Welcome to UPQODE: Nazar Bostrikov

Welcome to our new member Nazar Bostrikov! He didn’t have previous commercial experience, but we see that he knows everything to start working with us! He has the knowledge, had practiced by making tests, and ready to grow – it is clear for us. To understand, why we are so sure that he is a promising web developer, you have to read this:

I am who I am because I know that I can do anything. The only thing needed for that is to understand that you have to rely on your own skills and then never stop achieving your goals. Speaking about the work, I like what I am doing here; it is great to see the obvious results of your work.

QODERS are great guys, who have such a big experience. I see that they are ready to share it, and I hope to get all the knowledge and also become a superhero. Oh, I mean a professional, of course.