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Patients don’t only use the internet to look for symptoms, but also to look for doctors in their area that could give them a professional diagnosis, or treatment options if their health problem is confirmed. This is where your medical practice or clinic needs to show up in the form of an official website that reflects and enhances your reliability as a healthcare worker. 


People are especially cautious when they have to choose where to fix their medical problems or who they’ll leave in charge of their health. Fortunately, medical websites can improve your soundness and your reputation (mainly, if you allow feedback from previous patients), and make it easier for the public to find your office hours, contact information (phone, e-mail, address), and accepted insurance providers.


Let them know your services with a custom website provided by the best medical website design agency.

Medical Website Design Services

Medical Center Web Design

Having an accurate hospital web design is vital for respectability and competitiveness, mainly due to the reinforcement of branding, trustworthiness, and visibility.

Medical clinic web designs should be functional, fast, and responsive for those who look for medical information in their smartphones or tablets. It should detail a service list, provide data of the specialists, practices, and studies, and permit easy access to the hospital’s location and emergency numbers for those in a hurry. 

UPQODE’s medical web developers can do this and more, according to your needs. Contact us.

Best Doctor Website Design

At UPQODE, we provide the best web design for doctors who want to obtain new patients or let the old ones book an appointment online. 

We can build a professional-looking website that exhibits your resumé, credentials, and/or awards, and explains to patients why you’re the most suitable physician to treat them. 

Since we use a CMS that’s appropriate for blog-like web pages, you can also have your own medical blog to submit reliable information about diseases, spread awareness about any advances in your field, or whatever you want to!

Medical Web Development & Website Maintenance 

You take care of your patients —we will take care of your website.

UPQODE wouldn’t be a full-service medical web design company if it didn’t have maintenance plans to keep your website running in perfect shape long after delivery.

We are committed to our clients even when their website is already online. This is why we offer these plans, which include regular software updates, overnight backups, caching, malware scans, and other upkeep activities that are listed and reported via email so that you’re always aware of your website’s health status. 

You’ll also have access to continual tech support and troubleshooting.

SEO & SMO Services To Reinforce Your Healthcare Web Design

All of our medical web design structures are SEO-based, but that might not be enough in practice. For this reason, we also offer the best SEO writers and professional digital marketers to fill your website with user-friendly content that’s also rich in keywords, backlinks, and other SEO techniques. This is extremely useful for your medical website to appear on top of Google’s first results page.

For greater user engagement, we apply Social Media Optimization. This way we can promote your medical services in additional portals to reach more people, fortify your online presence, and add recognition to your name or medical brand.

Healthcare Web Development For Medical Professionals

Whether you’re an individual doctor or a hospital director, we can still develop the best medical web design for you, according to your necessities. 


We focus on intuitive interfaces that are easy to use, and proper organization of the information so that the important data is easy to find. This is extremely important, especially for people who need medical attention. 


We also make sure that your website is highly responsive, so it’s easy to browse even on mobile devices, who tend to represent more than half of a website’s visits, due to practicality.

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We understand that every project is unique. For this reason, the cost of developing or redesigning your company’s website may vary considerably. Our team of experts is ready to take a look at your requirements and the current status of your website to give you a cost estimate for the entire project. There are different factors we take into account when it comes to estimating costs. These factors are:

  • Your site’s current status
  • Your goals
  • The type of platform
  • The different functionalities it will include


How To Obtain The Best Medical Web Page Design


Contact us.

Let us know your medical business in detail, your goals, branding information (such as typography and colors), and preferences for the desired website. We’ll use that information to develop a custom web design plan and calculate an estimate.


Read our proposal.

This plan and estimate will be written down in a document that you must read thoroughly and accept for UPQODE’s team to start working. The document will explain our procedure in detail and set up a deadline for completion that we’ll always respect. 


Try it out.

UPQODE’s Quality Assurance team will perform a series of tests on your website before we show you a demo for you to determine whether it meets your expectations or there’s something else we should add, remove, or change.


Website up!

After all the corrections and adjustments have been finished, we’ll install the files on the server and your website will finally be online for you to benefit from it. Hurrah! 

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What They Say

The website has been launched successfully at full functionality. UPQODE's customer-focused approach and flexible availability ease workflow. They are not only technical experts, but also honest and reliable business partners. UPQODE is definitely in the top of WordPress developers and is an expert in their field. They developed front- and backend and UX/UI for our the beta version of our website. They are currently still making significant improvements and smoothing out features. UPQODE is very customer focused and always find solutions to issues. They always try to prevent any problems from arising in the first place and are honest with us.

Christoph L.

Founder/CEO, CompareTransfer