We are glad to represent our Front-End developer Mykhailo Panas. He is not new in web design, has a good experience. After working for 10 years in other spheres, he found his place in development – and we are just happy to have such an excellent specialist. What could he tell about himself?

What does my work give to me? Adventures! Yes, I mean it. Challenges, interesting projects, need for studying every time – it is not as simple as it looks outside, but very exciting. The real thing I have in my work – chances to provide new ideas and solve difficult tasks. Do you know what pleasure is to have a hard project done?

That is what I like about working here. As it is supposed to be, UPQODE gives me possibilities to grow into a strong developer, so in the future, I will get what I want – become a full-stack developer and build high-intensive apps for clients.

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What They Say

The quality of the website dramatically increased, and the features are easily customizable. The entire team was professional and helpful. Their communication was efficient, and someone always responded within 24 hours. UPQODE also made everything customizable and easy to update.

John Rudolph Drexler

Senior Associate, Sovereign's Capital