Staffing – Content



Your Dedicated Team is the process of overseeing employees. You can “rent” a certain number of developers, designers or other IT specialists for any period of time. In this period, you’ll be the boss and you’ll decide what they must work on. They will be exclusively at your disposal.

Front-end Developers


Our front-end developers are highly experimented with HTML5, CSS3, JS and other modern technologies such as responsiveness, LESS/SASS, etc.

Back-end Developers


Those wizards who use some magic tricks to maintain the technology that powers the server, application, functionalities, database.

UI/UX Designers


Designing a tone of successful projects, our award-winning designers are ready to make your project shine, using modern design technologies and standards.

QA Engineers


Our "bug finders", like we call them, are perfectionists. Is your project already verified? They will check everything once again, just to be sure that your project is protected from any issues.

WordPress Developers


WordPress is their second environment, after atmosphere. A well trained squad that have already done hundreds of projects for Elite Authors on Envato. All themes that they have done already passed $500K in cumulative sales.

Project Managers


If you need some reliable persons to help you to unload your busy schedule, you can lean on our project managers. Thousands of tasks for only few staff members in a limited time frame. Seems impossible? Not for these guys.

Create Your Own Team

If you aren’t sure how big is the team you want to rent, contact us and describe your scope. We’ll make an estimation for you.