Welcome to UPQODE: Nazar Mikhaylishin

In UPQODE, we create stylish, functional products, that help their owners to represent their brand as much precision as it is possible to get clients and customers. In this exciting but hard mission, we can rely on the skills that QODERS have. Today we are glad to represent Nazar Mikhaylishin, who is a specialist in Front-End Development. Do you want to know something about his personal career vision? Just read these few paragraphs:

I have been always interested in programming and started to learn about five years ago. In the beginning, it has been just like a hobby, but after some time passed I understood that it can be my job. That changed my way of studying, and after a few years, I get the chance to join the team here.

What are my next career goals? I dream to study more, become an expert and learn to program by actual frameworks. So, it is exactly my place to be here – this company gives opportunities to grow, and I really appreciate that. I am full of enthusiasm and inspiration!