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4 months

Website Wireframe Kits: Simple, Distinct, Efficient

Get ultimate creative freedom, choosing from over 500 components in a vast library. Our wireframe kits have everything you need for eye-catching layouts and click-friendly design. The Kiti wireframe kit design system provides the framework for brilliant websites that perform. Creating responsive website designs within minutes. Kiti is the perfect environment for customizable designs. Neatly organized, feature-based sets make it easy to find what you’re looking for... all with limitless creativity! This kit provides all the right elements for your wireframe. Easily navigate and activate a design process that achieves results. Kiti is a pliable system that allows you to play with different design schemes, change up colors or patterns, and get as much preset or possibility as you want. You’re the designer, after all!


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What They Say

The website has been launched successfully at full functionality. UPQODE's customer-focused approach and flexible availability ease workflow. They are not only technical experts, but also honest and reliable business partners. UPQODE is definitely in the top of WordPress developers and is an expert in their field. They developed front- and backend and UX/UI for our the beta version of our website. They are currently still making significant improvements and smoothing out features. UPQODE is very customer focused and always find solutions to issues. They always try to prevent any problems from arising in the first place and are honest with us.

Christoph L.

Founder/CEO, CompareTransfer