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Perfect at all: from a nice design to easy usage and functionality

We are glad to present you one of our projects – website, created for a professional in real estate sphere, who can make your dream come true.

What do we mean? Of course, it is about your dream of nice, big or small, but necessarily perfect home. And if you like urban style and live or want to live in Toronto, Ontario, you will be glad to see the houses and architecture buildings presented there.

So, for this collaboration we’ve created a site that looks like a complex example of portfolio, but with the biggest amount of information, and helps to discover a world of perfect buildings. They are really stylish, nice and also functional and comfort in use.

Big or small, medium by size houses, attention to every detail in a look, perfect combination of forms and colors – that’ s what we had to show.

So, we chose simple structure of the site – you won’t see slow and packed pages. Every next picture and text goes one after another, and the biggest focus is centered on the images. Of course, we’ve added enough relevant information, made a site informative, easy-to navigate, simple to use on different gadgets.

We made a design from scratch, used WordPress and PHP as a basic and reliable foundation for Back-End part. Also we chose WP Bakery Page Builder for creating all the editing options, and plugins for optimization – WP Rocket and Imagify.

Do you know, what connects these three tools when you are working with us? We have an enterprise license for using such technologies, so our client never needs to buy it separately and care how it will work – we’ll manage everything.

WP Rocket is used for site optimization, Imagify helps to upload thousands of images without losing the web speed of every page. As an example, on this site you can see that every project has from 5 to 15 images, they are clear, nice, have a high dimension, but it doesn’t cause any effects on site speed.

And another important option we’ve added on the site is that every property as a listings of houses is shown on a Google Map and you can easily choose the best version in the city you want to live in.

Simple, nice and cool – that’s how the site looks now. It presents the business in a best way for clients, helps you to see all the benefits of working with this company, and that is all needed for best online presentation.