Welcome to UPQODE: Yuriy Oliiarnyk

We are glad to introduce you Yuriy Oliiarnyk, who is our Front-End Developer! He has a few years of productive experience, and all the skills needed to be professional in his work. Yuriy successfully deals with difficult projects, really wants to be better and discovers new technologies. So, let him say a few words about himself:

I have been interested in design and development since studying at university. In the beginning, typically to IT area, I was working on freelance. It was comfortable because I had a chance to study at the same time.

Now I am here, and it is a pleasure for me to join QODERS team. My point is to develop my knowledge, discover more about Web Development, and get a new experience by working with a friendly team. UPQODE is actually that one company that corresponds to my vision of comfortable workplace.