Welcome to UPQODE: Artem Koliada

We are lucky to represent you Artem Koliada – he is just the one we need in our team, and glad to have such specialist. He has a good experience that gave him a chance to make a wide vision of working with technologies. What position does he take in UPQODE? As a Back-End Developer and here is what he has to tell you about himself:

Web technologies are one of my passions in life. I like to work, create, and communicate with other people. As you know, to be successful, you need to be good at your job, but it’s important to see the world from different sides and do things, which inspire you. It is needed for your productive activity, and in my case it is all about sport.

My duties in UPQODE are directly connected to my career goals – to be a high-qualified Back-End Developer. Without any words, I just like being here and creating projects that will help someone’s business. And I am sure, that a beautiful design with strong, clear code makes this world better.