Welcome to one of our developers – Oleg Slyvka! He is good at work, responsible, able to communicate and cooperate with the team. All these qualities made him an integral part of our Nashville web design company. He is not going to tell long stories and use many words to impress everybody – Oleg just doesn’t need it. Here are his feelings about joining our QODERS team:

Why did I decide to work in UPQODE? Simple things make sense – I see a good and friendly team, comfortable working place, and what I like the most are interesting projects.

My plan for the future is to study frameworks like JavaScript and others; keep going until the time I become a Full-Stack developer with great knowledge. I have practical knowledge; try to do my best, and, of course, I am interested in making my level as a specialist higher. So, here is my place – I can enjoy my work and be better from day to day.

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What They Say

The quality of the website dramatically increased, and the features are easily customizable. The entire team was professional and helpful. Their communication was efficient, and someone always responded within 24 hours. UPQODE also made everything customizable and easy to update.

John Rudolph Drexler

Senior Associate, Sovereign's Capital