Digital agency in 2019 is an organization that employs the best professionals and uses the best digital marketing tools to withstand the challenges of a rapidly changing market and meet the growing needs of clients. However, this definition is a bit vague. Digital agency functions to make their clients’ mission and vision clear to their customers, promote innovation and allow client firms to speak to their consumers through digital channels of communication.

As powerful change implementation advocates, digital marketing agencies strive to advance WordPress services to a new level, growing from a regular service provider into an innovation leader in the marketing industry. Following the goal of becoming a digital agency of the future, companies hunt professionals who are renowned for their creativity, analytical thinking, comprehensive technical knowledge, and hands-on skills. Moreover, digital agencies in 2019 are flexible and adaptable to respond to every trend or challenge they face.

However, in this article, let’s start from the very essence of a marketing agency and then proceed to the characteristics it should have to stay competitive in the digital sphere in 2019.

What Is a Marketing Agency?

It is wise to start with the role of a marketing agency in the successful business operation. Small and medium businesses may outsource their marketing needs to a company that will take care of their marketing strategies, market researches, competitive analyses, public outreach campaigns and other aspects aimed at increasing sales and profits. Marketing agencies can turn to online advertising companies or advertising agencies to fulfill an advertising part of the marketing strategy. However, advertising is more about reaching for customers and informing them, while marketing is about studying them. Marketing is about turning a brand into something a customer would stick to even if competitors dump their prices.  

Advertising Agencies Definition

Ad agencies serve to create, plan, and manage advertising for their clients. They can be of different types and focus on various advertising aspects, but the fact is that they act based on the client’s marketing strategy. Advertising agencies employ creative people who are supposed to come up with interesting and unique promotional ideas for clients. When these ideas are approved, they are the ones who design advertisements for radio, TV, and the Internet. It is important that all advertising techniques and methods used by the advertising agency should be in line with the marketing strategy and sales promotion activities. Coherence is critical when it comes to marketing because disorienting consumers and sending the wrong message about the product can cost a business its reputation. 

What Is a Creative Agency?

It is now popular to refer to a company involved in marketing as a creative agency. Both marketing agencies and advertising agencies require creativity and innovation to lead marketing and advertising campaigns for their clients, but the definition of a creative agency is something different. A creative agency is a hub where people work to craft artistic and engaging material for businesses. This material may include images, content, design, visuals, adverts, etc. For example, a creative agency may only produce the materials a client requested that will be further published by an advertising agency or a digital agency.

What Is a Digital Agency?

digital agency workplace

If you were to explain what digital agency is, you should probably start with saying that it’s the same as an advertising agency but created to meet marketing needs in the digital era. Marketing now includes digital marketing, just like advertising has a subcategory of online advertising. The emergence and penetration of Internet technologies provided room for successful growth and development of digital marketing services. Creative and entrepreneurial people could not fail to notice the growing demand for creativity and technical skills. Hence, they decided to fill in the niche 

Given all the information mentioned above, a digital agency in 2019 is a WordPress company that encompasses characteristics of all discussed agencies but uses them only in the digital perspective. It serves as a powerful hub that employs developers, coders, project managers, designers, analytics, marketers, content managers and content writers who provide a wide range of services from web development to content marketing.

Today, to be successful, a digital marketing agency should provide the following:

  • Research of its client’s niche, industry, and competitors;
  • Quality content development to strengthen the message;
  • Creativity in website design and development;
  • Reaching out through social media and promo platforms;
  • Digital marketing analytics.

Where to Find the Best Digital Marketing Agencies

There are a wide range of digital agency is on the market. And finding the best one is difficult enough. In order to choose the right agency for your business needs, you should use reputable platforms that provide ratings of companies in a particular industry.

Top Branding Agencies is a market research platform that ranking the best local and international branding companies. The agencies featured in their directory are carefully scrutinized and selected based on companies’ expertise, portfolio, industry focus, and customer engagement. With this resource, you can find the best branding agency that fits your budget and creative goals. So you can view rating 2019 and choose Best Digital Marketing Agencies for your business needs.

Final Words

At this point, it is important to highlight that neither of the agencies discussed above fully replaces the other. Since the technologies develop and client demands grow, each of these agencies expands their competence to some aspects that it was not previously responsible for. Thus, advertising agencies and content agencies often merge, but they can stay successful as independent players as well.

A digital agency stays apart from other types because it covers exclusively the digital aspect of marketing and advertising. It requires special skills and technical capabilities that actually forms a basis for their success. A successful digital agency in 2019 inherits some of the characteristics natural for marketing agencies, advertising agencies, and creative agencies to build a strong Internet presence for each of its clients. Namely, it studies the niche, provides content and designs websites that actually build brands online.

It should also be flexible and adaptable to modern trends in digital marketing. For example, if a digital agency is involved in web design and development, it should stay abreast of all technological changes associated with new device or software releases to make sure its ideas are user-friendly and compatible with all new developments. Only by keeping track of innovations in interface design and user experience, a digital agency can survive the harsh competition in 2019.

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