Welcome to UPQODE: Zoryana Grys

We are glad to present you Zoriana Grys, our Tech Lead in UPQODE. All we can say – she has great knowledge, skills, and can really manage projects. She has a previous experience working as a Front-End Developer, had a fast and qualitative grow on it. What does she love in her job and what demonstrates that she is a good specialist? Let’s give her a few words:

When I came to IT, it was fantastic for me to see how animations move, how excellent can look design and what satisfaction it is to work with it. The best thing about it is when you can do it by yourself.
What is the point in working at UPQODE? I like to create beautiful but functional websites, and the best tool that can bring it to life is Word Press. I put my skills and heart to every project and always get results.

I want to improve my team, make the best projects, go to a higher level and took the highest position on a global IT market with UPQODE. I feel I can do it, because this team inspire me and help to succeed. With no additional words, we are family.