Mobile Marketing Strategy To Boost Online Sales in 2022

upqode | Dec 2nd, 2021

With 5.27 billion unique mobile users globally, mobile phones have become a center of attention for different businesses. Since then, mobile marketing has become an essential part of digital marketing aimed at targeting current and prospective customers. 

Some businesses have adopted mobile marketing, while some businesses are still learning how to involve it in their marketing strategies. 

Let’s look and understand why mobile marketing is becoming famous and effective for strong mobile marketing strategies to increase online sales in 2021. 

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel marketing strategy that focuses on targeting and reaching the audience through their smartphones.  

mobile marketing
Source: Forbes, Mobile-Marketing

In easy terms, mobile marketing or mobile web marketing is a broad term covering different types of marketing tools, techniques, and strategies aimed at reaching the target audience — the mobile users. 

A mobile marketing strategy focuses on how a brand reaches and engages with its target audience while indulging in using their mobile devices. A brand can try to connect through different ways. Those include social media marketing, emails, SMS, content marketing, mobile applications, and many more. 

Mobile marketing has also become famous since people seem to spend a reasonable amount of time on their mobile phones. It allows the brands to meet their target audience at their convenience — simply connecting through the mobile phones. 

Reasons why Mobile Marketing is Important

Businesses are now changing their marketing efforts and adapting to actions that can help them increase their conversion rates attract more customers. Furthermore, the conversion rate for mobile is more than laptops for eCommerce businesses. 

So in today’s digital marketing world, the importance of mobile marketing is increasing its use. Let’s dive into compelling reasons to understand why mobile marketing is becoming essential. 

Screen Time for Mobile’s is Increasing

The time which people spend on mobile devices is rapidly increasing. This means that even though laptops and other devices are in use, they are not able to decrease the rate of mobile usage. Screen time can include different types of activities. It can indicate talking on mobile phones, messaging, or using different applications that open up various effective ways to target a suitable audience for a brand. 

Similarly, advertising has also increased with regard to mobile web marketing. According to an estimate, mobiles accounted for 72% of US digital Ads spent in 2019.  

Moreover, there is also an increase in the mobile flea market that indicates that purchasing mobile phones is easier and can be done in various ways. 

Ecommerce Businesses and Mobile Marketing go Hand in Hand

Nowadays, consumers tend to use their mobile phones to make purchases through various eCommerce websites. Businesses worldwide have now adopted web designing services to make their websites more user-friendly, offering a better user experience. 

With regards to this, companies began making mobile marketing strategy that was focused on acting as a consumer guide from the time they open up the website till they make a purchase. 

Improvement in Web Presence

Businesses that have an online presence are working towards improving their web presence day and night. They are adopting new ways to enhance their eCommerce websites, making them better in terms of user experience and engagement for the increase of traffic and sales. 

Not just this, but all the famous search engines are updating their algorithms, preferring websites that run great over mobiles. This points out the need for better mobile media marketing and other steps businesses can take to improve their eCommerce websites’ looks and user experience.

Mobile Media Marketing Reaches a Wider Audience

Mobile phones bought from fashionably expensive stores or mobile flea market have become increasingly popular for communication globally. This is because they have a small size, are portable, and cheaper than laptops and computers. This means that it provides businesses with a unique and better opportunity to create a mobile marketing strategy. 

A mobile marketing strategy that can help reach a much wider audience and make notable sales and conversions compared to those sent on other devices. 

SMS has a Strategy higher Opening Rate than Emails

SMS’s have a commonly higher opening rate than emails, and the people who open SMS also read them quickly. This helps to mention that email marketing might be helpful, but SMS marketing is not any less valuable, and therefore it should be adopted into the marketing strategy. 

Tailor SMS messages into the mobile media marketing in a way that will surely appeal to your prospective customers, and they start looking at the products and services being offered by the company. 

While we see digital marketing evolving, mobile web marketing plays a crucial role in developing some of the most robust strategies. The increased use of mobile phone users has marked a change in the trend of mobile web marketing, allowing them to connect with their consumers digitally. 

Moving forward, in 2021, there is barely anyone without a mobile phone. The mobile flea market also promotes multiple ways of buying a mobile and eventually provides the idea of effective mobile media marketing. Marketers use it for the attraction of new customers. So, now let’s dive into effective mobile marketing strategies that can help to boost sales in 2021. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Marketing

Brands need to update the marketing strategy for mobile users. Here are some most common advantages and disadvantages of mobile marketing. Check them out to keep your views up to date.

Easy accessError-free content only
Viral potentialPossible navigation issues
Cost-effectivenessMight cost for users
Location and personalizationNo place for bad user experience

Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies

Several very effective mobile media marketing strategies can help you successfully launch your brand or even take it to the next level. 

mobile marketing strategies
Source: Forbes, Mobile-Marketing-Strategies

Connect Your Messages

When you want to attract an audience to your website, the major thing you want is to create ease. This means that you want to route them directly to your website or social media profiles. If they have to do that on their own, a lot of them probably will not go for it. The best way to do something like this is to connect your messages. 

Add the links to your websites or social media profiles into the messages. So when they click on the link, they are taken to the destination without making all the effort again. They can then look, place an order or even sign up or access the reports and blogs section.  

Mobile Payment Options

A robust mobile marketing strategy could include the addition of various types of payment options through mobile phones. The integration of mobile phones with different payment options like Android pay or even Apple Pay can make it easier for the customers to purchase and increase their purchase speed. This strategy, without a doubt, has a way of creating regular customers for you and your business.  

payment options
Source: Think-With-Google, Payment-Options

In-Store Mobile Offers

Businesses with physical stores and eCommerce websites should consider adding mobile phones into their mobile marketing strategy. Try out a strategy to allow the customers to scan in-store codes and help to improve their shopping experience. Offer different kinds of deals and discounts, including loyalty points and other add-ons like these. While they will be interested in shopping at the store, they would also include the mobile experience. 

Mobile centric Email Marketing

First, gather the email addresses of your potential and current customers. Then begin by creating creative email campaigns. Make sure that they can prove to be effective in driving traffic and generating sales for your business. Remember, a simple email campaign will not prove effective, but a fully thought-over campaign might help. 

As mentioned above, customers are now more likely to use their smartphones to check their emails than laptops. The negative part is that the emails sent are not optimized for mobile devices. So while it is a waste of the customer’s time who discard the email without reading them, it is a waste of money and time for the brands who spend a noticeable amount of time sending them. 

email marketing
Source: Forbes, Email-Marketing

Therefore to make sure that your efforts do not waste, make your email marketing more mobile-friendly. Try using more responsive and mobile-centric email marketing campaigns that allow the users to read the emails. Create an optimal reading experience for them, so they visit your mobile-friendly site immediately after receiving the message. 

Use readable fonts, compelling imagery, direct Call to action. Add a subject line and keep your character count limited to the mobile inboxes. The email content should not be too long or too wordy, and the CTA’s are clickable. 

Experience with Augmented Reality

With augmented reality being a relatively new concept, it seems to be very appealing to the customers. Of course, these concepts might have originated in the gaming environment in real life, but they present opportunities for e-commerce brands. It can be used to show how the user would feel using their products and services.

Different companies are using this concept of visualization and have added this to their digital marketing practices. This not only captures the attention of the users but encourages them to buy the products. 

Mobile Website Design

An eCommerce website that is created and designed for mobile phones carries a lot of importance. Essentially, if the customer visits the site and cannot get a satisfactory experience, they will not revisit the website and lose a potential customer. Therefore, considered to be a very critical component in mobile marketing strategy. If you are implying initiatives that include sending emails, messages, and display ads to the audience to generate traffic, the bad website can lead to a poor user experience. 

mobile website design
Source: Forbes, Mobile-Website-Design

A website is considered an essential marketing and communication tool because it connects one with its user. In this mobile phone-dominated world, brands cannot afford to lose customers because of a bad website. Developing as an eCommerce company, it is essential to check that you have a user-friendly website ready for all sorts of devices. 

Use Videos on a Vertical Dimension

Around 94% of mobile users prefer holding their phones vertically, but some videos and animations are still being designed horizontally. So now the companies are thinking of adapting to the vertical way of showing their videos and the future creation of videos followed in the same way.  

But there is nothing to worry about because now there are tools offered by famous platforms that allow the videos to be captured and edited vertically for the target audience. 

vertical style of videos
Source: MoniGroup, Rise-of-Vertical-Style-Videos

So, for next time do remember to shoot the videos in a vertical position.

In addition to this, use videos like that of influencers because they help promote the eCommerce brand by reducing buyer hesitation.

Mobile Messaging

Always remember that a known benefit of mobile phones is that you get to market a brand in various formats. One of the formats happens to be SMS or text-based messaging. Of course, email messaging is essential, but so is SMS that helps to increase the number of visitors and conversions at the end. 

mobile messaging
Source: Forbes, Mobile-Messaging

Moreover, see that you target the people in a particular location; if you send them to an inaccurate location, that can be a waste of effort and time. Use various tools to help you target the people present in your area precisely and allows you to target people in a location. 

In addition to all this, try building the customer base with special offers. Add incentives to attract new customers and urge them to choose and buy from you instead of your competitors. Notify them about the latest sales and deals happening and keep an eye out for your competitors. See what they are doing and try implementing some of the ideas in a better way to attract more customers. 

These strategies can help you grow your business by improving your relationships with your customers and building bonds over loyalty. 

Key Takeaway

Undoubtedly mobile marketing has become an integral marketing practice of various brands. As a result, mobile phones are now the priority when talking about marketing because marketing without considering the basic needs and requirements of the audience is a waste of time and effort.

Understand your audience and then imply the different mobile marketing strategies that have been mentioned above to your benefit. Moreover, use Google Analytics to understand better the audience and the devices in use, which will also help develop the right strategy for the brand. 

So, if your brand marketing strategy does not include mobile phones as a significant target device, you need to reanalyze the entire marketing plan you might have created for your brand. Then, implement these tactics to save your time, effort, and money.

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