Welcome to UPQODE: Maksym Zackrevsky

We are really glad to introduce our web designer Maksym Zackrevsky! After many years of working in other spheres, he decided to try something new and see where he came – Max already has more than four years of experience in design. Attentive to details, with his own taste, good knowledge, Max is that kind of professionals every company dream about. So, let’s give him a few words to present himself:

I like to try new. The hardest thing in life for me is doing what you do not like, and, luckily, the design is the most interesting activity for me. It is about creating that needs skills, in designing you can do something you would be proud to show the world.

How do I see my mission in UPQODE? To help the world decrease tons of bad design in the web and make inspiring, beautiful and breathtaking products.