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2 months

Interactive Gallery on the Website

Whizzy is a custom WordPress plugin that is meant to ease the way photographers interact with their clients. It allows you to have a protected straight forward environment to discuss and proof photos from photo shootings. Whizzy plugin was created specially for Pix Proof gallery. The main purpose is to add more possibilities and values for the gallery.

Features plugin:

  • Grid and Masonry styles for the gallery;
  • Opportunity for the gallery in order to choose 2,3,4 columns;
  • Opportunity for modification space between images in the gallery;
  • Two pop-up styles – Magnific Popup and Lightgallery popup;
  • Statistics for downloading images, albums for Zip and PDF files;
  • The possibility to generate zip file manually as well automatically;
  • Opportunity for change gallery slug;
  • Opportunity for sending gallery from admin panel;
  • Opportunity for choosing clients taxonomy.

Free WordPress Whizzy plugin Examples


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What They Say

UPQODE accelerated the development process by completing tasks ahead of schedule. Their responsiveness and receptiveness to feedback enhanced a productive collaboration. While still evolving, the team’s work ethic and responsible approach are impressive. UPQODE has a very modern and relaxed company culture, but still operate professionally, skillfully, and responsibly. They understand how it feels to be on the client side of the engagement and are willing to work through common pain points.

Nicholas Chan

Project Lead, Hundredfold Studios