Welcome to Lidia Mykyteiek, our QA Engineer! Instead of testing, she is developing as a Technical Support Engineer, growing and improving her mastery day by day. We are not going to say a lot – here is how she feels about working in our Nashville web design company:

I am already studying two professions at one time. It is not so hard, but interesting to go this way. Behind being QA getting knowledge in Technical Support is a new but such an exciting experience. I admire being here, in UPQODE.

Why? In this company, I can grow as a specialist, which is the most important thing in career, but also I have an opportunity to communicate, share experience and personal feelings, have fun in the best way with the team. See, it is great to be here!

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What They Say

UPQODE accelerated the development process by completing tasks ahead of schedule. Their responsiveness and receptiveness to feedback enhanced a productive collaboration. While still evolving, the team’s work ethic and responsible approach are impressive. UPQODE has a very modern and relaxed company culture, but still operate professionally, skillfully, and responsibly. They understand how it feels to be on the client side of the engagement and are willing to work through common pain points.

Nicholas Chan

Project Lead, Hundredfold Studios