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4 months

Empowerment Through Payments

Working on this project, we gained great experience in the field of website development for the financial sector. Located outside of Dallas, Texas, SignaPay is a processing company that offers services to businesses across the United States. SignaPay offers all the methods of payment you’d expect from a modern processing company, including traditional in-store processing, mobile, and online options. The new multifunctional modern website highlights the advantages of their services and speaks to the audience by directly addressing their needs.

SignaPay is a leading merchant services provider that goes a step beyond payment processing for its partners. The Company was founded in 2006 by industry veteran, John Martillo, and has evolved into an industry-leading payments technology company. They stand behind a long history of excellence in not only offering low costs with high-quality products but also in giving clients the best service and solutions they deserve. They cover all your business needs from credit card processing point-of-sale equipment to advanced security solutions and integrated payments.

Our main goal was to provide a positive experience on the site, improve the digital footprint of the client’s company, and increase interaction with the brand.

  • SignaPay Website is the main site that contains basic information about the client and the services he provides. The friendly colors and light tone are very inviting. The different visual icons represent company benefits, adding to a great and professional overall brand experience and services diversity. The idea behind SignaPay is to make payments for business easy. And that’s exactly what the website embodies.
  • Partner Website – a site specifically for the client’s partners. Here SignaPay’s partners can log in to personal accounts and manage your own payment technology, analysis, and processing. On the partner portal, UPQODE’s web development experts have added a feature that helps the customer in a minute to create personalized advertising material adapted to a specific business, as well as add personal contact information and logos to marketing brochures and postcards
  • Sell Paylo Landing Page with detailed information about the advantages and benefits of using PayLo, sales marketing tools, and technology. The landing page was designed to increase the conversion rates and effectively attract customers, which is why the UPQODE team took care of a quick registration form for new partners.

Web Design Solutions That Was Implemented:


  • Clean and Aesthetical Design

Clean, unobtrusive page layouts, alignment choices, stylistic fonts and colors work together to improve the user experience and build viewer confidence in the client’s company. A great example of how web design is created to increase the number of customers in the business.

  • Various CTAs

The website has various CTAs that encourage action and guide your user down your sales funnel, in particular: “Sign Up”,  “Learn More”, “Contact Us”, “Download”, and etc. These are also some powerful CTAs that encourage action and guide your user down your sales funnel.

  • Easy Navigation

We took care of a clear and simple navigation menu. This will make it easier for visitors to find exactly what they are looking for. This will increase visitor retention, reduce bounce rates and ensure enjoyable use.

  • Responsiveness

The design of the website is completely responsive and ready to take action no matter what device your visitor uses to access it.

The Result


UPQODE’s web designers and developers have created effective web products for SignaPay to successfully present the company and the range of services it provides, as well as to attract new partners.


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What They Say

UPQODE accelerated the development process by completing tasks ahead of schedule. Their responsiveness and receptiveness to feedback enhanced a productive collaboration. While still evolving, the team’s work ethic and responsible approach are impressive. UPQODE has a very modern and relaxed company culture, but still operate professionally, skillfully, and responsibly. They understand how it feels to be on the client side of the engagement and are willing to work through common pain points.

Nicholas Chan

Project Lead, Hundredfold Studios