Welcome to our extraordinary Yurii Pavlichenko. He is not only a good one specialist but funny and smart, ambitious man, with a good sense of humor. He joined UPQODE after working in another sphere, and it feels cool to have him on our team. But no matter what we say – just read his presentation:

Experience? You’re definitely kidding me; I came to this company completely from another sphere of activity. I did not have any experience at all. I still have a lot of work ahead and need to learn a lot.

I love my team, successful projects, and new tasks. I love when you see the result of your work and that inspires me to create more and more. You probably will not understand this, but I really want to knock out Avada from the first place and at least a week to stay in the tops. What it is all for? Perhaps for you, for me, for my grandmother from the village in order for us to be able to create cool and modern sites, enjoy a high-quality and at the same time a simple product without much effort to control and manage it. Now I plan to work hard and be cool at it, grow and develop my skills – that is exactly what I need.

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What They Say

UPQODE exceeded expectations, delivering a visually appealing website that complemented the product line and boosted business growth. The team’s efficiency, resourcefulness, honesty, and clarity contributed to a productive partnership. We were impressed with how well they translated technical language so that we could understand our own website as well as they did. They were also super trustworthy and honest. UPQODE drastically changed our business by developing the best website we could have asked for.

Romy Schreiber

Owner, Sew Sketchy LLC