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2 months
Travel Mate

Exclusive Guide to Learn the World Beauty

TravelMate is specially designed to help you explore the wonders of the cities you're visiting, thanks to the smart content! Use it for traveling and you will definitely have the most exciting adventures of your lifetime. It allows your users to create a profile so they can organize all their trips as well as search, book, and confirm the hotels. Also it lists tours, attractions, and recommendations that every traveler can use. It has a dark color theme which makes this website look sophisticated.


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What They Say

The UPQODE's team managed the project well and ensured that requests were quickly accommodated. Their work automated processes within the company. They're skilled and efficient. It's incredible how they were able to put together a team of dozens of people that specialise in such a niche area of web development. That gives them an edge, and without a doubt, that's reflected in the work that they deliver. Our requirements were always well understood and things were implemented as we asked them to be done.

Nuno Pereira

Marketing Manager, Autotrip