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As soon as website development is done, in an attempt to increase site traffic, our Nashville SEO service is constantly looking for ways to improve its ranking in search results. In the course are a variety of ways: SEO-life hacking, increasing the speed of loading pages, optimizing snippets and other tips of search engine marketing.

How UX design affects search engine optimization

What’s good for the consumer is good for organic search performance — especially if we pay attention to how machine learning is becoming increasingly important for search algorithms. Search engines take into account both the coincidence of the sequence and the quality of the content, structure, and mood.

However, instead of working to increase the volume of traffic, it is more expedient to pay attention to the involvement of the audience from the organic issue. Our digital marketing agency for small businesses describes how UX design affects search engine promotion.

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How user experience affects your website ranking

To understand the importance of UX for SEO, you need to understand how search algorithms work:

  1. The user enters a query into the search box.
  2. Algorithms form a page with the results based on compliance with the query.
  3. The user studies the issue and goes to the site, which, it seems to him, will satisfy his request.
  4. Getting to the site, the visitor decides within a few seconds whether to stay on the site or leave it.
  5. The visitor receives the necessary information, finds the desired product and can quickly make a purchase or contact the owner.

It is the fourth item that matters for the positions in the search. If the site does not match the request, it is slow loading and difficult to use, the visitor will leave it. For search robots, this is a sign that the website design is not all right. If the involvement of users is low, the rating of the resource in the issue will quickly decrease and the traffic, in this case, will be less.

It turns out that the UX for search algorithms means no less than properly selected keywords. Special attention should be paid to the two elements.

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Three major factors for improving your website usability

In order for visitors to check the site for the first time to stay longer, three factors are important:

The study of analytics helps to identify problems with the above parameters. Check for indicators such as time spent on the site and bounce rate. If visitors leave almost immediately, then the first impression negatively affects the desire to continue interacting with the site.

Considering website redesign enhances engagement. If the first impression of visitors turns out to be positive, it increases the chances of continued interaction and re-visit.

Look at your website’s UX design with your client’s eyes

Put yourself in the client’s place and analyze the impression of the first visit:

  • Does website design match the theme of the site?
  • Does the site load quickly on desktop and mobile versions?
  • Headlines and site calls are understandable?
  • Information on the page is stated clearly?
  • Is it easy to navigate the structure of the site?

But getting the user’s attention is not enough. You also need to keep a visitor on the site. And for this, you need relevant and interesting content.

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Context of your website content optimization

To increase traffic from Google, you can find the optimal key queries, take the first position in search results, create attractive content that is relevant to queries. But in order to increase the involvement of the audience, you need to take into account the SEO and UX design at the same time.

Think about why people come to your site? They want to know something, make a purchase or get advice? Your content should not just provide information, it should meet customer needs as best as possible.

Suppose a user wishes to order a service that you provide. He comes to your site to find out how to solve the problem. However, instead he sees a boring transfer of your advantages, and not his own benefits, or he is immediately offered to buy a service.

Follow the trends in UX design

To interest the customer you should make him the center of the story. Your content should influence the emotions of the readers, make them associate themselves with the described situation. Tell us not about your advantages, but about what the user will get from cooperating with you. This is the situation is when trends in web design are not that important than your word.

Remember that the goal of search engines is to provide users with the highest quality and relevant content. The high involvement of visitors to the site distinguishes you from competitors, and at the same time shows the search engines that your resource meets the needs of users and the site’s rating should be increased. You need to consider this factor in your digital marketing strategy.

Thus, the emphasis on UX is able to positively influence the SEO of your site.

If you want to improve the UX design of your website but not confident in your skills, our web design agency Nashville is ready to help and make sure that your project succeeds!

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