugins are Best for Your Online Business?

Shopify offers your business great functionality plus you can use different apps from the Shopify marketplace to add its versatility.

Note that enhancing your customers’ experience is an on-going process that entails testing the design used for your store. Although we’ve looked at 11 Shopify plugins for increased conversion, I would recommend that you go through the entire App Store to find the perfect Shopify add ons for your online business.

With the right Shopify plugins, you will be able to increase your sales, build your brand reputations, and also retain your customers.

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