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Clay Fingers


Clay Fingers


3 months

Unlock the joy of creativity

Let us introduce you to our very interesting project ClayFingers. The site goes to the first place when you are looking for creative inspiration. ClayFingers provide limitless possibilities for imaginative kids. This is a new way to play with clay. ClayFingers was founded by some kids-at-heart who saw a way to enhance hands-on learning. Put all of your brightest ideas into action and watch something awesome become real.


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What They Say

UPQODE exceeded expectations, delivering high-quality and customized work. Their organization was a noteworthy aspect of the engagement. The team at UPQODE is communicative and responsive. From a project management standpoint, I think they’re great. Their team lists each step of the project and details what tasks I’m assigned to. I can review everything and respond directly with my thoughts. I appreciate their organization and communication style. Their design process allows me to see every stage and what all of the work will look like.

Agnieshka Burke

Owner, Pumpkin Coach Events