Welcome to UPQODE: Roman Pelypets

Please, welcome Roman Pelypets, the one, who creates the final view of your future site for clients and readers. He is excellent in his work; Roman already has good experience, attention to details, and does the best to make a great result. What is his key to success? Here are a few words from him:

I do what I like. It sounds simple, maybe trivial, but it works. It’s easier to concentrate when you are enthusiastic about your work. The second pleasure is to see the result. With all that, I am almost sure I can achieve success. What it is about for me?

My both goal and dream is to become Senior Front-End Developer and work with the newest technologies. How do you think, can I make it here, in a cool company with a friendly team and projects that challenge you to study all the time? I am sure I will. Now you know why I joined UPQODE – it is brilliant to be a part of a team you like, have supportive and helpful people around. And that makes sense to come to your work and enjoy it.