Welcome to UPQODE: Stepan-Ivan Popleta

We are glad to represent Stepan Popleta, who will take a position as the QA Engineer in UPQODE web development team. Coolest guy, he has a big practical experience in testing mobile and web applications, Word Press, API, has knowledge about design, HTML/CSS and more and more technical skills – it is not possible to list them all here. Here is what Stepan can tell about himself:

How did I start my career and why QA? I just decided to become a QA Engineer because I’m good at defect searching. Why not use this advantage and become a specialist? I do what I am good at and already lucky with it.

So, as you can guess, my key point is to become a great specialist in my sphere with good communication and language skills. Why join UPQODE? Here I have a space to develop, and meet wonderful people – that is all I need for my work.