An integral, always needed, this person creates and improves the office, helps to make the best atmosphere inside. Of course, we are talking about Office Manager – and Nataly Prystaiko is the specialist whom we are proud to have. She has a good background – big experience in different companies. Nataly had been managing projects for more than eight years, and here she is – in our friendly QODERS team.
However, let’s give her a few words:

Persistence, hard-working character – that is who I am and how I got here. The most important things in a company are people and the environment, and my job is to influence these things. Connecting with people, organizing the work process – it is so exciting!

I feel that this work is the best for me. This is the reason why I am not only a good worker, but in love with thing I do. If you can create a team of professionals with common principles, the company will succeed. And that is what I like in UPQODE. With no additional words, people here like family, and it shows the high level of company culture.

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What They Say

UPQODE managed the project smoothly and avoided any major errors or bugs. Clear communication and accessibility of the whole team proved critical to the success of the engagement. Their project management was very impressive. Their team regularly complied with deadlines and there was never any unexpected turnovers that threatened our progress. UPQODE's team used the feedback to create improvements and provided key suggestions throughout the process.

CEO, Cowfunding Netzwerk UG