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Paul Johnston


2 months
Paul Johnston

From a Nice Design to Easy Usage and Functionality

Let us present you our project developed for the real estate professional – Paul Johnston. The website is dedicated to showing available housing options in urban style like a special loft, stunning condo, restored victorian, modern townhome or a unique space to re-invent for themselves. So, for this collaboration, we’ve created a website that looks like a complex example of a portfolio, but with the biggest amount of information, and helps to discover a world of perfect buildings. They are really stylish, nice and also functional and comfort in use.

Client’s Need


Paul was looking for an intuitive website with a well-structured interface. His special requirement was to have a homepage that would show the recently added housing options so his client would get from the first sight what is available now. In general, the client needed a friendly-user portfolio website divided into three categories: available options, recently sold and upcoming projects. Also, Paul was interested to be able to add articles and the latest news in the real estate industry.


Our Digital Solutions


Our UPQODE team made a web design from scratch, used WordPress and PHP as a basic and reliable foundation for Back-End part. Also, we chose WPBakery Page Builder for creating all the editing options, and plugins for website optimization – WP Rocket and Imagify. 


WP Rocket is used for technical optimization improving the page speed. Imagify helps to optimize images, by compressing them and reducing their file size. On this website you can see that every project has from 5 to 15 images. They are clear, nice, have a high dimension, but it doesn’t cause any effects on site speed.


And another important option we’ve added on the website is that every property as a listing of houses is shown on a Google Map and you can easily choose the best version in the city you want to live in.


The Result


We chose a simple structure of the website – you won’t see slow and packed pages. Every next picture and text goes one after another, and the biggest focus is centered on the images. Of course, we’ve added enough relevant information, made a site informative, easy-to-navigate, simple to use on different gadgets.


Simple, nice and cool – that’s how the site looks now. It presents the business in the best way for clients, helps you to see all the benefits of working with this company, and that is all needed for the best online presentation.


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What They Say

From a project management standpoint, their communication was phenomenal, and everything went very smoothly. Their team is incredibly upfront and honest about what their skills and capabilities are. At a couple of points, they told us that particular things weren’t realistic for the time or scope of our project, or were outside their skillset, and we really appreciated that honesty. They really take their project management seriously. I think the thing that made our partnership as successful as it was is the fact that our communication truly flowed both ways.

William Haas

CEO & Co-Founder, OvulifeMD