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How To Create Effective Minimalist Web Design

Allied Fidelity Group (AFG) has been involved in global business management for well over two decades. They have engaged in consulting projects for well-known household brands including fortune 500 companies in the USA and major corporations in Europe. AFG has a number of products and services that feature competitive solutions, and introduce entirely new concepts to businesses and consumers.

Client’s Need


The client applied to UPQODE for website design and development of an easy-to-use website with well-structured content and responsive design for a profitable presentation of the company and its key services, as well as attracting new customers through the Internet.


Our Digital Solutions


The minimalist design approach has been a major trend lately, as it facilitates navigation and improves the quality of use. That is why he was chosen as the key to creating the website design. To achieve this style, 3 primary colors were used in the development of the website. Each page also has some space that adds pages of ease and focuses the user on the content without distracting it from the design elements.


Special attention was paid to the balanced distribution of content and graphics. Custom icons and illustrations helped structure the content and balance the layout to ensure the best user experience. Also, the use of slightly contrasting colors and clear fonts has become a key factor in creating a user-friendly and intuitive interface.


Drawing on the experience of years past, it will be apparent that there has been a clear audience transition to mobile browsing, and responsive design is the easiest way to reach users across devices and ensure seamless user experience. Improving user experience and ease of use leads to new customers for any business. So we took care of that and created a web design that resizes the screen so that visitors don’t have problems accessing menus, links, buttons, or filling in forms. This will improve user experience and increase the time spent on the site.


The Result


UPQODE took into account all the key positions and wishes of the client. The result is a well-structured and easy-to-use website with high speed and responsive design.


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What They Say

The website has been launched successfully at full functionality. UPQODE's customer-focused approach and flexible availability ease workflow. They are not only technical experts, but also honest and reliable business partners. UPQODE is definitely in the top of WordPress developers and is an expert in their field. They developed front- and backend and UX/UI for our the beta version of our website. They are currently still making significant improvements and smoothing out features. UPQODE is very customer focused and always find solutions to issues. They always try to prevent any problems from arising in the first place and are honest with us.

Christoph L.

Founder/CEO, CompareTransfer