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Cardiac Surgery at Yale University


2 months
Mitral Valve

Website Design for Yale University

We are proud to present the Robotic Mitral Valve Surgery Website special designed for The Cardiac Surgery Department at Yale University. Robotic mitral valve surgery offers a true minimally invasive option for repairing the mitral valve with excellent outcomes in the right hands. Creating a website like Robotic Mitral Valve Surgery became a great experience in an essential, dynamic, and opportunity-rich Healthcare industry. The primary goal of the Robotic Mitral Valve Program is to tailor the surgical approach to the needs of the patient and focus on the minimally invasive approach to achieve a great outcome. This leads to a shorter hospital stay and decreased recovery time. This unique program is headed by Arnar Geirsson, MD, Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Yale University. He is the only surgeon in New England performing the majority of mitral valve operations robotically.

Client’s Need


The Cardiac Surgery at Yale University hired UPQODE to design and develop a simple user-friendly website that would provide the most accessible information about the innovative treatment of Mitral disease. Also, the challenge of our designers became a client’s minimalist vision and the adaptation of such medical information for the average person.


Our Digital Solutions


The site appears clean, bright, refreshing and navigates with a natural simplicity. It uses a sophisticated, muted color scheme and excellent typography.


The website style includes reams of information in a way that makes everything easy to find. Paragraphs, headings and images are consistently well-spaced and balanced. Images are displayed naturally, without borders.


The Result


UPQODE developed a well-organized and visually appealing website with good page load speed. In general, the minimalist focus of the design and universal approach allows visitors to easily understand the specifics of the program for the treatment of complex disease and be confident in the safety of this procedure. We continue to collaborate with the Robotic Mitral Valve Program team to make their innovative treatment method of Mitral Valve disease known to as many prospective patients as possible.


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What They Say

UPQODE exceeded expectations, delivering high-quality and customized work. Their organization was a noteworthy aspect of the engagement. The team at UPQODE is communicative and responsive. From a project management standpoint, I think they’re great. Their team lists each step of the project and details what tasks I’m assigned to. I can review everything and respond directly with my thoughts. I appreciate their organization and communication style. Their design process allows me to see every stage and what all of the work will look like.

Agnieshka Burke

Owner, Pumpkin Coach Events