Welcome to UPQODE: Andriy Khoruzhyi

Content is everything, but the question of quality is the main that we have today. We really care, how to make a right filing for our Nashville web design agency site, choose good images, and it is not even a part of the duties our content-manager has. Who is that needed person? We are glad to introduce Andriy Khoruzhyi, and want you to get to know him better by the next few paragraphs:

The power that inspired me to become a content-manager is my great interest. Two years ago, I found a vacancy, read it and understood that it is what I want to do. Now I have some experience, continue to develop and want to study another profession. What exactly? It is my secret plan, but I am sure I can have an opportunity to make it in UPQODE.

And one more thing to say – I like being here. Everyone has already said, but I will repeat that I love UPQODERS team, which is friendly and supportive.