Welcome to UPQODE: Mykola Biletskiy

Being passionate for work is the best thing when we are talking about our web design company’s dream specialist. And we are lucky to present you Mykola Biletskiy. He has a good experience in our company – any project cannot be done perfectly without him. So, what position does he have? The QA Engineer, and here is why he decided to choose this specialization:

I have finished QA courses some time ago and get a chance to come here. What do I love about being QA? It is cool when you can make better some project, see a mistake in a code and correct it. I like to communicate with others, share information and knowledge, and that is exactly needed for successful cooperation in projects.

I clearly see my mission – to help our company grow, become a really enormous company, and I am full of desire to bring this plan to life.