Rhodeside Revival
Type:Web Design, Web Development
Client:Rhodeside Revival LLC.
Deliverables:2 months

Subscription Website Designes By UPQODE

It is a remarkable occasion when information technology works closely with companies and communities related to zero-waste. Being a green-oriented agency, UPQODE support and sustain ‘green niche’. A modern subscription website was created for Rhodeside Revival LLC. which has the mission to bring home’s food scraps away from the landfill, and into the garden. The company was born out of the idea of providing a way to bring the community together in an effort to prevent waste from entering the landfill, thus lowering the number of harmful gases going into our atmosphere and reusing food scraps rather than letting them rot in piles of garbage for years and years. A multifaceted partnership with Clean Ocean Access, an environmental nonprofit group focused on improving ocean health, which makes our planet greener, cleaner, and healthier.
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Client’s Need

Because of difficulty in navigating the previous site and lack of working subscription functionality, our client needed a well-organized eye-catching website with an easy-to-navigate structure to engage and add interest in learning more about the company services.

New Design, Features, and Subscription Process

UPQODE’s experienced designers created the design with a visual hierarchy of different content areas and elements from typographic treatments to image sizes and saturation. All headlines, quotes and other text content elements are cohesive across the sprawl of this site.

UPQODE’s team developed the user-friendly simple Registration Process where everything is mapped and placed to satisfy the user. In a straightforward way, only with a few steps, the customer creates an account and purchases the subscription.

The Product page uses the autofill that works in the following way: if the user writes one of the towns they provide the service for,  the drop-down with these towns will automatically appear on the Product page together with the street info. Another functionality works when the user chooses the Drop off Hubspot service. There is a list box to select one of the suggested items.

Adding Coupon Discount Codes requested features to the website was something substantial to work with. It allows owners to create an unlimited number of discount codes and offer flat rate based discounts. Coupons apply different discounts depending on the subscription. Coupons Bulk import implemented functionality means no need to add coupons one by one manually, just upload in bulk from CSV file. The wide functionality of coupons is easily manageable to choose the discount amount for different subscriptions, expiration of the coupon (Expire Date), or how many times it can be used (Usage Limit).

Payment Gateways. The website subscriptions accept credit cards with Stripe and by need Braintree, 2Checkout, Authorize.net, or PayPal Website Payments Pro. The technical solution implemented also supports PayPal Standard and Express, as well as multiple payment options at the same time. And yes, not to forget about recurring payment options.

UPQODE’s developers created a high-quality Welcome Email sequence depending on the user’s location. Any location the user chooses from the drop-down in the Curbside Pickup, Drop off Hubspot, with transfer station or without, triggers a different email confirmation according to the location. The email template includes not only text but an image with the location spot. Being built in WordPress it is easily editable for the client. Email Settings option allows the email notifications to be automatically sent to the clients, whether their membership is activated, canceled, or close to expiration.

Once the users are registering on the page My Account they can manage any shortenings, and personal details there: account settings, change/update the subscription, password, or payment method.

Elegant and easy-to-use implemented reports solutions have the scope to show exactly how well the membership site is performing. It is easy to see the current month’s performance or any other time period.

  • Total earnings for different periods and subscription levels;
Rhodeside Revival Dashboard Screen
  • Total Refunds for different Periods (including the custom period);
  • Total signups/new subscribers for different periods – this week, last week, last month, this quarter, last quarter, this year, last year, and custom;
Rhodeside Revival WordPress Dashboard
  • Other reports types by the requirement.

The Result

UPQODE has redesigned the site, optimizing the interface for the user experience. It is a modern, fully responsive, and easy-to-use website with attractive visual images, high speed, and a wide variety of functionalities to give the user the best experience and add a great level of transparency to the company and process.  Our main objective at UPQODE is to deliver the expected result by bringing added value to the business we are working with. One of the important benefits when working with us is that there are no connected monthly costs.

For reference check below some recent Subscriptions/Memberships Websites Designed and Developed by us.

“Our friends over at UPQODE have done a terrific job to satisfy our needs as a company, and put together a website to be proud of. This website is a true sign of our growth as a company and will push for a continued rise in compost awareness for Rhode Islander’s. This new site features a much cleaner and easier-to-manage the subscription process.  Viewers can now make an account to sign up for their selected services. Common issues such as credit card payment changes and service upgrades can be made by the account holder in a very simple manner. ” – Miguel and Conor,  the owners.


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What They Say

This is a team that pays great attention to detail and does great work. I had a design done for my website by a separate designer, and Nick implemented the design perfectly for both mobile and desktop. His team uses project management software to track tasks and break up the work for his team into sprints. You aren’t just getting a developer when you hire Nick, you’re also getting great project management and organization. I 100% recommended it.

Erik DiMarco

Manager, NimbleDesk

UPQODE delivers high-quality web work quickly, thanks to their expertise in PHP and WordPress. Regular communication and reasonable prices further smooth the workflow. We've been very pleased with the results. UPQODE responds far more quickly to development changes than our core team would be able to. They are highly knowledgeable about best practices in WordPress, and their ability to rapidly scale up whenever we need a project completed makes them a valuable asset for us in our development needs.

Jim Kreyenhagen

VP Marketing and Consumer Services, doxo

The engagement resulted in an aesthetically pleasing website that satisfied internal stakeholders. They dedicated capable resources that ensured effective collaboration. UPQODE’s attentiveness and flexibility support a successful partnership. They created a beautiful website that we love. The site functions to advertise a certain medical procedure, so I can’t speak to any traffic metrics. UPQODE's responsiveness was their most impressive quality.

Jessica Echevarria

Administrator, University Division

UPQODE delivered a functioning and accessible website. Their adaptable approach to customer service allowed for a smooth development process and set the foundation for possible future collaborations. The delivered website met all of my requirements and explains everything I need it to. UPQODE was very understanding and accommodating of my changing needs throughout the project. The communication was excellent. I plan to work with them again for future needs.

Darren Devost

Owner, Devost's Dynamic Marketing

The vendor succeeded in creating innovative WordPress solutions. Their availability enabled the client to deliver products more quickly. UPQODE's project management was good—their staff met weekly with the client and was always very punctual. UPQODE brought troubleshooting, recommendations, and ideas that our previous partner was unable to provide. They deliver work on-time and within budget. The design they’ve inserted into the product has enabled us to deliver products more quickly. They have always been very helpful in recommending better solutions.

David Bill

President & Founder, Liquid Knowledge Group
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