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Rough, tough, but needed, this text may seem a little provocative and doesn’t exist to offend you, but we want to show in a funny way some things that often happens and make our collaboration slower. So, don’t keep it too close to your heart and just enjoy what you read next.

First – when the family rocks and crashes everything

When it comes to creating a concept of your future site, you can be lost by thinking about different ways to do it. That’s why you have us – we know trends, have a big experience, good sense of taste and can make a clear vision of best solution for you. In a final, we always create sites that usable, easy and nice, modern enough.

But maybe your relatives know better? We are not surprised to discover, that one of them – for example, your cousin, little brother or Uncle Jack is a real specialist in design. Or not even in design, in EVERYTHING, when he decides to give you some advices.  We are almost sure that he knows better what we should do, especially, when the biggest part of work is done and he decides to change everything.

Do you think it is a good idea? No. If we agreed our project with you, started to work and you just come and say that we have to change something because your son, daughter, wife, uncle or someone else said that, how do you think we would feel?


It is just the nightmare for every designing agency, freelance artist, everyone. Now we present you the voice of many artists, coders, other specialists and want to warn you – think twice before you do something terrible like this again))) Or, in another case, just give this work to your relatives from the very beginning – if they always have remarks and comments, maybe they can create a best site in the world for you. We will be happy to see it!)

Design is not enough

If you put all your efforts, energy, money on creating site, surely you will hope that it will work perfect and give you more clients. But is it enough? So, if you spent a lot and think that we are guilty, because the clients didn’t break your sales next day after launching, you should know – we are not the one who worked bad.

Do not be such naïve to think that site is everything – it is a part of huge marketing system, must-have, but not working thing without strategy. You must and you should make a good site for online presentation of business – say it like a mantra, but this work need to be complex and include promotion, support for customers, always being here for them and more and more things.

So, see it like not the one but another one tool in your integral system of marketing strategy.

Give the money and wait for result

You are the only one who knows what your product, service, business need, and we are not going to argue with it. But if you want to get a new site, remember that we also know our work. So, the most important thing for us – to have all the information we need to create it in accordance to your wishes, make it working perfect and looking nice due to all rules and trends.

When we start a project, from this moment our job is to make everything clear, and your job is to say if it looks and works okay. But not to tell to change technologies or tools in the middle of the process (discuss it previously if you are sure you’re good at it).

And never say that we do everything slower than we can, that it should take another amount of time, and, that we are not so hard working and deserve a little payment.

Wow, it is not okay. If you decided to work with us, you have to trust and respect our efforts; know the limits where you can advise us what to do. In other case, we’ll spend too much time and just lose opportunities for other work. So, isn’t it better to do the project by yourself? Make sure that it’s not like that.

When nothing is better than everything

Speaking of creating a site, you always need to remember about sense of taste. Of course, we will help you with it, but you need to know the important principle – it’s not good to put a big amount of content on pages.

The structure needs to be clear, so the content should be short and useful. Adding too much information is not good because of few reasons. First, the user can be lost on your site – if he is here for 2-5 minutes and still didn’t receive needed information, it’s bad for you. Only a few of us likes to play with labyrinths, but most users want to get information quickly. You have no choice – if you do not give it, someone else does.

Second moment about it – you need to pass some information to keep the client interested and motivate him to write or call to you.

Understand it and do not be angry when we do not include too much in design – too many effects, colors, buttons and other elements are annoying. This rule still works in the content and design too.

Be open

You know that as we are passionate about design. It means that we develop, grow and always know what trends are working now. So, we always recommend and give variants, advices for you to make a project by your vision, but with modern view and technologies.

And the saddest moment is when you do not want to hear anything! You need to know that technologies changes and being modern – must have for today, because millennials appreciate that. Otherwise, you would be left without good working site and face the problem that in few years you will have to change everything – and it is not so cheap.

Listen to us and don’t be afraid to try new – it’s better to be first then the last.

That’s all! As you see, nothing to afraid and worry about – you know, that we like you and always happy to create the best products for you!)

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UPQODE delivered a brand-new digital platform with a unique and appealing design. Customers admire the appearance and enjoy the effortlessly smooth navigation. The team features innovative web designers and technically skilled developers who manage the project efficiently. I was impressed with their excellent communication. The project management was very effective. Our project manager communicated well and responded very quickly. Everything about our engagement was great.

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