Welcome to UPQODE: Mykhailo Panas

We are glad to represent our Front-End developer Mykhailo Panas. He is not new in web design, has a good experience. After working for 10 years in other spheres, he found his place in development – and we are just happy to have such an excellent specialist. What could he tell about himself?

What does my work give to me? Adventures! Yes, I mean it. Challenges, interesting projects, need for studying every time – it is not as simple as it looks outside, but very exciting. The real thing I have in my work – chances to provide new ideas and solve difficult tasks. Do you know what pleasure is to have a hard project done?

That is what I like about working here. As it is supposed to be, UPQODE gives me possibilities to grow into a strong developer, so in the future, I will get what I want – become a full-stack developer and build high-intensive apps for clients.