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Custom website development services that craft creative and optimized online success

Web Development Services

UPQODE - Custom Web Development Services That Build Success

You need a website that represents your company well and grows your business. At UPQODE, a web development services company, our full-stack website development consultants and web developers deliver a wide range of custom solutions for businesses across different industries and both small and large using the best content management system in today’s market.



With maxim efforts and attention to detail, we offer web app development services that accurately meet your expectations and satisfy the specific needs of your company. From market research and analytics to user analysis and conversion rate optimization, we provide a full range of web design services designed to enhance your website marketing efforts. Including:                      


  • Front end and back end with a fully responsive design
  • Any browser compatibility
  • Any device compatibility 
  • Flawless User Experience
  • Thoughtful architecture – cloud-native, microservices-based or reactive approach
  • Impeccable integration
  • Php development

Web Application Development Services

Web Applications


We offer web software development services that are user-centered and provide flawless design and seamless user experience. Our experienced web developers build applications with an eye for high availability and future growth to help you scale and grow with the next generation. From e-commerce development to mobile app designs, our web developers will make sure to meet your expectations. 



Web Portals


We have over 5 years of experience building custom, multi-faceted B2B, and B2B web solutions targeted at different users and market segments. As a top-notch web development company, we prioritize a high standard of security and confidentiality, optimal load balance, and reliable integrations on all our web portal developments. Among the many custom web portals, we build offer:

  • Vender and procurement portals
  • Customer/Consumer portals (eCommerce, self-service portals, etc)
  • Learning Management Systems and eLearning portals
  • Collaboration portals
  • WordPress website creation for small businesses as well as medium-sized and large companies. 



Mobile Apps


We provide full-stack web development services that use the latest tools, technologies, and techniques for highly-performing mobile apps. Our team of web developers provides productive and intuitive in-browser mobile apps across varying functionality (collaboration, booking, ticketing, eCommerce website, maintenance, etc..) Since our mobile web experiences are platform-independent, your users have mobile-optimized functionality and page display across any device and any browser.



Responsive and SEF Websites


Our website development services carefully balance interactive components and search engine optimized (SEO) and search engine friendly (SEF) design, UPQODE’s team delivers websites that both captivate your visitors and reach the top search result on Google. 

We Provide the Best Web

Development Services for Your Business.



We are a well-known web development company that has worked with hundreds of happy customers. We have turned their sites into professional-looking platforms that convey a professional image on desktop as well as mobile devices.

Based on WordPress Theme
    • 1 Hour Brainstorm
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Social Media Integration
    • Contact Form
    • On Page SEO Optimization
    • XML Sitemap
    • Page Speed Optimization
    • 2 Rounds of Revisions
    • $300 per additional website page
    • For Example:
    • 3 Pages Site $3,600
    • 5 Pages Site $4,500
    • 10 Pages Site $6,000
      • Absolutely Unique Design
      • Custom Mock-up All the pages
      • Homepage Mobile Design
      • Features: Google Maps, Contact Form, Social Sharing, Photo Sourcing, XML SiteMap, Google Analytic, OnPage SEO Optimization, Page Speed Optimization
      • 2 Hour “How To” Tutorial
      • 3 Round of Revisions
      • $400 per additional website page
      • For Example:
      • 3 Pages Site $9,700
      • 5 Pages Site $10,500
      • 10 Pages Site $12,500

      Website Design Services

      We build top-notch web applications and websites, but we do not just want them to work well, we want them to look good too! When providing web design and application services, there are certain aspects we make sure to optimize on your newly-created site.

      Custom Web Application

      We provide web development services that grow over time with your business. With visually appealing, easy-to-use, optimized content, and design that convert visitors into customers, drive traffic and is mobile-responsive. 

      SEO Optimization 

      We provide more than just website development services. We are a well-consolidated digital marketing and SEO agency focused on improving your sites’ looks, functionality, and online visibility. Your website will be built from the ground up with quality, top-notch SEO practices in mind to get you at the top of Google search results.

      Clear Calls to Action 

      Part of our web development business is to make sure your website has a high conversion rate. To that end, we make sure to work thoroughly on your CTAs. We ensure that all of your company’s important information on products, services, and company culture are clear to visitors at first glance in order to convert them into customers.

      Advanced Functionalities 

      Our design development services are complete. Our web developers will make sure to include advanced functionalities to your website, such as e-commerce, password-protected content, forums, event registrations, etc. You name it, we can build it.  

      Content writing services 

      In case you need to fill your website with high-quality content, our team of talented copywriters can build your brand, tell your story, and attract traffic using clear, concise, SEO friendly content. Our web developer services are designed to cover the whole scope of work that is involved in creating a new and optimized website.

      Our Partnership Promise

      Every member of the UPQODE web design and development team is a great player with awesome skills and a passion for their work. As a team, we unite outstanding minds into a unique harmonized organism that grows and develops. When you work with us, we invite you to our team and help you grow with us using our people-oriented workflow that guarantees success for your web design and development project.

      Get to know us


      What is web development? – In response to every request, we set up a time to speak with you and get to know your business objectives and goals for your web design and development project. We want to get to know you as much as you want to get to know us. After that call, we take everything you provided us and write up a detailed project proposal. 



      Project Strategy and Consultation 


      Once you agree to the proposal, we provide you with a project brief where you give us all the information we should know from the functionalities you want down to the colors of your brand. We take that information and conduct a deep-dive analysis into the industry you work in and your competitors. We then collaborate with our website design and development team to dissect all the information and work their magic. After all this analysis, we present you with a scope document that highlights all this work to you and paves the way for our entire project execution. 





      Prototyping and wireframing give us a clear idea of how you want your website to look. As part of our custom web application development services, we will create a customer experience that excites and delights users. We work with you to ensure the journey is mapped to your satisfaction and remove any flaws for the path forward. 



       Web Design


      This is where your website starts to come to life! We give your wireframes a more realistic design and build in any other web elements as discussed. As a renowned web development company, we have our own design collaboration tool, InVision, where you can finalize the overall look, typography, and imagery. Nothing moves forward until you have given us the final seal of approval. After this, our expert web designers translate your design into code or a new theme. 



      Web Development Services 


      Your website is almost complete! Whether you choose a pre-created template-based design or a custom web design, we seamlessly work to complete the finishing touches in development. We install your code on the localhost and use advanced plugins on the CMS chosen to demo live-action functionality to you and your team. Any changes you require are made and we move into testing. 


      Release and Quality


      As part of our full-service website development, our code reviewers and Quality Assurance (QA) engineers get to work testing your website from front to back to ensure everything is working properly. Another demo is completed and we keep aligning, adding, and replacing things until we get the website you love. At which point, we launch the website of your dreams!

      Start a New Website Development Project and Improve Your Online Presence


      What They Say

      UPQODE’s work consistently exceeds all expectations, garnering enthusiastic praise from customers. The team has proven themselves capable of producing strong results, even with sudden schedule changes. In the end, their technical expertise and customer-centric approach spur continued engagement. I appreciate that they share my desire to deliver outstanding results and amazing customer service. Furthermore, their quality of work usually exceeds my expectations. We always get repeat customers thanks to UPQODE’s great work. Our clients are extremely pleased with the final product and often come back to request extra work.

      Radoslav Tsvetkov

      Technical Director, Hyperial Studio Ltd