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Cancer: Early Detection

This was one of our serious projects, as it was created for the firm that is providing services for healthcare. They specialize in prevention one of the most dangerous illnesses – cancer. This company helps people to check and recognize any health issues as early as possible. So, our mission was to create a site that brings trust by its content. That’s why we decided to choose neutral and basic colors in the design, elements that won’t distract from the important information. We used meaningful and important content, structuralized it in the way when the user discovers everything easy and clear. We made a design from scratch, have used technologies as WordPress, PHP and JavaScript which are the most reliable for making a fast running site. It works perfectly, easy to navigate, has a pleasant view – everything needed for creating a successful product in such important and meaningful industry.


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What They Say

UPQODE exceeded expectations, delivering a visually appealing website that complemented the product line and boosted business growth. The team’s efficiency, resourcefulness, honesty, and clarity contributed to a productive partnership. We were impressed with how well they translated technical language so that we could understand our own website as well as they did. They were also super trustworthy and honest. UPQODE drastically changed our business by developing the best website we could have asked for.

Romy Schreiber

Owner, Sew Sketchy LLC