Welcome to UPQODE: Natalie Prystaiko

An integral, always needed, this person creates and improves the office, helps to make the best atmosphere inside. Of course, we are talking about Office Manager – and Nataly Prystaiko is the specialist whom we are proud to have. She has a good background – big experience in different companies. Nataly had been managing projects for more than eight years, and here she is – in our friendly QODERS team.
However, let’s give her a few words:

Persistence, hard-working character – that is who I am and how I got here. The most important things in a company are people and the environment, and my job is to influence these things. Connecting with people, organizing the work process – it is so exciting!

I feel that this work is the best for me. This is the reason why I am not only a good worker, but in love with thing I do. If you can create a team of professionals with common principles, the company will succeed. And that is what I like in UPQODE. With no additional words, people here like family, and it shows the high level of company culture.