Welcome to UPQODE: Olya Tyahur

Welcome to our beautiful Olya Tyahur! She is an experienced member of our team. What else to say? Olga worked in other companies, never stops learning, and loves her work. She is a specialist we need and appreciate in UPQODE. Let give her a chance to tell about the professional way and feeling about work personally:

Being a web designer was a perspective start, but after some time I understood that I need more space. What do I mean? I wanted to give a move to my creations, so people can interact with them. That is how I went to the bright side in designing! After a few attempts, I have got to UPQODE, and I am just happy with that.

The greatest moment in my work is to see how you change your vision, can do more and more. On the other side, you have a little power to make the world better by creating fantastic, clear, nice projects that will inspire others and include some aesthetical content in it. And here, with my QODERS team, this mission is exciting.