Welcome to our special Fedoryuk Eugen! Why do we call him special? He is an ideal Project Manager, who cares about the team, will always be there for everyone. He has a good previous experience and we are really glad to have such a funny and smart, attentive specialist on our team. Here are a few words from him:

Main features about my character are endless improving myself, setting goals and never give up. I can say that I would find a solution every time when it is needed and not afraid of difficulties on my way.

What about UPQODE? I like being a part of this great company. I like to see the results of my work and understand that I can make a contribution for the growth of UPQODE. And, as everyone says (it is really true, not a conspiracy), working here is like being a part of a friendly family.

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What They Say

UPQODE delivered an intuitive website with complex functions that satisfied the project’s requirements. The team provided a valuable perspective that ensured the final product supported its audience’s needs. Their timeliness and communicativeness resulted in an effective partnership. They’re very good at what they do. UPQODE gave us what we needed, which was a user-friendly platform in line with our organization’s position.

Jason Blackwell

Dir. Brand Experience & Public Affairs, Spondylitis Association of America